HANDS-ON: Saxony at its most serious – the Replica A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down

Even though there’s no doubt that the darlings of A. Lange & Söhne’s lineup are the more contemporarily styled pieces like the Lange One and the Zeitwerk, there’s still a place for deeply traditional design the catalogue of Glashütte’s favourite son – and that’s the 1815 collection.

Replica lange 1815 up down


Named for the year of founder Ferdinand A. Lange’s birth, the 1815 family of watches takes as its inspiration early marine chronometres. First developed in the 18th Century, these ship-bound timepieces were extremely accurate, and a vital tool in navigation. And while the design isn’t what we’d associate with tool watches these days, make no mistake, legibility and reliability were the name of the game. It’s logical that Lange, those masters of function and style, adopt this distinctive look as the trademark for their 1815 collection. With the blued sword-style hands, railroad minute track (with the brand’s distinctive triple dot at the cardinal points) and the ornate, Jugendstil numerals the fake 1815 Up/Down would look just as stylish in 1915 as it does today.

Replica lange 1815 up down

For me though, the most charming feature of this replica watch is the bottom-heavy subdial layout, a sure sign (if any were needed from Lange) that the L051.2 movement definitely isn’t an off the shelf ebauche. And while the right-hand dial displays the running seconds, it’s the Auf/Ab indicator on the left that is the soul of this fake watch. If your deutsche is up to scratch (or you’re just observant), you’ll have worked out that Auf/Ab means Up/Down and that this is a power reserve read out, showing off the 72 hour power reserve. Aside from adding balance to the dial, the inclusion of the power reserve indicator again harks back to the time when this sort of fake watch was a critical tool, and knowing when it was about to stop telling the time was serious business.

Replica lange 1815 up down

These days it’s less crucial, but there’s no doubt the replica 1815 Up/Down looks the business – it’s a serious, sober fake watch, the sort of timepiece the mountains of Saxony have been producing for centuries. There’s no reason you couldn’t dress it down a little, but to really make that pink gold case shine, wear it with a suit.


Take A Look At The Luxury A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1

Editor’s Note: With the announcement of Lange’s new entry-level 37mm Saxonia Thin, we thought it was time to have another look at the latest version of the German brand’s long-time stalwart, the mighty Lange 1. 

The story in a second:

Lange give their icon a serious update


When it was first unveiled in 1994, no one had seen a replica watch quite like the Lange 1, with its distinct, geometrically harmonious dial. In subsequent years, the Lange 1 came to define the German brand’s pure aesthetic and impeccable technical pedigree.

The dial


One of the most distinctive in the business, the Lange 1 dial is a deconstructed assemblage of date, power reserve, seconds and time. In theory, all this should make it cluttered and complicated, but thanks to the brand’s respect for good design based on the mathematical principles of the Golden Ratio, the dial is very balanced It’s also very German – a model of sober restraint expressed in shades of grey.

A resolutely contemporary looking replica watch, it might be surprising to learn that its roots were far from modern. In fact, it dates back to 1841, when Ferdinand A. Lange completed an innovative digital five minute clock for the Semper Opera House in Dresden. It was this historic clock that served as the muse serves as the inspiration for the Lange 1’s distinctive large date complication. The replica watch recently underwent an upgrade, and here’s what we think.


This is the bigger picture, but as you’d expect from Lange, the dial more than holds up under close examination. The text is well spaced, and the 2015 version sees the A. Lange & Söhne name expressed in a slightly more delicate type. (Having said that, it’s a touch counterintuitive that the only English on the dial is ‘Made in Germany’.)

The case


As with the dial, the apparent simplicity of the 38.5mm case belies its complexity. While the bezel (which has been slimmed down in this update) is polished, the middle section is brushed, creating a much more casual look in the solid platinum case. The lugs are actually screwed on, which means they can be removed when refinishing the case – a clever touch most wouldn’t bother with.

The other point that demonstrates Lange’s attention to detail is the repetition of the triangle motif – most notable on the power reserve (Ab/Auf) indicator, but also on the main dial’s diamond indices and the counterweight on the seconds hand.

