Cheap Chic Replica Swiss-made Rolex Explorer I On Sale

The cheap replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer I is a watch originally made for a Mount Everest expedition and recently revamped with a larger case and modern caliber.

The 1950s were a decade of adventure. Mankind strived to conquer nature, to descend to the depths of the ocean’s trenches and to climb to the peaks of the world’s tallest mountains. The first mountaineers reached the summit of Annapurna, more than 26,000 feet above sea level, in 1950. Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak, in 1953. Seven years later, the bathyscaphe Trieste descended to the planet’s deepest point: the bottom of the Marianas Trench, more than 35,000 feet below sea level. It should come as no surprise, then, that the decade also saw the debut of two Rolex watches tailored to adventurous pursuits: the Submariner divers’ watch and the Explorer expedition watch, both in 1953.

The first Explorer watches replica were provided as tools for the successful Everest expedition of May 1953. Rolex released a modified version of the Explorer later that year, with a black dial and painted-on luminous indices and numerals, which made it more legible under all lighting conditions. This model was designed to live up to the promise implicit in its name, by satisfying all the requirements of expeditions and other adventures. The Explorer underwent more improvements over the years and, beginning with the 1989 model, it was also designed to be more luxurious. Its indices and numerals have been made of gold since then, although there is still luminous material inlaid into the indices.

The latest version of the Explorer, launched in 2010, has a bigger case: 39 millimeters, versus the previous model’s 36 millimeters. It also has a new type of shock absorber, along with an in-house, Parachrom hairspring and a new Oysterlock folding clasp.

Cheap Chic Replica Swiss-made Rolex Explorer I On Sale

The dial’s proportions look good in the new 39-mm case, but the minute hand is too short.

The watch’s new size is just right: the dial’s proportions look good in the enlarged case. But the narrow and somewhat short hands don’t quite fit into the otherwise pretty picture. The minute hand is especially problematic: the one on the previous Explorer extends all the way to the minute circle, but the tip of this one falls quite a long way from it. However, except for this flaw, the design is excellent and the watch’s classic look is easily recognizable.

With gently curving lugs and a broad bezel, the case looks as though it had been poured into a mold and hardened into a single unit. All surfaces, with the sole exception of the upper side of the bracelet, are polished. As with nearly all Rolex watches replica, the flat, sapphire crystal rises above the plane of the bezel, but its perimeter is beveled to deflect the force of a blow. Rolex’s crown-shaped logo is laser-etched into the crystal at the “6” as proof of the watch’s authenticity. Additional anti-counterfeiting details include the letters of the name “Rolex” engraved into the metal flange around the dial, the Rolex logo at 12 o’clock and a serial number at 6 o’clock.

The crystal has no nonreflective treatment, which would have improved the legibility, but the rhodium-plated and slightly curved gold hands (with a Mercedes-logo-like circle on the hour hand) clearly contrast with the matte black dial. The rectangular indices for the hours are filled with luminous material, and a large luminous triangle at 12 o’clock provides orientation for reading the time in the dark, although the rhodium-plated digits 3, 6 and 9 have no luminous coating. The rhodium-plated numerals on the previous model were filled with white, non-luminescent paint, giving the dial a more harmonious appearance and improving its legibility in low light. The hands and indices of the new model gleam brightly in the dark, thanks in part to the new Chromalight luminous substance, which debuted on the Sea-Dweller Deepsea and is now also used on the Explorer. Unlike on that watch, however, it glows in the traditional, pale green hue rather than a blue one. The luminosity lasts a very long time: the dial remains easy to read even after 11 hours in total darkness.

Cheap Chic Replica Swiss-made Rolex Explorer I On Sale

The bezel is elegantly polished, as are the flanks of the case and bracelet; the upper sides have a satin finish.

The new Explorer is very user-friendly. The crown is easy to unscrew and has only two positions: one for winding; the other for setting the time. A stop-seconds mechanism stops the balance, immobilizing the hands for easy to-the-second setting. The line under the Rolex “crown” logo on the winding crown marks it as the Twinlock type, which helps make the watch water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters.

