Last summer Omega took us deep into the ocean abysses with its Seamaster Planet Ocean quartet called “Deep Black”, diver’s replica watches with a GMT function made mainly of black, lightweight and scratch-resistant black ceramic. This time the Bienne replica watchmaker has chosen briny blue to adorn its Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” without neglecting its signature bright orange that was on the first model unveiled in 2005.

The blue ceramic on the latest in the Seamaster collection has washed over not only the case but also the dial, bezel and deployment clasp. The colour is halfway between sea and electric blue and is enhanced by splashes of orange on the case, dial and strap.

omega sea planet ocean big blue closeup

The Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” has a 45.5mm ceramic case with a unidirectional rotating bezel bearing the minute track in Liquimetal® and the 0-15 area in an orange rubber and ceramic blend. The case sides feature the 3-position screwdown crown at 3 and the signature helium valve at 10.

The dial is a blue ceramic disc whose hour rim has three orange Arabic numerals, white gold markers coated in Super-LumiNova and a white minute track beneath three gold and luminescent hands with arrow tips. An orange lacquer hand glides over the second time zone on a 24-hour scale on the chapter ring whilst the white-on-blue date display lies at 3.

The functions are fuelled by the self-winding Omega Master Chronometer 8906 calibre whose oscillating weight you can see through the sapphire case back. The movement is METAS-certified and has a 60-hour power reserve.

The woven-effect blue rubber strap on the Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” has orange stitching and edges and is the height of comfort.

Price: 11,200 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin

News : High quality replica Omega launches eyewear collection

Across all brands, Marcolin produced a staggering 14.3 million eyeglasses in 2015. Each model of Omega sunglasses will be made in Italy and come in two sizes and colour variations. We received a pair of the Wayfarer style sport sunglasses in Rio recently and noted the obvious quality of the glasses (the lenses are polarised and deflected the glare from the canoe slalom perfectly) as well as some interesting design nuances, including the Omega logo which has been integrated to form both a bridge and the nose padsOmega is launching its first eyewear collection for men and women in partnership with Italian eyewear powerhouse Marcolin, the group behind brands such as Tom Ford and Balenciaga.


Omega Wayfarer style sunglasses.

Other evidence of Omega design DNA can be seen on the round oversized style of the Constellation model which references the iconic Constellation ‘claws’  in metal end pieces and with the faceted acetate frames said to be inspired by the Constellation’s ‘Pie-pan’ dial.


Omega Constellation style sunglasses.

 “It’s also been beneficial to share this project with Marcolin, as their renowned expertise and background with high-level brands has allowed us to produce some fantastic products. For customers, this is a chance to find new ways to express personal style and a passion for our brand.”“This is an exciting step for OMEGA because it leads our brand into new areas of opportunity. With our long history, there is real brand substance and authenticity to work with and we have ensured that it is truly represented in every pair of sunglasses,” chief executive of Omega, Raynald Aeschlimann was reported as saying by AMEinfo.


Omega, Pilot Style Sport sunglasses

Products of the first collection will be exclusively available at Omega boutiques around the world in the coming months. The Chadstone Omega boutique in Melbourne is receiving models in the Constellation Style ($625), Butterfly Style ($625) and Pilot Style Classic ($375) later this week.

Reviewing The Omega Seamaster 300 Replica Watch

Editor’s Note: The fact it’s James Bond’s choice automatically makes it good enough for the rest of us, but even without the exploding bells and whistles, the Seamaster 300 packs a heck of a punch. 

The story in a second

The Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial was one of the best replica watches of 2014, combining the brand’s rich history with their impressive Master Co-Axial movement.


The big question

Does Omega finally have a dive replica watch that can challenge the supremacy of the Rolex Submariner?


For the first version of the new Seamaster 300 Omega smartly decided against cherry-picking the best and most popular elements from all of their vintage 300 models, instead they opted (much like they did with the Speedmaster ‘First Omega in Space’) to faithfully reproduce the first Seamaster 300 released in 1957.


The case

When you first see at the Seamaster 300 on a screen it looks like the replica watch is a 1:1 reissue of the 1957 original. The case shape, from the bezel, to the lugs to the exposed crown (crown guards came later) is remarkably similar. But there are differences between old and new. Inflation has (of course) taken its toll; what was once 39mm is now 41mm. You could hardly call this an excessive bloating; it’s more of a sensible adjustment in line with market norms. Understanding specifications is one thing, but the pictures and press releases don’t adequately prepare you for reality. When you hold the Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial in your hands you’re immediately aware that this isn’t a straight vintage reissue. Largely this is down to the Master Co-Axial movement adding significant thickness to the case, giving it a very modern bulk.

