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Corum/Eterna – Jérôme Biard takes over the management of Corum and Eterna Replica Expensive

Mr. Jérôme Biard will take over the management of Corum and Eterna on 1st of September, which includes the implementation of the overall strategy initiated by the Board of Directors and the general management of the operations of the two brands. Mr. Biard’s 25-year experience in the watch industry will be an asset to the Group’s profitability and diversification. read more


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The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronographs certainly stand out as classy and elegant but it is the simplicity of this Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto models that actually catch my attention. Corum finds its stride when sticking to a nautical theme, and these models illustrate that point absolutely. While definitely not as complicated or refined as something such as the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck, the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto offers a solid alternative for somebody with an affinity for sea-themed watches and who doesn’t mind a little additional colour in the palette.The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto watches have been paired with a rich blue or handsome brown alligator leather strap. The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph in stainless steel also receives a blue alligator leather strap while the gold variant receives a black one exclusively. Pricing for your Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto is $3,600. The stainless steel Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph is priced at $4,950 using the steel, and in crimson gold at $9,900. Corum might not be the first manufacturer that pops into your head while browsing for a quirky bit, but the launch of the newest Corum Bubble watches warrants their name being on the list of brands to consider. The bold, totally cohesive approach to the look of this contemporary classic guarantees that this iteration of the Corum Bubble will polarise opinion from the race to get wrist space as it did upon its début. It is certainly not for everybody, but there is more to the creation of bubbles than meets the eye. In this guide, I’ll take a brief look at three distinct versions, all which are confined to just 350 pieces each. read more