The Explorer’s Oysterlock safety folding clasp is distinguished by its ease of operation. A gentle tug with a fingernail opens the protective bow; a second tug on the front part of the clasp triggers a lever mechanism to unlock it. The Easylink lengthening system is very practical, too: concealed inside the clasp is one half of a link, which can be pivoted out without changing the appearance of the bracelet. This five-millimeter extension can be a welcome addition when your wrist expands after a workout or in hot weather.

Top-quality craftsmanship is also evident in the bracelet. Like the clasp, it has a completely satin-finished upper surface and polished flanks, which ensure that it perfectly matches the case. However, compared to the big 39-mm-diameter case, the bracelet tapers to a rather narrow width at the point where it joins its clasp.

Two knurled screws are used to adjust the balance’s vertical clearance. The hairspring’s Breguet terminal curve contributes to the watch’s precision in all situations, as does Rolex’s decision to eliminate an index in favor of Microstella nuts along the balance’s hoop. Red anodized reverser gears minimize friction in the self-winding device.

The Parachrom hairspring is made of a blue niobium-zircon alloy and is immune to the influence of magnetic fields. It is also claimed to be 10 times less susceptible to vibrations than a conventional hairspring.

Cheap Chic Replica Swiss-made Rolex Explorer I On Sale

Caliber 3132 replica is based on the well-known Caliber 3130, but has Rolex’s own shock-absorption and hairspring.

The Paraflex shock-absorption system (another Rolex invention) provides improved protection against sharp blows. This is the first time that Rolex has installed the system in a steel watch. The Paraflex mechanism had previously been used only in the Cellini Prince and the Day-Date II, both of which are available only in precious-metal cases. In the Paraflex system, the spring that returns the upper bearing jewel to its original position is symmetrical and smooth on both its faces so that it can be inserted on both sides, which makes the assembly process much easier. The spring is also less likely to jump out of its anchorage when a strong blow strikes the watch. Its shape, which extends over the center of the balance staff, makes it less yielding, which improves its ability to resist deformation. Furthermore, the spring bears two markings: one for the maximum oil level and one for the minimum. The Paraflex system is another example of Rolex striving to take what’s already good and make it even better.

The movement’s construction is solid and its decorations are impressive, despite the fact that the case has no viewing window in its back. Rolex’s standard piercings adorn the rotor, and the self-winding bridge sports a sunburst pattern. Other bridges are embellished with circular graining, a pattern that resembles tiny clouds. All bridges and plates are coated with a layer of rhodium and their edges are beveled and polished. The polished heads of the screws look particularly handsome.

Rolex is renowned for its precision, and the fake watch we tested did not disappoint in this area. It gained three seconds per day when tested on the wrist. The values measured on the timing machine (a Witschi Chronoscope X1) were similar. Averaging the values in all positions resulted in a daily gain of 3.7 seconds. However, the amplitude declined noticeably in the hanging positions. The greatest deviation among the various positions was seven seconds, which slightly exceeds the maximum allowable for chronometers. In fairness, however, we must disclose that we tested this copy watch in each position for only a half hour on the timing machine (not for 24 hours, as the COSC chronometer-testing authority does), and used that measured deviation to calculate the assumed variance over 24 hours. In any case, the results indicate that you should not need to bring this timepiece to a watchmaker for fine adjustment.

Considering all the improvements Rolex made to the new Explorer, it’s not surprising to learn that it costs a bit more than its predecessor. Overall, however, the cost seems reasonable for a vastly updated watch that can ascend to the peak of a mountain and still look good peeking out from a shirt cuff under a business suit.

Cheap Chic Replica Swiss-made Rolex Explorer I On Sale

The practical folding clasp has a bracelet extender and bears Rolex’s crown-shaped logo.