With a very few exceptions, Lange only make replica watches in precious metals and, while it’s the priciest, this platinum version is arguably the most versatile. It’s harder than gold, which means less likely to mark, and it’s more lustrous. One more fact that shows just how high Lange set their standards is that any precious case that becomes scratched and needs refinishing will have those blemishes filled with new metal, so that the weight of your replica watch remains the same. Now that’s service.


The movement


You could make a pretty solid argument that the correct way to wear the Lange 1 is with the movement facing out.  There’s just so much to see, which is a little surprising given that most of its movements are hidden behind the traditionally German three quarter plate. But the plate is stunning in its own right, in nickel silver (which will achieve a patina with age) with Glashütte ribbing, jewels set in gold chatons and hand blued screws. Then of course there’s the hand engraved balance cock – a hallmark of Lange’s quality. Even though the Lange 1 dates back to 1994, the L121.1 movement in the 2015 update is completely new. The balance wheel is larger, and features a new balance wheel and in-house hairspring. The movement, too, boasts numerous improvements. For example, the large date now changes instantaneously at midnight, and when the power reserve runs down, the seconds hand stops automatically at zero, allowing for greater accuracy when resetting the time. Lange have also added an improved escapement with an in-house hairspring. All small changes, but they add up.


On the wrist


In a word: heavy. Seriously, thanks to the heft you won’t ever forget you’re wearing a platinum replica watch. And that’s not a bad thing considering how clean and considered this replica watch is. It’s pretty close to perfection. Having said that, the design of the Lange 1, which verges on the austere is one of their more polarising offerings. Unlike their crowd-pleasing Datograph, the Lange 1, with its contemporary/classic dial layout is more of an acquired taste. It’s a sophisticated replica watch for sophisticated tastes.

The knowledge

What would we change?

Honestly, if you asked us this question in 2014 we could have made a few suggestions. But A. Lange & Söhne didn’t have to be asked. That they decided to significantly improve a key model in their collection speaks of the values of excellence and quality that define the brand.

Talking point

Sure, that Patek is nice – but check out this finishing.

Who’s it for?

People who know their horology, and appreciate Lange’s particularly German aesthetic.

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Australian pricing

The A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 in platinum has an RRP of $56,300.

Images by Jason Reekie.

EVENT: Exploring the replica A. Lange Söhne 2016 collection in Melbourne


Last week, A. Lange & Söhne’s latest and greatest were touring Australia, making it the first chance local audiences had to get up close and personal with some of the finest replica watches in the world. And, even though we at T+T were privileged enough to see them at SIHH, we were still pretty excited to re-acquaint ourselves with the collection. We felt Lange had one of the strongest collections on show in Geneva, and six months later we stand by that initial assessment.


Joanna Lange and Replica Watches of Switzerland Chairman Eric van der Griend introduced the collection in an imposing atrium of the Grand Hyatt, each speaking to the values that make A. Lange & Söhne such a great manufacture. Van der Griend discussed the increasing importance of Australia in the global market – pointing to the fact the latest collection reached our shores much earlier than in previous years. Joanna Lange provided some insights into Lange’s German character. While she referenced their new manufacture building and the importance of tradition, she also joked that the company likes to keep using lengthy German words on the dial (hello doppelfederhaus) just to confuse the rest of the world. Meanwhile, she revealed that the reason Lange’s power reserve indicators show a red low-power warning when there’s only 10 hours of power left is because no German ever sleeps longer than that.


Once the formalities were dispensed with it was time for the serious business of inspecting the replica watches up close. Understandably there was quite a crowd around the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon, but the real stars (if you’ll pardon the space pun) were the literally star-studded Saxonia Moonphase and the Grand Lange 1 Lumen Moonphase.


GONE IN 60 SECONDS: The Replica A. Lange Söhne Richard Lange Jumping Seconds video review


In a few short hours we’re going to get a chance to spend some quality time with fake A. Lange & Söhne’s latest collection. Now, we saw them at SIHH, but that was an all too brief encounter, and we didn’t really know what we were looking at. It was a blur of movements and dials. Now, after a few month’s reflection we keep coming back to the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds, and we can’t wait to take a second look. It might not have the same visceral impact as the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon, but it’s still a very serious replica watch.

