The Aerowatch Hong Kong Replica OrologiRenaissance 7 Time Zones simultaneously shows the local time in addition to the prevailing time in six of the world’s major cities.As a child, I recall my mom serving Sunday lunch. The noodles would contain boiling vegetables, the beef needed carving along with the roast potatoes would spatter hot fat anywhere. Within her stressful condition she would often shout, ‘I have just one set of hands’.People, and indeed most watches, only have one pair of hands, but the Renaissance 7 Time Zones by Aerowatch includes a plethora of hands and is capable of obviously imparting the information in seven time zones simultaneously.Mindful of my mother’s words, I had been interested to discover the secret to the timepiece’s coveted ability to multitask.The dial,The local hour and minutes are hauled with blued Breguet hands. The hour markers are presented on a smooth circlet, comprehensive with various city names, including London, Moscow, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo and New York.The time in each of these cities has been presented on a total of six snailed subdials, each using a lone blued hand to impart the prevailing hour at each locale.Clou de Paris adorns the central field of the dial, strengthening the sumptuous texture of the timepiece. A pushpiece at 10 o’clock improvements the local hour in one hour increments when travelling from 1 timezone to another. The local time, together with the period from the six aforementioned cities, is adjusted using the crown at 3 o’clock. Encircling the dial, the chapter ring is marked with black strokes, helping the wearer to read-off the moments when observing the neighborhood time.There is plenty of information and detail delivered with this dial but it never appears cluttered and its legibility is exemplary. read more