Last year Omega answered the prayers of their most fervent fans, re-releasing the Seamaster 300, a beloved vintage model, and one of the all-time great dive replica watches. The Seamaster 300 hasn’t been seen in catalogues for the last 45 years, and it was past due for a comeback. And not only because the replica watch industry can’t get enough of heritage reissues at the moment. The time is right for the Seamaster 300 – it has the combination of looks, legacy and technical prowess to rival the mighty Rolex Submariner.

The other big surprise for me was just how shiny it was. I wouldn’t say Omega have gone out of their way to make this a flashy replica watch. The polished case elements, ceramic bezel and mirror finish on the hands gives the Seamaster 300 a definite new replica watch vibe, which lifts it out of ‘tool replica watch’ territory.


The dial and bezel

Omega has really knocked it out of the park with the dial and bezel. Managing to make what is a very technical execution appear simple and uncluttered. Not an easy thing to pull off. First let’s talk about the dial. The triangular hour indices and the broad arrow hands, both filled with off white luminous material that has become synonymous with heritage pieces dominate the dial.


If you look closely you’ll note that the luminous indices are recessed and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a ‘sandwich’ type dial construction, of the sort popularised by Panerai. In actuality Omega have laser cut the indices out of the single layer dial and filled them with luminous material, creating a great sense of depth. They’ve further added to the richness of the dial by using a matte textured black finish that looks almost like sandblasting. Completing the vintage look of the dial is the printed numerals and the refreshingly sparse dial text. Sure, it doesn’t say ‘Seamaster 300’ in the lower half as the originals did, but I understand that Omega are keen to show off their new movement and two discreet lines is nothing compared to the paragraphs found on other dials.

Onto the bezel. I said earlier that I found this replica watch unexpectedly shiny. A lot of that has to do with the bezel. Not only the glossy ceramic (with Liquidmetal numerals) insert, but also that mirror-like inner steel ring. The combination of these two elements really plays in the light, and contrast starkly with the sober dial. It’s a good combo, but one that someone expecting a vintage replica watch will be surprised by. On the functionality front the bezel is grippy enough for a replica watch that will mostly be on desk diving duties, and there is minimal play. I’m glad Omega opted for an applied luminous pip at 12, as one inset into the ceramic would have detracted from the look.

Of all the elements of this replica watch the ‘faux-tina’ is the one that might put some people off, but I think that Omega have been judicious with their heritage tweaks and haven’t gone overboard; meaning that this replica watch won’t date too badly when we all move on from our infatuation with vintage.


The movement

The new generation of anti-magnetic Master Co-Axial movements (which meet the stringent new METAS standards) are the most technically impressive and best quality high-volume production movements in the game at the moment. Omega knows this and they’re not letting you or their competitors forget it by hiding it behind a steel caseback.

If the exterior of this replica watch is all about the past, the interior is all about the future. Flip over the replica watch and you can’t help but notice the Calibre 8400, a large movement filling up the sapphire display back and gleaming from every angle thanks to its radial Geneva striping.

The visibility of the movement in this replica watch is also a deliberate statement by Omega. A solid caseback would have suited the aesthetic of the replica watch, and even though I’m sure most consumers of the replica watch are more than happy to be able to whip their replica watch off their wrists and impress their friends with the glimmering workings, I think there’s more to it than that.

On a practical note, the ability to independently adjust the hour hand forwards or backwards in one-hour increments is supremely useful.


On the wrist

I was a little sad that the model I wore for a few days had a leather strap – I was looking forward to seeing how the very vintage looking bracelet (with contentious polished centre links) played in the real world. That classic case of #firstworldproblems aside, the Seamaster was a joy to wear. It managed to achieve what Kung-Fu masters call conscious unconsciousness. I wasn’t aware I was wearing it, until I looked at it, and then BAM! The gorgeousness of the replica watch hits you every time you check the time. For me this continual feeling of excitement is the mark of a great replica watch. The Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial is a close to perfect everyday replica watch, a future classic that takes the best of Omega’s past and packs it full of their latest technology.


The Knowledge

Talking Point

The Seamaster 300 is widely tipped to be the replica watch on James Bond’s wrist in Spectre, the latest instalment of the franchise.

Who’s it for?

In short, everyone and anyone. It impresses the vintage fanboys and meets the needs of the ‘one good replica watch’ crowd.

What would we change?

This is a really hard one. There are a few points about this replica watch such as the vintage-look lume, polished centre links on the bracelet, and the thickness of the case that might turn people off. I can see why all these decisions were made and I don’t think that Omega made the wrong move with any of these choices. Having said that I think an option of a solid caseback would complete the vintage package for those who aren’t overly concerned with looking at the movement.

For the replica watch forums

How do you comfortably balance contemporary technologies, like the Master Co-Axial movement and the ceramic bezel in a heritage reissue replica watch? Do these advances add or detract from the whole package?

Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Australian Pricing

The Seamaster 300 comes in a range of configurations and metals. In steel on a bracelet it has a retail price of $7750, and on leather $7600.

Images by Jason Reekie.

Looking back at Stephen Urquhart’s legacy at Omega


Today marks Stephen Urquhart’s last day as President of Omega. Mr Urquhart helmed the company for 17 eventful years, starting his tenure just as the brand was unveiling its signature Co-Axial technology.

Mr Urquhart will be continue to be involved with Omega as a consultant on ‘special projects’. Former VP of International Sales, Raynald Aeschlimann, will succeed him as President

When we interviewed Mr Urquhart at Baselworld this year, his impending retirement had not yet been announced but, with the benefit of hindsight, his reflective manner in the interview below isn’t surprising. He speaks of his proudest accomplishments and greatest missed opportunities.

His achievements include introducing the purely mechanical Ladymatic range and significantly expanding Omega’s boutique network, opening more than 200 in his term. He also weathered his share of storms, notably the 2007-08 GFC.


MY REPLICA WATCH STORY: Lindy Klim’s Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Debating whether to describe oneself as ‘businesswoman’, ‘model’ or ‘Balinese princess’ is a dilemma most of us will never have to grapple with – and what a time-saver that is. Of course, that’s not the case for the fabulous Lindy Klim, who flew in from her home in Bali for our Melbourne event with Omega last week, to celebrate women’s replica watches through the ages. She was just one of a formidable group of women who joined us on the night from across business, fashion, architecture, media and more, to hear Omega’s International Heritage Manager Petros Protopapas reveal the huge role women’s replica watches have played in shaping society. We caught up with Lindy a few days later to find out if she enjoyed herself.


First up, paint a picture for us of where you are right now.


Image via

I’m in Echo Beach, which is in Canggu in Bali. I’m near the ocean, laying on the daybed.

Sounds awful.

I know! I’m very lucky to be able to split my time between Australia and Bali and Europe.

Well, thanks for joining us at the Omega event.

It was beautiful. That’s the second time I’ve heard Petros speak, too. What a wealth of knowledge. He has so much passion and enthusiasm.

Women’s replica watches haven’t always been given the attention they deserve, so wasn’t it amazing to find out that the first ever wristwatch was invented for a woman?

Definitely. Hearing the history was so inspiring. It makes you really proud to be a woman.


Lindy Klim wears the Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial 38.5mm in steel and red gold.

Now, you wear the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, in red gold. What drew you to that?

I’ve been fortunate enough to try out a lot of Omega timepieces at different events, and to figure out what suits me best. This particular replica watch is really elegant and timeless. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, so a beautiful statement replica watch is amazing. I like that it’s this interesting mix of masculine and feminine. I quite like bigger timepieces. And I love the gold and steel combination, which I think looks a bit vintage.

It went beautifully with the glamorous, edgy Maticevski frock you were rocking on the night.

Well, at the moment, I’m in cut-off jeans and a T-shirt, and it goes perfectly with that too! It actually goes with everything – whether I’m with the kids, or at the gym – and that’s really important to me. I think I chose well.

So, since you’re by the beach, have you taken it for a dip yet?

No, I’m too scared to do that. I know it’s waterproof, but this is a real surf beach, and quite often I’ll end up losing my bikini, let alone a replica watch!


Lindy Klim in Milan for Omega wearing the Ladymatic 18K with diamond bezel.

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 13th May, 2016, yup it’s Friday the 13th.


Ooh, Friday the 13th! Spoooooky. Don’t walk under ladders or bang your replica watches on brick walls, people. Or, you could throw superstition out the window and have a drink. We at T+T know which option we’ll be going for.

What happened?


Well, Robert Downey Jr shared his luxury replica watch collection with the world (via GQ US). From this we learned a few things. Firstly, RDJ has an interesting, personal mix of replica watches, including a fake Speedy and a probably not-fake Breitling. He’s also nailed a faux-earnest parody of Hodinkee-style ‘Talking Replica Watches’ style delivery – seriously, his story about the Baume & Mercier brought tears to our eyes.

It’s also shown us that replica watch guys can’t take a joke. The number of angry internet commentators implying RDJ wasn’t worthy of owning something nice was frankly, worrying. Perhaps we all need to breathe and repeat the following mantra “I accept that other people may not love replica watches as much as me, and that’s OK.”

What really mattered


On to more serious news, Bloomberg reported that Vaucher Manufacture, which makes high-end movements for Parmigiani Fleurier and Hermès, is laying off 30 per cent of its workforce, equating to around 50 staff. Is this an early warning of bigger shockwaves to come?

