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Corum – Bubble 47 Skeleton Replica Expensive

It is at the heart of this watch that the action unfolds. Equally complex and refined, the Bubble watch reveals all its inner workings via the dial, complete with endless structures.

Within its timeless and enigmatic sapphire glass bubble, the new Bubble Squelette presents a colourful and architectural extravaganza,  encouraging our eyes to explore its myriad details.
The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronographs certainly stand out as tasteful and tasteful but it is the simplicity of this Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto models that actually catch my eye. Corum finds its stride when sticking into a nautical theme, and these models illustrate that point perfectly. While definitely not as complicated or elegant as something such as the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck, the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto provides a solid option for somebody with an affinity for sea-themed watches and who does not mind a little additional colour in the palette.The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto watches have been paired with a rich blue or handsome brown alligator leather strap. The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph in stainless steel additionally receives a grim alligator leather strap although the rose gold edition receives a black one completely. Pricing for your Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto is $3,600. Corum might not be the first brand that pops into your mind while browsing for a quirky piece, but the launch of this newest Corum Bubble watches warrants their name being on the list of brands to consider. The bold, totally cohesive solution to the look of this contemporary classic guarantees this iteration of the Corum Bubble will polarise opinion in the race for wrist space as it did upon its début. It’s certainly not for everybody, but there is more to this generation of bubbles than meets the eye. In this guide, I will be taking a brief look at three distinct versions, all which are limited to only 350 pieces each. The Corum Bubble Sphere2, the Corum Bubble Drop, and the Corum Bubble Paiste have came.

Housed in a 47 mm stainless steel case with an Eterna Movement calibre 39 and a deep blue vulcanised rubber strap, the microstructures and hands on the dial of this new Bubble watch come in three colours: green, blue and purple.

Bubble 47 Squelette

Bubble 47 Squelette

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