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Corum – What’s up at Corum (and Eterna) Grade 1 Replica Watches

Davide Traxler was in fine form at Corum’s Baselworld press conference this year, which is understandable given that he had been awarded the title of interim CEO of Eterna watches on the eve of the exhibition’s opening day. Snappy soundbites abounded in the style of Donald Trump, whose trademark red baseball cap Mr Traxler had appropriated for the day, complete with the slogan “Make Corum Great Again”. With little in the way of good news at Baselworld, it was nice to hear that the stock of Corum’s Chinese owner, Citychamp, was the best performing watch stock in 2016 (even if it has declined so far this year, while the stocks of Swiss groups have enjoyed double-digit growth over the same period). In 2016, any watch brand that could show any sign of growth – however small – was doing well, so a whopping 38% increase in sales is something to be proud of, even if it is on the back of years of losses. Whether the claim that Corum is “the first luxury brand to understand that the biggest marketplace in the world is Amazon” (and that Eterna, unsurprisingly, was the second) carries any weight will be borne out by history and the figures announced at the all-new Baselworld 2018. read more


Corum – Bubble Booba Replica Watches Buy Online

Although only fifteen years has passed since then, the landscape of the luxury watch market has changed beyond recognition. The initial Bubble has been 44mm wide, which made it an outlier in those days. Along with that, the layout was pretty unusual. Watch collectors were not quite so used to risks as they are now, but nevertheless, the Corum Bubble found favour among a dedicated demographic. It’ll be intriguing to understand how the re-release of this Corum Bubble is composed by a consumer base that’s far savvier than it had been in the turn of the century. With nothing in the way of a complication to pique interest, the Corum Bubble watches lean heavily on design.Exploding from the mind of the late Severin Wunderman, the Corum Bubble watches defied expectations upon launch. The profile of the watch is still unusually towering, with one of the highest-domed crystals I’ve ever seen. The effect this has on the dial is impossible to ignore. This is appropriate concerning design fidelity, as it totally adheres to the usage of spheres throughout the watch — most obviously on the rubber-ringed crown at 3 o’clock. Furthermore, it manages to remain true to Wunderman’s unique vision, which was inspired by a 1960s dip watch that featured a huge crystal to hold out against the pressure of deep seated exploration. However, is this view just an homage, or have Corum upgraded it considerably to appeal to a contemporary audience? read more


Corum – Corum Bubble says STOP! Replica Wholesale

Originally planned as a unique piece resulting from Corum’s unique crowdsourcing design project “Customise Your Bubble”, the new Bubble Stop is being launched as a limited edition of 88 watches, all of which have a reflective dial. 

Though legibility might be somewhat influenced by the distortions brought about by the heavily compacted crystal, Corum addresses by giving the Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon big leaf-shaped hands painted with white Super-LumiNova. It is an automatic movement which is based on a micro-rotor for twisting. The micro-rotor features the Corum key in 18k gold. Power reserve is a really commendable 72 hours, and the movement beats in 3Hz. After all, the Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon is a pretty unusual watch. However, Corum’s boldness to go against the grain and its nearly reckless attitude toward layout also makes it rather cool, especially for watch lovers who love a few quirkiness and individualism. The simple fact it’s a unique piece is simply the cherry on the cake. The Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon watch is priced at 103,000 Swiss francs (around US $100,500). Although Corum has done some fascinating work with their Bridge collection throughout time, it’s the Admiral’s Cup that marks the newest most powerful and most recognizable layout language. For 2016, Corum has released the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto and Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph watches which serve as a great counterpart to some of their more unusual pieces like the Bubble watch that was reintroduced last year. We’ve got four fascinating watches to cover here, so let us get started. read more


Corum – Corum Bubble 47 Digital watch Replica Suppliers

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win this beautiful Corum Bubble 47 Digital watch is answer three questions about Corum. You can find the answers in our dedicated section on the brand.