ALS-6 copy

The jumping seconds, or deadbeat seconds, is perhaps the most stealth complication out there – as most people would assume the ticking seconds hand is powered by a battery. It’s also a complication that’s finally enjoying its day in the sun with brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jaquet Droz and Grönefeld all releasing their take on this once-obscure complication. Lange’s take adds a regulator style dial and some classical German good looks.

The A. Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Jumping Seconds has an Australian RRP of $120,000.

Replica A. Lange Söhne SAXONIA THIN – New Edition

This year brings new design accents for SAXONIA THIN, Elegant Replica A. Lange & Söhne‘s puristic timepiece. The SAXONIA THIN distills the characteristic features of a Lange replica watch in svelte proportions. With a newly designed dial and case, the so far thinnest timepiece from the eminent Saxon replica watchmakers stands out with even more stunning looks.

In 2011, A. Lange & Söhne created a modern classic: the SAXONIA THIN. Five years after its debut, the low-silhouette two-hand replica watch is making a comeback with a subtly reworked dial that reflects the current design of the SAXONIA replica watch family and emphasises the puristic facets of style.

Compared with the predecessor model, the solid gold baton hour markers have been slightly elongated and shifted closer to the bezel. The retouched, argenté-coloured dial in solid silver radiates harmony and balance.

The new edition of the SAXONIA THIN has the familiar case diameter of 40 millimetres and a height of 5.9 millimetres. It is available in pink or white gold.

The manually wound calibre L093.1 movement is only 2.9 millimetres high but impressively showcases the brand-typical finissage of all components. The classic design elements of each Lange replica watch, such as the three-quarter plate made of German silver and the hand-engraved balance cock, are lavishly polished and decorated.

Technical details
References: White gold (Ref. 211.027) & Pink gold (Ref. 211.033)

Lange manufacture calibre L093.1; manually wound, crafted to the most exacting Lange quality standards, decorated and assembled by hand; precision-adjusted in five positions; made of untreated German silver; balance cock engraved by hand
Diameter: 28.0 millimetres; height: 2.9 millimetres
Movement parts: 167
Jewels: 21
Screwed gold chatons: 3
Escapement: Lever escapement
Oscillation system: Shock-resistant screw balance; balance spring manufactured in-house with a frequency of 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour, precision beat adjustment system with lateral set screw and whiplash spring
Power reserve: 72 hours when fully wound

Time indicated in hours and minutes

Operating elements 
Crown for winding the replica watch and setting the time

Diameter: 40.0 millimetres; height: 5.9 millimetres
White gold (Ref. 211.027)
Pink gold (Ref. 211.033)
Crystal and back:  Sapphire crystal (Mohs hardness 9)

Solid silver, argenté
Hands:  Rhodiumed gold or Pink gold

Hand-stitched alligator leather strap, black
Hand-stitched alligator leather strap, reddish-brown
Buckle: White-gold prong buckle or Pink-gold prong buckle

Replica A. Lange Söhne Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase “Lumen”

Presented in a limited edition of 200 replica watches, the GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE
“Lumen” combines a brilliant moon-phase display with a mystically luminous outsize date that reflects the characteristic style of the brand icon.

In 2013, A. Lange & Söhne introduced the GRAND LANGE 1 “Lumen”, a replica watch with a semitransparent sapphire-crystal dial that exposes the ingenious disc configuration of the Lange outsize date. It was followed a year later by the GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE with a prominent in-dial moon-phase display that reproduces the lunations with an accuracy of 99.998 per cent. Now, the GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE “Lumen” combines these two remarkable accomplishments in one replica watch.

The dial of the new model is made of blackened silver with ample apertures and black tinted, semi-transparent sapphire-crystal glass. The special coating applied to the glass blocks most of the visible light but not the UV spectra that “charge” the luminous pigments on the outsize-date mechanism and cause them to glow in the dark. The tens cross is coated with a white luminous compound and printed with black numerals. Conversely, the units disc, also featuring black numerals, is made of transparent glass and rotates in front of the luminous background of the date aperture.

