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5 times Replica Rolex helped to make the world a better place (for more than just your wrist)

Do you think that watch brands don’t change the world? Sure, it’s easy enough to create a limited edition watch that raises funds and awareness, but as for true and lasting change for the better…? Very rare.

That might be a fair generalisation for many luxury watch brands, but this style of one-off, often half hearted corporate social responsibility has never been the fake Rolex way. Instead, for the last 40 years, replica Rolex has been supporting enterprising individuals working on scientific and technological innovations, preserving imperiled ecosystems and endangered species, as well as preserving culture and working to improve the quality of life in developing countries. The program through which this important work is done is the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. The awards started in 1976, as a single event to celebrate 50 years of replica Rolex’s own innovation, specifically the waterproof Oyster case. The Awards proved so popular that 40 years on, the programme is still running. read more


10th June, 2016 – the end of an era

As a result chez Time+Tide is currently a mess of boxes and bubble wrap. But every move has a silver lining, and in this case we’ve managed to convince Andrew that it’s not safe to transport the Time+Tide alcohol library on the perilous journey across town, because, and you can quote us on this, “moving the alcohol disturbs its delicate chemical balance, and it becomes unsafe to drink later if you do”. As a result we’re working our way from Absolut through to Zubrowka. It certainly makes the packing more enjoyable. Thus, this Wind Down may contain traces of some pretty tasty stuff…. read more