Manufacturer: Montres Rolex SA, Rue François-Dussaud 3–7, CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland
Reference number: 214270
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, stop-seconds function
Case: 904L stainless steel, fully threaded screw-down back, flat sapphire crystal, screwed Twinlock crown, water-resistant to 100 meters
Bracelet and clasp: 904L stainless steel, Oyster band and Oysterlock safety clasp with Easylink extender
Rate results (Deviations in seconds per 24 hours):
Dial up        +7
Dial down    +6
Crown up    +5
Crown down      0
Crown left    +4
Crown right      0
Greatest deviation of rate.            7
Average deviation:     3.7
Mean amplitude:
Flat positions    296°
Hanging positions    263°
Dimensions: Diameter = 39 mm; height = 11 mm; weight = 126 g
Bracelet and clasp (Maximum: 10 points): Beautifully crafted steel bracelet with easy-to-operate, massive folding clasp and extending mechanism.     9
Operation (5): Thanks to the stop-seconds function, the time can be set quickly, simply and precisely via the crown, which is convenient to unscrew  and easy to grasp.     5
Case (10): The well-made steel case has neatly polished and satin-finished surfaces.     9
Design (15): Except for the unduly short hands, this is a successful enlargement of the classic design, which epitomizes sporty elegance.                           13
Legibility (5): Only the reflective crystal above the dial detracts somewhat from the good legibility of the high-contrast hands and large indices; the legibility is also good at night.     5
Wearing comfort (10): Nothing pokes or scratches uncomfortably; the wearing comfort is unusually good for a watch with a steel bracelet.                    10
Rate results (10): The rate is decent, but one has a right to expect even better performance from a Rolex.      8
TOTAL: 90 points

High Quality Cheap Rolex Replica Air King Video Review

Today I will have a Rolex replica Air King video review which is a simple enough watch and what that means is that you can expect a very high level of replication and easily pass it off as an original. This is something that should be desired in a fake Rolex Air King review.

The Rolex Replica Air King Ref 116900

Let’s jump right in and start the replica Rolex Air King watch review.


Looks and Feel

It is not a watch that is packed full of features that you would have expected to see on a replica Rolex Air King watch video review. The reason why it is special is in its simplicity. It’s not often you find luxury replica watches that do not have features like chronographs, barometers, compasses or even a date window. At the very least you would expect a watch like this to be made of precious metal like gold or silver. Fake Rolex Air King watches usually have a hard time replicating the specifications found on the original but not this time. This joy of owning this watch is precisely the fact that you can claim it is an original without anyone ever doubting you.

Now that you have an idea what this watch is missing, let’s go into the replica Air King video review proper so you can see what it does have going for it.

First off in this Rolex Airking video review, I must say this watch is stainless steel all over. Asides from the black dial, the white numerals on the hour marks (although the 3, 6 and 9 hour marks are silver colored) the white hour and minute hands and a green colored second hand, everything else on the watch is silver colored.

The crown is stainless steel and has the Rolex logo embossed on it. The bezel is also stainless steel and is pretty plain and free of any kind of tachymetric markings. The bracelet and the back are both highly polished stainless steel.


High Quality Cheap Rolex Replica Air King Video Review

Now to the part of the replica Air King video review where I talk about the movement. The original Rolex has a caliber 3131 self-winding mechanical movement that has been exclusively designed and deployed by Rolex and is said to have a power reserve that can last up to 48 hours. This replica, however, also sports an automatic movement albeit of the Japanese Miyota kinetic type. Even though the precision is inferior to the Swiss giant watchmaker’s, for the regular human user, this is not a sticking point as the watch works perfectly and keeps perfect time. A two second loss per day doesn’t count for much deviation. There’s no replica Rolex Air King watch video review that will make a serious issue out of a replica watch’s movement as long as it’s good enough.

The Fold

High Quality Cheap Rolex Replica Air King Video Review

As you can see from this replica Air King video review by now, there’s no better view to appreciate the stunning polished beauty of this watch than from the back. This fake Rolex Air King review would not be complete without mentioning the highly polished stainless steel bracelet with the Rolex devised mechanism that allows the wearer to extend the length of the bracelet by up to 5mm if so desired without having to visit a watch repairman.