Different from Lange’s previous moon-phase models with solid-gold lunar discs, the GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE “Lumen” has a disc made of glass. Initially, its surface is treated with a patented coating process. In a second step, a laser is used to cut out 1164stars and the moon.

Thanks to the luminous compound behind the lunar disc, they shimmer with vibrant radiance. The large moon-phase display occupies a prominent position on the main dial. Once properly set, it only needs to be corrected by one day every 122.6 years.

Featuring all of the quality highlights of an replica A. Lange & Söhne timepiece, the manually wound calibre L095.4 is elaborately finished and assembled twice. The three-quarter plate made of untreated German silver is decorated with Glashütte ribbing and sets a dramatic stage for the seven screwed gold chatons. A classic screw balance with a free-sprung balance spring crafted in-house assures excellent rate accuracy. And the large mainspring barrel delivers power for 72 hours. Presented in a limited edition of 200 replica watches, this model comes in a 41-millimetre platinum case.

Technical details
Model: Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase “Lumen”   Ref. 139.035F

Lange manufacture calibre L095.4, manually wound, crafted to the most exacting Lange quality standards, decorated and assembled by hand; precision-adjusted in five positions; plates and bridges made of untreated German silver; balance cock engraved by hand
Movement parts: 446
Jewels: 45
Screwed gold chatons: 7
Escapement: Lever escapement
Oscillator: Shock-resistant screw balance; balance spring manufactured in house with a frequency of 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour,  precision beat adjustment system with lateral setscrew and  whiplash spring
Power reserve: 72 hours when fully wound
Movement dimensions: Diameter: 34.1 millimetres; height: 4.7 millimetres

Time indicated in hours, minutes and subsidiary seconds with stop seconds; power-reserve indicator; luminous outsize date; moon-phase display

Operating elements
Crown for winding the replica watch and setting the time, one button for quick outsize date corrections, recessed push piece for correcting the moon-phase display

Diameter: 41.0 millimetres
Height: 9.5 millimetres
Crystal and back: Sapphire crystal (Mohs hardness 9)

Basic dial (outer ring, hours, minutes, subsidiary seconds) in solid silver, black-oxidised; semi-transparent sapphire crystal; luminous details: outsize date, Roman numerals and markers for the time, power-reserve indicator and moon-phase display
Hands: Rhodiumed gold, luminous

Hand-stitched alligator leather strap, black
Buckle: Platinum deployant buckle

Limited edition
200 replica watches

Replica A. Lange Söhne Richard Lange Jumping Seconds

The RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS from A. Lange & Söhne reinterprets the concept of the scientific observation replica watch in a new way by pairing the quest for utmost precision with outstanding legibility. The balance is steadily driven by its one-second constant-force escapement. An integrated jumping mechanism makes it possible to display the time in strict one-second intervals. With a diameter of 39.9 millimetres, this platinum timepiece with its prominent regulator dial is being launched in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

The RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS is characterised by an intelligent
combination of two mechanisms that functionally complement each other: A
one-second constant-force escapement ensures ultimate precision. The
jumping mechanism guarantees crisp legibility of the time; it advances
the large seconds hand by exactly 60 steps per minute. Thanks to the
ZERO-RESET mechanism, equipped with a multi-disc clutch, the replica watch can
be synchronised quickly and comfortably: When the crown is pulled, the
seconds hand jumps to the zero position. The RICHARD LANGE JUMPING
SECONDS is the latest model in a series introduced by A. Lange &
Söhne in 2006, which has repeatedly leveraged innovative solutions to
add new facets to the scientific observation replica watch.

The jumping
seconds mechanism ranks among the classic complications in precision
horology. Pocket replica watches featuring this technology were once used to
determine sidereal or solar time as well as geographical longitude. But
even in short-time measurements today, for instance when taking a pulse,
it is convenient to be able to read the time in full seconds. The
jumping seconds mechanism has played a pivotal role in A. Lange &
Söhne’s history. After all, Ferdinand Adolph Lange developed a “one-second movement with a jumping hand” as early as 1867. Ten years
later, the newly founded Imperial Patent Office granted one of its very
first patents for his invention to the manufactory.

