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Swiss, Japan or Chinese High Quality



Last summer Omega took us deep into the ocean abysses with its Seamaster Planet Ocean quartet called “Deep Black”, diver’s replica watches with a GMT function made mainly of black, lightweight and scratch-resistant black ceramic. This time the Bienne replica watchmaker has chosen briny blue to adorn its Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” without neglecting its signature bright orange that was on the first model unveiled in 2005. read more


News : High quality replica Omega launches eyewear collection

Across all brands, Marcolin produced a staggering 14.3 million eyeglasses in 2015. Each model of Omega sunglasses will be made in Italy and come in two sizes and colour variations. We received a pair of the Wayfarer style sport sunglasses in Rio recently and noted the obvious quality of the glasses (the lenses are polarised and deflected the glare from the canoe slalom perfectly) as well as some interesting design nuances, including the Omega logo which has been integrated to form both a bridge and the nose padsOmega is launching its first eyewear collection for men and women in partnership with Italian eyewear powerhouse Marcolin, the group behind brands such as Tom Ford and Balenciaga. read more


Reviewing The Omega Seamaster 300 Replica Watch

Editor’s Note: The fact it’s James Bond’s choice automatically makes it good enough for the rest of us, but even without the exploding bells and whistles, the Seamaster 300 packs a heck of a punch. 

The story in a second

The Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial was one of the best replica watches of 2014, combining the brand’s rich history with their impressive Master Co-Axial movement. read more


Looking back at Stephen Urquhart’s legacy at Omega

Today marks Stephen Urquhart’s last day as President of Omega. Mr Urquhart helmed the company for 17 eventful years, starting his tenure just as the brand was unveiling its signature Co-Axial technology.

Mr Urquhart will be continue to be involved with Omega as a consultant on ‘special projects’. Former VP of International Sales, Raynald Aeschlimann, will succeed him as President read more


MY REPLICA WATCH STORY: Lindy Klim’s Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Debating whether to describe oneself as ‘businesswoman’, ‘model’ or ‘Balinese princess’ is a dilemma most of us will never have to grapple with – and what a time-saver that is. Of course, that’s not the case for the fabulous Lindy Klim, who flew in from her home in Bali for our Melbourne event with Omega last week, to celebrate women’s replica watches through the ages. She was just one of a formidable group of women who joined us on the night from across business, fashion, architecture, media and more, to hear Omega’s International Heritage Manager Petros Protopapas reveal the huge role women’s replica watches have played in shaping society. We caught up with Lindy a few days later to find out if she enjoyed herself. read more


FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 13th May, 2016, yup it’s Friday the 13th.

Ooh, Friday the 13th! Spoooooky. Don’t walk under ladders or bang your replica watches on brick walls, people. Or, you could throw superstition out the window and have a drink. We at T+T know which option we’ll be going for.

What happened?

Well, Robert Downey Jr shared his luxury replica watch collection with the world (via GQ US). From this we learned a few things. Firstly, RDJ has an interesting, personal mix of replica watches, including a fake Speedy and a probably not-fake Breitling. He’s also nailed a faux-earnest parody of Hodinkee-style ‘Talking Replica Watches’ style delivery – seriously, his story about the Baume & Mercier brought tears to our eyes. read more


VIDEO: replica Omega stage world-first women’s ‘journey through time’ in a crumbling Victorian ballroom in Melbourne

The setting was spellbinding, truly like a fairytale. And adding to the beauty, if you’ll allow me to say (as the host of countless men’s replica watch events) were 60 of the most influential women in Australia, in formalwear fit for royalty. It was an awing experience to see the State Government Architect Jill Garner discussing design with the founder of The Design Files, Lucy Feagins, while Balinese princess Lindy Klim mixed with Mary Poulakis, co-owner of Harrolds, all sharing replica watch stories and career secrets. read more


EVENT: Replica Omega host a high-calibre crowd on ‘Her Journey Through Time’, starring 12 priceless mechanical marvels from the Omega Museum

The replica watch world is rich in heritage – and unless you’ve been snoozing for the past century and a half, this isn’t exactly a newsflash. But last night, Time+Tide got to explore a side of that heritage that hasn’t been given the attention it deserves – until now. Partnering with Omega, ’Her Journey Through Time’ was an intimate dinner to celebrate their women’s replica watches throughout the ages. And if you thought ladies timepieces don’t do much more than look pretty, International Heritage Manager Petros Protopapas was on hand to set the record straight, aided by a haul of rare, priceless, landmark replica watches from the Omega’s Museum, with several pieces priced at well over half a million dollars. read more


Elegant And Luxury Replica Omega De Ville Mechanical Watches Hands On

Since its inception in 1848, elegant fake Omega UK not only continuous to keep the most accurate timing record, but also redefine the most advanced mechanical technology. Development and innovation, almost unlimited choice, excellent tradition, perfect continuity. The wisest choice of the Omega is that it does not let industrialization spread to every aspect of the tabulation. read more


Stylish Omega’s Latest Must-Have Diver Replica Watch In This Summer

Warmer weather means making tweaks to pretty much everything you wear—and that consideration should extend from what’s on your back to what’s on your wrist. Some of the most salient timepieces on the market right now are diver’s omega replica watches, like this model from cheap replica Omega. read more