The week in numbers

ALS-Joanna Lange

10: Hours remaining on a Lange power reserve when the reserve indicator goes red. Why 10? At the Melbourne showing of the 2016 collection Joanna Lange claimed it’s because no respectable German sleeps for more than 10 hours.

100,000: The upper estimate in CHF for this vintage Longines Tre Tacche being sold this weekend at the Phillips Auction. That’s a pretty penny for a Longines.

454: Likes for our snap of the Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar – though you need to see this one IRL to appreciate it fully.

VIDEO: replica Omega stage world-first women’s ‘journey through time’ in a crumbling Victorian ballroom in Melbourne


The setting was spellbinding, truly like a fairytale. And adding to the beauty, if you’ll allow me to say (as the host of countless men’s replica watch events) were 60 of the most influential women in Australia, in formalwear fit for royalty. It was an awing experience to see the State Government Architect Jill Garner discussing design with the founder of The Design Files, Lucy Feagins, while Balinese princess Lindy Klim mixed with Mary Poulakis, co-owner of Harrolds, all sharing replica watch stories and career secrets.


The scene was set for ‘Her Journey Through Time’, a night organised by Omega to “set the record straight” about the place women’s timepieces have in the greater canon of their replica watchmaking history. You know the Speedmaster went to the moon, of course you do. But did you know the first Omega model to feature a seconds hand was a Pulsometer model designed for nurses to take a pulse?

There were more gems like this uncovered over the evening. Our tour guide through time was none other than Omega’s International Heritage Manager, Petros Protopapas.

The magic is well captured in this two minutes of video, also starring a $700,000 jewellery piece with secret replica watch. Thanks again to Omega, Petros and our inspirational guests – many of whom have inspired me.

EVENT: Replica Omega host a high-calibre crowd on ‘Her Journey Through Time’, starring 12 priceless mechanical marvels from the Omega Museum


The replica watch world is rich in heritage – and unless you’ve been snoozing for the past century and a half, this isn’t exactly a newsflash. But last night, Time+Tide got to explore a side of that heritage that hasn’t been given the attention it deserves – until now. Partnering with Omega, ’Her Journey Through Time’ was an intimate dinner to celebrate their women’s replica watches throughout the ages. And if you thought ladies timepieces don’t do much more than look pretty, International Heritage Manager Petros Protopapas was on hand to set the record straight, aided by a haul of rare, priceless, landmark replica watches from the Omega’s Museum, with several pieces priced at well over half a million dollars.


Attended by a hand-picked group of women from the worlds of business, fashion, architecture, television and more, this was a night of high luxury against the beautifully gritty background of The George Ballroom in St Kilda. Stay tuned for an all-singing, all-dancing video of the event in the coming days, which will no doubt be a worthy sequel to our most popular video of all time, coincidentally of another event we hosted with Omega.


Thanks to Omega for a fantastic night.


Elegant And Luxury Replica Omega De Ville Mechanical Watches Hands On

Since its inception in 1848, elegant fake Omega UK not only continuous to keep the most accurate timing record, but also redefine the most advanced mechanical technology. Development and innovation, almost unlimited choice, excellent tradition, perfect continuity. The wisest choice of the Omega is that it does not let industrialization spread to every aspect of the tabulation.

 Replica Omega De Ville Mechanical Watches

However, it insist in complete the last process of the watches, which makes it can still claim unashamedly the word “saying no to mass production, adhering to the handmade Swiss watchmaking tradition” . Now, bcause of the quality and perfect service after-sales, Omega has become the senior watch brand to be respected without exception.

 Replica Omega De Ville Mechanical Watches

The watches belong to copy Omega de ville for women, which are provided with automatic timing movement of the chain, stainless steel case, 32.7mm dial size, general crown, arc resistant sapphire crystal mirror with the internal anti reflective treatment, golden diamond dial, silver gold stainless steel watchband, buckle folding, 30 meters waterproof. All the details of gold and diamond Swiss replica watches are so worth to be appreciated that you will not regret having them.

Stylish Omega’s Latest Must-Have Diver Replica Watch In This Summer

Warmer weather means making tweaks to pretty much everything you wear—and that consideration should extend from what’s on your back to what’s on your wrist. Some of the most salient timepieces on the market right now are diver’s omega replica watches, like this model from cheap replica Omega.

 replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT

The replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT stands out in this group because its styling makes it feel refined and sporty at the same time. It features a bold blue dial, orange accents on its second hand and 24-hour hand, and a bezel with gray numerals that pick up the color of its hefty 43.5 mm titanium case. Pairing a classic shape with a seafaring color scheme makes it the kind of investment piece that will make a splash this summer, whether you’re out on the water or enjoying the view from dry land.

 replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT