High Qaulity Replica Watch : Hermès–We fight over the new grey-dialled Slim d’Hermès

The story in a second

Hermès might be better known for its much-coveted Birkin bags than high-end horology, but the Slim d’Hermès looks set to change all that. First unveiled in 2015, the replica watch has evolved this year with two new dial variants in slate grey and blue – and when we tried to assign this piece, both Ceri and Felix wanted it, and wouldn’t let it go. Our first solution was to let them wrestle it out on the office floor, which would have produced some compelling video footage, but then we remembered we’re grown-ups. So, instead, here they are comparing notes on how the French house’s confident, characterful timepiece might well be the start of a new chapter when it comes to fashion brands playing in the replica watch world. read more