This brings us to the conclusion of the replica Air King video review. Obviously, this watch is lacking in a lot of functionality but what it does have, it does very well. Many people don’t even know what a chronograph is or ever use it. Most people never really forget the date too. What everybody needs is to be able to tell the time and this is where this watch focuses on. Based on this replica Rolex Air King watch review, I give the watch a rating of 9.5 out of 10.

High Quality Cheap Rolex Replica Air King Video Review

HANDS-ON: Everlasting lustre – the replica Rolex Daytona in yellow gold with green dial (ref. 116508)

This year Rolex  released new variations of their classic chrono in white and yellow gold. Today, we’re having a look at the replica reference 116508, in 18 carat yellow gold with a new green dial – a colour combination that no Aussie can resist.

Replica Rolex Daytona yellow gold green dial 116508

The replica reference 116508 is the same 40mm Oyster case, powered by the calibre 4130, accurate to within -2/+2 a day. Indeed, the only difference between this reference and earlier models is the dial. But what a dial. Yellow gold versions of the Daytona are most commonly seen with black or champagne dials – the green is stunning in its sheen and richness.

Replica Rolex Daytona yellow gold green dial 116508

Of course, green is a special colour for Rolex, but in this instance it’s a green not like the bright tones of the green Submariner or the mossy green of the new Day-Date 40. It’s a rich colour, somewhere between pine trees and British racing green, finished in a starburst technique that at once complements and contrasts with the case – to stunning effect. Of course, it’s a solid-gold Rolex, so it’s not exactly the most unassuming of timepieces. But then again why should this watch pretend to be anything else? The green amplifies the character of the fake watch, but not so much as to make it over the top.

Replica Rolex Daytona yellow gold green dial 116508

Yellow gold has been out of favour for quite a few years now, with red or pink gold (or Everose for Rolex) being much more fashionable. For many the bright tones of this metal are too brash and too opulent. I think this is a short term view. After all, red gold has been trendy for the last 20 or so years. Yellow gold has been the king of precious metals for the last 6000. I think it’s safe to say that the lustre of yellow gold isn’t going to fade anytime soon.

Replica Rolex Daytona yellow gold green dial 116508


5 times Replica Rolex helped to make the world a better place (for more than just your wrist)

Do you think that watch brands don’t change the world? Sure, it’s easy enough to create a limited edition watch that raises funds and awareness, but as for true and lasting change for the better…? Very rare.

That might be a fair generalisation for many luxury watch brands, but this style of one-off, often half hearted corporate social responsibility has never been the fake Rolex way. Instead, for the last 40 years, replica Rolex has been supporting enterprising individuals working on scientific and technological innovations, preserving imperiled ecosystems and endangered species, as well as preserving culture and working to improve the quality of life in developing countries. The program through which this important work is done is the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. The awards started in 1976, as a single event to celebrate 50 years of replica Rolex’s own innovation, specifically the waterproof Oyster case. The Awards proved so popular that 40 years on, the programme is still running.

How do these lofty aims of social and environmental change translate to real-world outcomes? The numbers speak for themselves. Since the inception of the Awards 33,000 people from over 190 countries have applied, and 140 laureates have been selected. These laureates have worked on projects benefitting millions of people in 60 countries across the globe. Rolex breaks down the awards across five broad categories – so today we examine a case study from each, and just because, we’ve paired each with an appropriate watch.

Science and health – Mark Kendall and the Nanopatch

Kicking things off with a local, Australian biomedical engineer Mark Kendell, a 2012 Laureate, has revolutionised immunisation with his Nanopatch. This ingenious method of vaccine delivery allows for smaller doses, simpler application and doesn’t require refrigeration. Currently in clinical trials with the World Health Organisation, this tiny square has the potential to save the lives of the 17 million people who die from infectious diseases every year.

The Milgauss

Rolex Milgauss

The fake Milgauss is Rolex’s scientific timepiece, its movement protected against highly magnetic fields by a Faraday cage. Even though it’s technical, it’s far from boring – the blue dial, orange highlights and lightning shaped second hand makes it one of the most downright fun models in Rolex’s catalogue.

Exploration – Lonnie Dupre and Arctic exploration

American-born Lonnie Dupre has witnessed global warming firsthand. Over the last 25 years, Dupre has travelled more than 24,000 kilometres through high Arctic and polar landscapes, including the unsupported 2005 expedition that was the first to reach the North Pole in summer, alerting millions to the real and present dangers of climate change.

The Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II

First released in 1971, the replica Explorer II adds a GMT hand and a fixed 24-hour bezel to the already robust Oyster case. And though it comes in a black dial variant, for polar exploration it’s hard to go past the white dial.

Environment – Michel Terrasse and vultures

In the middle of last century, vultures were nearly extinct on mainland Europe, largely due to the fear and mistrust which caused them to be a popular target for hunters. Michel Terrasse, a  fake Rolex Laureate in 1984, has been working for the last 35 years to protect these birds. Vultures are now protected by law in Europe and today there are around 20,000 breeding pairs of griffon vultures on the continent.

The Explorer

Rolex explorer 99

With an enviable history of actual exploration, the replica Explorer is a refreshingly understated tool watch. At 39mm across it’s as comfortable in a chic bar or a windswept mountaintop.

Cultural heritage – Runa Kahn and the boats of Bangladesh

Boats are important in Bangladesh and increasingly these watercraft are of the diesel-powered variety. Runa Kahn, a 2006 Associate Laureate founded the NGO Friendship, which has worked to preserve traditional wooden boats, and the skills involved in their construction. In addition to preserving the marine heritage of Bangladesh, Friendship provides direct healthcare to 250,000 people a month.

The Submariner

Rolex Submariner

The AAA+ Submariner is the undisputed king of the seas, so it’s the logical choice for anyone who lives on the waves. And while it comes in numerous colours and versions, it’s hard to beat the original black.

Applied technology – Mohammed Bah Abba and his desert refrigerator

Bah Abba’s pot-in-pot desert refrigerator is an ingenious, simple invention that has made a very real impact on the livelihood and wellbeing of thousands of people across Africa. The simple system of two pots, with a layer of damp sand between, was developed to improve the longevity of farmers crops in Nigeria. In trials it kept eggplants fresh for 27 days, compared to three days in natural conditions. With the help of Rolex, Bah Abba (who passed away in 2010) distributed almost 100,000 pots across sub-Saharan Africa, and his design has been adapted for various uses across the continent.

The GMT-Master II

Combining the toughness of Rolex’s professional line with the utility of a second time zone, the high quality replica GMT-Master II is the perfect complement to Bah Abba’s functional take on a fridge.

Rolex GMT MAster BLNR

MY HIGHT QUALITY REPLICA WATCH STORY: Ted from Petrolicious and his Replica Rolex GMT Master 1675

So, when we began spotting the occasional timepiece dotted among the vintage BMWs and Porsches, we wanted to know more from this LA-based man of style – starting with this beautiful example of a Rolex GMT Master 1675.Editorial Director of Petrolicious, a site and production house dedicated to showcasing the world’s finest classic cars and their owners, Ted Gushue has an instagam feed (@TedGushue) that’s unsurprisingly dominated by breathtaking cars.


What’s the story behind this hight quality replica watch?
He sold it when he bought the stainless Daytona, when that was released. I was always kind of heartbroken that the replica watch left our family, so in the back of my head I’d been looking for one. I have a really close relationship with my replica watch dealer, and when I told them the story, they went above and beyond to help me track down something that fit the place in our family’s history.My dad wore what could very well be this exact replica watch while he raised me, up until about age 14. It was an engagement gift from my mother – they’ve always been into timepieces as symbols of major life events.  In all honesty there’s no way for me to verify that this one is his replica watch, but it’s rare to find that kind of relationship with a dealer, when you happen to mention a story like that to them and they go to work in the background. I was really lucky to find that.

And where have you and your Rolex been together?
Everywhere I’ve been since I bought it in June 2015. It’s barely left my wrist. I wore it during the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, during the Mille Miglia, and to Wimbledon this year. It’s the most versatile replica watch ever made in my opinion. I will say however that I prefer not to get it wet. No reason to test the seal on something so special.

Ted at the wheel of a BMW 1600 Cabriolet from the BMW Museum

What does this replica watch say about who you are?
I’ve got a uniform that I generally wear every single day: navy blazer, button-down shirt, trousers, loafers and a GMT or a Submariner. My dad started that trend in our family – classic WASP vibes. Christ I sound obnoxious. But I don’t think I’ll ever be a Hublot guy, for instance. That aesthetic just isn’t me. It’s not in my nature.

So, tell us about your other replica watches.
They all have a story behind them that I’m proud of. The Submariner is from the year I was born, 1988. My Movado Datron was owned by a dear family friend who passed away. My Chopard Mille Miglia Chronograph was given to me by Chopard for competing in the Mille Miglia. But the GMT has the most powerful connection to where I’m from and where I’m headed.

Ted's Rolex XXXX and his Movado Datron.

Ted’s Rolex GMT Master 1675 and Movado Datron.

We also spotted this interesting piece on your Insta feed.
That’s the Autodromo Group B Evoluzione, an incredibly designed replica watch that channels so much of what’s to love from the Group B era of racing. It’s designed by my pal Bradley Price in New York, with some of the machining work done by my friend Neil Ferrier.

Ted's Autodromo Group B Evoluzione

Ted’s Autodromo Group B Evoluzione

And if you could add something new to your collection tomorrow, what would it be?
I’m actually about to pull the trigger on a black-dialled 18k Rolex President. It’s just unreal. Such a classic look, and probably the only replica watch you could pull off in 18k gold without looking like a drug lord.

Do you think there are similarities between ‘car guys’ and ‘watch guys’?
Of course – they’re two sides of the same coin, just on a slightly different scale. How could you not be fascinated by a tiny engine on your wrist powered by the motion of your body if you’re a car guy? And how could you not be turned on by a 1960s Porsche if you’re a replica watch guy?

Florence Walker, contributor, in a 1960s Porsche

Florence Walker, contributor, in a 1960s Porsche

LIST: 17 priceless Instagram reactions to the new Rolex Air-King


After the release of the Rolex Air-King at Baselworld 2016 things went pretty much to plan for the Big Crown. People declared their love:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.49.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.56.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.30.26 PM

Air-Time ️ @rolex

Others expressed that their feelings were hard to understand, but overall positive…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.49.41 PM

There was a bit of wrestling with emotions…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.24.33 PM


Strange things were happening…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.34.46 PM

But then, the situation escalated. It seemed the world of replica watch lovers was dividing into two wildly passionate camps.

Those living in a world of nope…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.34.16 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.35.06 PM

…who seemed personally affronted…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.57.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.57.45 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.02.42 PM

To the point where we had to intervene and ask if anyone had actually tried it on…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.46.57 PM

Meanwhile in the other camp, impulse purchases were happening…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.47.17 PM

Dreams were catching fire…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.14.34 PM

And now, with every possible opinion aired, it’s time for you to do like Michael Bublé and look deeply into this video while looking deeply into yourself.

Rolex Air-King

Image via

Are you real enough – regal enough – for the Air-King?

The Perfect Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Review

Editor’s Note: Since November last year the desktop on my computer has been one of Jason’s excellent pictures of this replica watch. I guess this goes a long way to explaining why I can’t get it out of my head. But there’s more to this Rolex than just its photogenic looks. I think these smaller, simple Oyster Perpetuals with their vibrant dials represent the pared back essence of a ‘good’ replica watch. No bells and whistles, just comfort, reliability and timeless style. findsalewatches

Well, allow us to humbly suggest that all you really need a replica watch to do, is tell the time. Everything else is superfluous. We’d also argue that you need a replica watch that can handle the daily rigours of regular wear and still scrub up OK. It also needs a timeless style that won’t look out of place on your wrist in 50 years’ time. Not an easy set of criteria, but the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 more than nails it. If you could only ever have one replica watch, you could do a lot worse than one of these.