The rhodié-coloured regulator dial with its large seconds circle at the top draws the observer’s
attention to the smallest of the three units of time. The smaller hour
and minute circles arranged beneath it are shifted to the left and
right. The sleek platinum case with a diameter of 39.9 millimetres
underscores the functional aesthetics of the dial architecture.

Ten hours before the power reserve is depleted, a red indicator – inside a triangular aperture in the dial where the hour and minute circles intersect – reminds the owner to rewind the replica watch.

The new L094.1 manufacture calibre masters all challenges that are associated with the development of a jumping seconds mechanism. Technically, it stands out with an ingenious arrangement that distributes constant-force generation and the seconds jump to two wheel trains, but also allows them to interact. The first wheel train extends from the mainspring barrel to the balance and, in one-second intervals, uniformly delivers energy to the escapement via a constant-force device. Visible through an aperture in the train bridge, the mechanism has a double function: It compensates not only the gradually waning force of the mainspring, but also offsets possible torque fluctuations while the seconds jump is executed. The result is a constant amplitude across the entire power reserve range of up to 42 hours. Superior rate accuracy is guaranteed as well thanks to the balance wheel with eccentric poising weights and the free-sprung balance spring crafted in-house.

The mainspring barrel powers the jumping mechanism via the second wheel train. Its task is to convert the balance frequency of six semi-oscillations per second into one single step of the seconds hand. As was already the case with Ferdinand Adolph Lange’s invention, this process is controlled by a five-point star attached to the escape-wheel arbor. It can be observed beneath a transparent sapphire-crystal disc as it rotates about its own axis, together with the escape wheel, once every five seconds. Every second, one point of the star liberates the so-called flirt. This long lever, powered by the mainspring, then executes an instantaneous rotation through 360 degrees, after which it is arrested by the next point of the star. The 360-degree rotation, transmitted by the wheel train connected to the fourth wheel arbor, moves the seconds hand to the next full-second marker. At the same time, the jump switching impetus is used to deliver fresh energy to the remontoir spring of the constant-force escapement.

The RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS is endowed with a ZERO-RESET mechanism. The clutch on the fourth-wheel arbor consists of three discs and a special hand-shaped spring. The clutch disc in the middle is secured to the fourth-wheel arbor; in the closed state, the spring firmly presses the top and bottom clutch discs together. The clutch thereby immobilises the large seconds hand between the abrupt acceleration and deceleration cycles that occur every second in the normal operating mode. Pulling the crown activates a complex system of levers that block the balance with a stop spring and open the clutch. This separates the fourth-wheel arbor from the wheel train and allows virtually frictionless zeroing. For this purpose, the ZERO-RESET lever is pivoted against the heart cam, thus instantly returning the seconds hand to the 12 o’clock position. Pushing the crown home closes the clutch and releases the balance again: The movement can restart.

The finissage of the 390-part, manually wound movement complies with the strictest Lange standards. The bridges made of untreated German silver and decorated with Glashütte ribbing, the hand-engraved balance cock, eight screwed gold chatons, as well as lavishly decorated and polished surfaces are some of the artisanal highlights that, in their sophistication, match the technical perfection of the limited 100-piece edition of the RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS in platinum.

Review Replica A. Lange Söhne LANGE 1 White Gold Watch

After the successful introduction of a new version of the LANGE 1 brand icon in January 2015, A. Lange & Söhne is extending the LANGE 1 replica watch family with a model in white gold with luminous hands and hour markers.

A new manufacture calibre launched last year kicked off a further chapter of the 20-year success story of the LANGE 1, the company’s brand and design icon. To complement the models in pink gold, yellow gold and platinum, A. Lange & Söhne is now presenting a model with a 38.5-millimetre case in white gold. The luminous hands and hour markers on the argenté-coloured dial are crisply legible even in the dark, providing information on the precise time and remaining power reserve.

Combining a large balance wheel with eccentric poising weights and a free-sprung Lange balance spring, the manually wound calibre L121.1, newly presented in 2015, assures superior accuracy. Refinements come to the fore in details such as the instantaneously jumping outsize-date display.

The calibre features the proven twin mainspring barrel with a power reserve of three days. Lange-typical quality hallmarks include eight screwed gold chatons, a three-quarter plate made of untreated German silver and decorated with Glashütte ribbing, a precision beat-adjustment system with a whiplash spring and a set screw, as well as a manually engraved balance cock.

Replica A. Lange Söhne 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar in White Gold

Thanks to a clear arrangement of the calendar display around the time indication, the LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR presents an abundance of information at a single glance. The latest model of this horological masterpiece is now presented in a discreet white-gold case with a grey dial.

complications with the iconic design of A. Lange & Söhne’s most
famous replica watch family.

The calendar consists of a Lange outsize
date, retrograde day-of-the-week and leap-year displays and a peripheral
month ring. Due to the clear separation of the time and date, all
information can be taken in at even a cursory glance. All of the
perpetual calendar displays advance instantaneously. The mechanism is
designed in such a way that it must be advanced only by one day in the
year 2100. And the moon-phase display, located inside the subsidiary
seconds dial, will even run true for 122.6 years before it needs to be
corrected by one day.

A subtle inscription beneath the twelve refers to the existence of the tourbillon. By looking through the sapphire-crystal caseback, it can be admired in all its technical complexity.

The movement is equipped with Lange’s patented stop-seconds mechanism. It brings the balance inside the tourbillon cage to a standstill instantly, gently and safely when the crown is pulled. This allows the luxury replica watch to be set with one-second accuracy. The upper part of the tourbillon cage is decorated with black polish, the most sophisticated and time consuming type of artisanal surface finishing. The bearing of the tourbillon cage features a diamond end stone as a tribute to the historic 1A pocket replica watches by A. Lange & Söhne.

A solid central rotor with a 21-carat-gold segment in the middle and an additional platinum centrifugal mass on the periphery efficiently tension the mainspring of the self-winding calibre L082.1 movement so that the maximum power reserve of 50 hours is built up after just a short time on the wrist. Typical Lange quality hallmarks include the lavishly decorated movement with hand-engraved tourbillon and intermediate wheel cocks as well as screwed gold chatons.

Hands On Replica A. Lange Söhne Saxonia Moon Phase

A Lange & Söhne enriches its popular SAXONIA line by unveiling a new model with a moon-phase display and outsize date

The latest model of the SAXONIA family stands out with its lucid design and the compelling combination of two popular complications: a precise moon-phase display and the characteristic Lange outsize date. These two elements dominate the face of a fashion replica timepiece focused on optimised technology and aesthetic perfection.

The date indication ranks among the most useful extra functions of a cheap replica watch and is therefore a common feature. The famous outsize date is a style-defining facet of A. Lange & Söhne replica watches. The gold-framed split double aperture as well as the space-saving configuration with two separate display segments for the units and tens evolved to become an iconic brand hallmark. It was first showcased in 1994, including the SAXONIA model.

In the SAXONIA MOON PHASE, the outsize date is prominently set below the twelve o’clock position. The moon-phase display in the top half of the subsidiary seconds dial at six o’clock constitutes the visual counterbalance. A. Lange & Söhne has accrued considerable experience in the development of precise moon-phase displays. The selfwinding calibre L086.5 inside the SAXONIA MOON PHASE is already the eminent Saxon manufactory’s 16th movement with this popular astronomical complication. The display is connected to the hour-wheel continuum so, just like the moon itself, it is always in motion.

It reproduces the period from new moon to new moon with an accuracy of 99.998 per cent, thanks to a precisely calculated seven-stage transmission. Once set, and assuming that the replica watch runs continuously, the display only has to be corrected by one day every 122.6 years. The intense blue tone of the solid-gold lunar disc is created by a special patented coating process. Then, a laser is used to cut out no fewer than 852 stars.

The ample 72-hour power reserve is achieved with only one mainspring barrel. A large central rotor with a centrifugal mass in platinum efficiently delivers the winding power.

With a classic screw balance, a free-sprung Lange balance spring, a three-quarter plate made of untreated German silver and a hand-engraved balance cock in a perfectly hand finished movement, the SAXONIA MOON PHASE unites all of the quality features that connoisseurs around the world associate with the A. Lange & Söhne timepieces.