Reviewing The Bausele Pilot All Black

Editor’s Note: As part of our follow-up to last year’s Australian Replica Watch Week, we’re taking another look at Bausele – this time the well-priced ceramic pilot.

Bausele was the first Australian brand to get a seat at the table that is Baselworld – not bad for a locally grown, Swiss-made brand. French-born founder Christophe Hoppé has proudly embraced our wide brown land, literally putting a a piece of it in every replica watch. Usually this takes the form of a few grains of sand or soil embedded in the crown, but there’s also the Bauselite material used in the Terra Australis, as well as kangaroo straps. (If you’re reading this overseas, yes, it’s fine to use our national icon for leather; it’s sustainable and there are plenty of ‘roos around.) read more