The Story in a second:

This could well be the only replica watch you’ll ever need.


Image by Jason Reekie.

There’s a concept in the world of replica watch enthusiasts that’s referred to as ‘only one replica watch’. For the majority of the population, this concept is better known as ‘normality’. But if you’re the sort of person who has a replica watch for work, one for the weekend as well as a dedicated timepiece for special occasions, there’s a good chance the thought of committing to just one will fill you with dread. How could you choose? Can you live without a chronograph? And do you go for fine finishing or bulletproof reliability?


Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.

The dial

This is the first thing you notice about the new Oyster Perpetuals, offered in three sunburst dial variants. The dark rhodium dial is the most conservative option (and we suspect the most popular), while the red grape and blue are bolder, more youthful options.


Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.


Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.

Naturally, there’s the applied Rolex crown and signed rehaut, but it’s the printed hour markers that we’re most interested by. In an uncharacteristically playful move from the Swiss giant, these are a breath of fresh, colourfully contrasting air. The rhodium dial gets bright blue details, the grape comes with reddish-orange highlights and the blue’s markers are Kawasaki-green (which looks to be the same tone as they used on the Deepsea D-Blue dial text). These 12 plots of colour, combined with the wonderfully reflective sunburst finish make for a surprisingly fun time-only replica watch.

Rolex have pulled off an impressive feat with this dial. It’s supremely simple, but far from boring. In fact, the purity of this dial – and the replica watch as a whole – may well be its greatest strength. No date or cyclops distract from the clean lines. The hands are simple sticks, and the applied gold indices have enough height to ensure legibility, without dominating. Only the hands and the three, six and nine are filled with luminous material – this isn’t a diver after all.


Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.

The case


Image by Jason Reekie.

This a paradox. It’s discreet while being distinctive, simultaneously timeless and on-trend. It’s also comfortable to a fault. It’s classic Rolex. Fastening the clasp, you know that every detail has been pained over, and that nothing about this replica watch has been left to chance. But more than that, you know you’re wearing the latest evolution of a replica watch that’s still very clearly related to its 80-year-old ancestor – a style of timepiece that for many is the canonical definition of a wristwatch. And that’s why the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is the best contender for the only replica watch you’ll ever need.

Previously available in 34mm and 36mm cases, this is also offered for the first time in 39mm. And while the two larger sizes are both quite unisex, the Oyster Perpetual 39 is a winning size for a men’s replica watch.


Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.

The bracelet


Image by Jason Reekie.

The Oyster case is part of a classic double act, working best when paired with the (equally timeless and iconic) Oyster bracelet. The broad brushed links of this comfortable steel bracelet are one of the many, instantly recognisable calling cards of Rolex, providing the perfect accompaniment to the case’s tapering lugs and mirror-finished bezel. Again, there’s nothing particularly new or innovative, but let’s be honest, at this point in the Oyster bracelet’s 80-odd years of life, there’s not too much you could improve on.

Rolex’s Oyster case is legendary, first developed in 1926 as the world’s first waterproof replica watch. And while these days many people are wary of going for a swim with anything rated less than 500m, the 100m water resistance on the Oyster case is more than enough for a casual dip. Meanwhile, aesthetically, it sits in the perfect middle ground between dressy and sporty, with a timeless style that means it will never look out of place. While there’s nothing novel about the style or construction of the case, what is new is the size.


Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.

The movement

Powered by the proven Calibre 3132, this features Rolex’s Parachrom hairspring, the Paraflex shock protection system, and has around 48 hours or power reserve. It’s not Rolex’s most cutting edge movement, but then again it’s a perfectly appropriate choice for this entry-level, time-only piece

On the wrist


Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.



Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.

The knowledge

Talking point

I’ve got the perfect replica watch for EVERY occasion.

Who’s it for?

Anyone. This replica watch will look great on literally anyone.

What would we change.

While the look and design of this is as close to perfect as you can get, it would be nice to see the Oyster Perpetual powered by a more modern calibre.


