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Corum – Golden Bridge Stream Eta Movement Replica Watches

Today, we will need to give the brand a little bit of latitude when it comes to observing this anniversary — the very first Corum Coin Watch was introduced in 1964, and of course, we are currently in 2015 (51 decades later). How to get around that little detail? Well, using coins minted in 2014. These were apparently sorted through and chosen as being prime examples of these coins are (so, no, no “misprint” dials to be had here), and haven’t been in circulation. And, besides the hole drilled in them to find the central arbor via, there are no visible modifications into this coin.Provided the sapphire crystal upward top remains in one piece, it is likely a coin that won’t ever see any other modifications or wear. As is appropriate for the Corum Coin Watch, the sides of the case (36mm for the golden, 43mm for its silver) feature a coin border — possibly the best use of the particular concluding suggestion. In my eyes, the bezel surrounding the crystal also has the expression of a coin, which provides the appearance, subsequently, of simply having a coin having a few lugs attached that is sitting in your own wrist.I myself have never been a coin collector (though, I think I have some birth-year coins kicking around), so I am definitely not the target for your 50th Anniversary edition of this Corum Coin Watch. Nevertheless, when it has to do with a watch with an overall theme, this really is about the simplest, cohesive example I could hold up. If you want to pick one up for yourself (or your own great-great grandson, according to the marketing materials), you can either purchase one individually, or get yourself a set — as a good coin collector does, I guess. There will be 100 of every made accessible, with all the 22kt gold version going for $22,400, as well as the .925 silver commanding a price of $12,100. If you end up collecting both watches and coins, then, I can’t think of a better view to flaunt both passions at the identical moment. read more


Corum – Corum Bubble says STOP! Replica Wholesale

Originally planned as a unique piece resulting from Corum’s unique crowdsourcing design project “Customise Your Bubble”, the new Bubble Stop is being launched as a limited edition of 88 watches, all of which have a reflective dial. 

Though legibility might be somewhat influenced by the distortions brought about by the heavily compacted crystal, Corum addresses by giving the Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon big leaf-shaped hands painted with white Super-LumiNova. It is an automatic movement which is based on a micro-rotor for twisting. The micro-rotor features the Corum key in 18k gold. Power reserve is a really commendable 72 hours, and the movement beats in 3Hz. After all, the Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon is a pretty unusual watch. However, Corum’s boldness to go against the grain and its nearly reckless attitude toward layout also makes it rather cool, especially for watch lovers who love a few quirkiness and individualism. The simple fact it’s a unique piece is simply the cherry on the cake. The Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon watch is priced at 103,000 Swiss francs (around US $100,500). Although Corum has done some fascinating work with their Bridge collection throughout time, it’s the Admiral’s Cup that marks the newest most powerful and most recognizable layout language. For 2016, Corum has released the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto and Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph watches which serve as a great counterpart to some of their more unusual pieces like the Bubble watch that was reintroduced last year. We’ve got four fascinating watches to cover here, so let us get started. read more