The winner will be drawn from all participants who have answered the questions correctly and will be notified by email.
 read more


Corum – Bubble Clown by Matt Barnes Replica Guide Trusted Dealers

If watchmaking’s putting you to sleep, If conventions bore you stiff, If time-honoured traditions make you yawn, Corum Watches In Miami Replica has just the thing for you… 

An old friend of Corum, Matt Barnes is an American artist who isn’t exactly known for upholding aesthetic conventions. That’s just as well, because neither is Corum. Together, they’ve devised the “Bubble Clown”, a piece created in the image of both the brand and the artist – two enfants terribles in their respective worlds of watchmaking and design.  read more


Corum – Diamonds are Booba’s best friend Perfect Clone Online Shopping

Booba doesn’t count sheep any more…now he counts the 31 carats of diamonds on his Corum watch. The rapper received the one-of-a-kind model from Corum Marketing Director Frédéric Layani. With a thousand diamonds, it was made to be as brilliant as its new owner. This Bubble engraved D.U.C just sealed the partnership deal – a product of the artist’s true love for Corum’s exquisitely unique pieces and craftsmanship. read more


Newsletter – Watches priced by the kilo Replica Wholesale Center

We start the week with Brice Lechevalier’s interview with Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, which appears in issue 48 of GMT magazine, which was published last week. As usual we will be publishing selected articles from our sister magazine along with those that you might already have noticed from other publications in the Edipresse Group, such as Hong Kong Tatler. read more


Corum – Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit Replica At Best Price

The United States celebrates Independence Day and Corum Watches Used Replica is giving prominence to the colours associated with the land of Uncle Sam. True to the grandeur and power of the country, the watch brand has chosen to immortalise not one, but two nations on its dial.

Big Bubble in titanium, limited edition of 87 pieces. read more


Corum – Bubble 47 Skeleton Replica Expensive

It is at the heart of this watch that the action unfolds. Equally complex and refined, the Bubble watch reveals all its inner workings via the dial, complete with endless structures.

Within its timeless and enigmatic sapphire glass bubble, the new Bubble Squelette presents a colourful and architectural extravaganza,  encouraging our eyes to explore its myriad details.
The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronographs certainly stand out as tasteful and tasteful but it is the simplicity of this Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto models that actually catch my eye. Corum finds its stride when sticking into a nautical theme, and these models illustrate that point perfectly. While definitely not as complicated or elegant as something such as the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck, the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto provides a solid option for somebody with an affinity for sea-themed watches and who does not mind a little additional colour in the palette.The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto watches have been paired with a rich blue or handsome brown alligator leather strap. The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph in stainless steel additionally receives a grim alligator leather strap although the rose gold edition receives a black one completely. Pricing for your Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto is $3,600. Corum might not be the first brand that pops into your mind while browsing for a quirky piece, but the launch of this newest Corum Bubble watches warrants their name being on the list of brands to consider. The bold, totally cohesive solution to the look of this contemporary classic guarantees this iteration of the Corum Bubble will polarise opinion in the race for wrist space as it did upon its début. It’s certainly not for everybody, but there is more to this generation of bubbles than meets the eye. In this guide, I will be taking a brief look at three distinct versions, all which are limited to only 350 pieces each. The Corum Bubble Sphere2, the Corum Bubble Drop, and the Corum Bubble Paiste have came.

Housed in a 47 mm stainless steel case with an Eterna Movement calibre 39 and a deep blue vulcanised rubber strap, the microstructures and hands on the dial of this new Bubble watch come in three colours: green, blue and purple. read more


Eterna – Davide Traxler appointed interim CEO of Eterna Eta Movement Replica Watches

This strategic appointment demonstrates the support of the group towards its European brands and the confidence of both partners in pursuing longstanding development & growth of both Houses.

Mr. Tao Li, Executive Chairman of Citychamp European Board, commented: “The European board is joining forces to build optimal synergies amongst their continental companies. Our focus is long-term & strong commitments applied to each entity. In short, Mr. Tao & Board confirmed their undisputable trust in Mr Davide Traxler and in his expertise in rebuilding Eterna’s aura via hands-on management. ” read more