Image by Jason Reekie.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 (ref. 114300) Australian pricing

The Oyster Perpetual 39 has an RRP of $7200 in all the dial colour options.


The Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Everose Rolesor (ref. 116621) video review


For 98 per cent of replica watch lovers, Rolex this year is all about two models – the Daytona and the Air-King. The amount of digital ink dedicated on these top-line releases is truly tremendous, and we’re not even halfway through the year. But there’s more to Rolex’s Baselworld 2016 releases than exciting steel sports replica watches.

The mix of Everose, steel and that creamy Cadbury chocolate dial makes for a delicious timepiece. Oh, and now we can’t get this song by The Stranglers out of our heads.

For example, this new Yacht-Master, offered for the first time in Rolesor, which is the name Rolex – the master of two-tone – gives to this combination of steel and gold.

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Rolex Datejust Replica

The sports pocket watch is definitely an up-to-date classic also it can tell a lot about that person who wears it. Rolex datejust replica for sale includes a lot of features together with a stainless steels case not to mention the formally licensed logo design and colors. Think carefully the standard of the sports pocket watch. Browse the construction and designs. Don’t think about the case, the dial and also the movement less important on the other hand, they are vital options that come with any watch, such as the sports pocket watch.

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Rolex Datejust Replica

You will find a lot of brands also which have been replicated, so you’ve received an array of options. The very best factor of in comparison to original watches that will set you back a lot of fortune, Rolex Datejust Ladies Replica Watches cost for just a 100s as well as lower. Take it easy about how exactly we’re able to purchase these types of watches. You wouldn’t even need to worry in likely to their store because you will find many online retailers that selling these products.

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Classic Replica Rolex With Crisp , Clean And Always Chic

Crisp, clean and always chic, white is a neutral that not only goes with everything but stands out too. The classic hue looks especially great on a dial of a stainless steel Rolex watch and is one that you will never tire of seeing on your wrist. So whether you opt for a Cosmograph Rolex Daytona Replica, Explorer II, or Lady Datejust, take inspiration from the beautiful marriage of stainless steel and wintery white for a stylish ensemble.

Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520 Replica

A great looking chronograph originally built for race car drivers, the Cosmograph Daytona is fantastic in pretty much any metal and color combination, but there is something about the appeal of a sharp white dial against a silver stainless steel body. Encased in the 40mm stainless steel Oyster case, with an engraved tachymetric scale, is the white dial accented with silver sub-dials, the characteristic red “DAYTONA” label, luminescent hour-markers and black markings and texts. The rugged, yet elegant, stainless steel Oyster bracelet outfitted with the Easylink system finishes off the masculine charm for an ultimate cool sports watch that complements any get-up.

 Replica Rolex Explorer II 216570

 Replica Rolex Explorer II 216570

The Rolex Explorer II may be capable of climbing to the highest peaks, delving into the darkest caves, and exploring the iciest of poles, yet it is also perfectly comfortable wrapped around a wrist as an every day watch. Its 42mm sized stainless steel Oyster case is ideal for one who wants a bold sports watch, while the tasteful color palette of white and silver allows the Explorer II to maintain an aura of sophistication. At first glance, what really stands out from the white dial on this particular Rolex is the iconic arrow-tipped extra hour hand in orange and the “EXPLORER II” label in a matching color. The silver of the stainless steel, the white of the dial, the black details and the orange accents come together harmoniously for an unforgettable look.

Replica Rolex Lady Datejust 179174

Replica Rolex Lady Datejust 179174

An effortlessly chic Rolex for the ladies, the feminine allure of the Datejust is touch of luxury suited for any occasion. The stainless steel 26mm Oyster case is adorned with a fluted white gold bezel for added luxuriousness, while the stainless steel five-link Jubilee bracelet offers an attractive design detail. Meanwhile, the fresh white dial complements the silver Roman numerals and central hands flawlessly. Of course, also on the dial is the date window at 3 o’clock, magnified by the Cyclops lens on the sapphire crystal. Whether paired with a stack of jewelry, or sitting solo, the stainless steel and white gold Lady Datejust with white dial will always be in style.