Versace VFI010013 Apollo Stainless Steel Men’s Casual Replica Watch

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Product Features:

  • Case – The round 42 mm wide and 8 mm thick case and fixed bezel are made with stainless steel.
  • Dial – The black-tone dial, protected by sapphire crystal, features silver Roman numerals and stick hour markers and hands. It also has a date display at its 3 o’clock position.
  • Band – The black leather calfskin replica watchstrap, 19.5 mm wide, has a deployment buckle for closure.
  • Movement – This replica watch is powered with Swiss quartz movement.
  • Water Resistance – It has a water resistance of 165 feet or 50 meters.


  • Silver and black certainly blend well with one another producing a classy and versatile replica timepiece. So whether it’s for work, business or formal events, it will look perfect on you and you’ll certainly not need any other accessories, as this timepiece alone will help you stand out.
  • The dial is very clean and easy to read so with just one glance, you’ll get the information you need. Furthermore, the anti-glare and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal produces a better and clearer view of the dial.
  • Thanks to the Swiss quartz movement behind this replica watch, accurate timekeeping is one feature you can enjoy.


  • Considering that it only provides time and date, some buyers find this timepiece quite expensive.
  • The hands and hour markers are non-luminous so the readability of the dial during low light conditions might be difficult.
  • It doesn’t have minute markers and other features that are necessary for some users.
  • Since it comes with leather straps, exposure to water should be minimized to avoid ruining the quality of the leather.

Versace Men’s 29G60D009 S060 V-Race Black Stainless Steel Replica Watch

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Product Features:

  • Case – The round stainless steel case measures 45 mm wide and 11 mm thick. It has a black stationary bezel engraved with the manufacturer’s logo.
  • Dial – Protected by sapphire crystal, the black tone dial features gold-tone stick hour markers and luminous hands. It has a seconds sub dial, a date window, a GMT and an alarm.
  • Band – The black stainless steel replica watchband, 24 mm wide, has a deployment clasp with push button for closure.
  • Movement – It is powered by Swiss quartz movement.
  • Water Resistance – This replica watch has a water resistance of 165 feet or 50 meters.


  • Versace is known to produce elegant and stylish products and this timepiece is a proof. You can certainly match it with any attire and it’ll still stand out because of its stunning and sophisticated design.
  • Though this timepiece looks classy, you can also use it in your favorite sports and adventures. No need to worry about getting it damaged because it comes with a solid construction and water resistance suitable for swimming, snorkeling and similar activities except diving.
  • Accurate timekeeping, luminous hands, GMT, alarm and a date window – these are some of the functions you can enjoy with this timepiece, which is actually necessary for most men.


  • This timepiece is quite expensive for some men who are looking for a replica watch they can use daily without breaking their bank.
  • Weighing approximately 16 ounces and a case diameter of 45 mm, this replica watch might be considered too large and heavy for some men.

Versace Women’s 93Q99D008 S009 Krios Black Enamel and Sunray Dial Patent Leather Replica Watch Review

Black Sophistication and Quality

The Versace Krios Black Enamel & Sunray Dial Patent Leather timepiece for women is truly an accessory that reflects the style and elegance of the color black. Along with high quality materials and superb replica watch-making technology, this timepiece preserves the reputation of Versace in the field of accessory design.

  • Stainless Steel

Durable and versatile stainless steel is utilized in the case, bezel and clasp mechanism. This material is at par with gold and silver in terms of sleek appearance but outshines the two when it comes to maintenance and durability. Moreover, stainless steel prevents allergic reaction, making it an excellent option for those with sensitive skin.

  • Patent Leather

Black Versace patent leather—also used in other wristwatch models and handbags—makes up the band of this timepiece. This high quality and valuable leather made of calfskin is known for its smoothness and fine appearance

  • Dial and Crystal

The replica watch’s black sunray dial is split—the top part having the company logo and the bottom part with the roman numerals and lines as time markings. The sunray dial creates a dramatic surface reflection upon exposure to light.

A Scratch-resistant and antireflective sapphire crystal is used in the dial window of this stylish replica watch. This type of crystal is the most expensive, as well as most resilient, among the types of replica watch crystals.

  • Movement

Swiss quartz movement is the mechanism used in this particular replica watch. A replica watch with this type of movement is considered more accurate since it follows the vibrations of a piece of quartz inside the timepiece.

  • Special Features

The cheap replica watch uses a deployment buckle clasp to avoid wear and tear on the leather due to bending. In addition, it also makes wearing and taking off a lot easier and faster.Metal dots are also mounted on the stainless steel bezel to add sophistication and appeal to the design. Furthermore, the replica watch has a water resistance depth of up to 30 meters or 99 feet—contact with water won’t easily cause damage to this valuable piece.

Price of quality and style

A superb quality product apparently comes with a price; this dear timepiece proves to be a rewarding investment in terms of appearance and quality. Fashion enthusiasts, however, understand the cost of pursuing high-end style and splendor.

For Contemporary Stylish Women

The simple yet highly attractive appearance of Women’s S009 Krios Black Enamel & Sunray Dial Patent Leather Replica Watch from Versace is ideal for women who are committed to high fashion and elegance. This black colored timepiece that boasts of luxury and class would go well with any of your accessories and outfits for various social and casual gatherings.

Versace Women’s Q5C70D009 S009 New Reve Yellow Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Chronograph Date Replica Watch Review

Elegant Features

The sophisticated look that the color black offers a particular accessory is perfectly reflected in the Women’s Q5C70D009 Chronograph Date Replica Watch. The timepiece’s remarkable and chic features made it even more appealing for fashionable women.

  • Robust and valuable material

Stainless steel is a widely used material for accessories because it costs less than gold and silver and still exudes the same lustrous appearance. The bezel, case and clasp of this timepiece are skillfully made of yellow-gold ion-plated stainless steel. Moreover, ion-plated surfaces are considered more resilient to scratches which consequently give the piece a beauty that lasts.

Soft and high quality calfskin leather with crocodile skin pattern is used in the replica watch’s band. The black-dyed leather creates the elegant yet sporty appeal of this women’s timepiece.

  • Watch face

The black enamel dial compliments the gold colored case and bezel. This replica watch also features a date window that displays the date of the particular month. The valuable antireflective sapphire crystal used in this replica watch is highly resistant to scuffs.

  • Chronograph feature

A timepiece’s chronograph and sub-second function is handy when a particular activity requires the use of a stopwatch. This replica watch feature is not only beneficial to athletes but to everyone who finds the need to measure certain time ranges for particular activities like cooking and office work.

  • Swiss made quartz

The replica watch has passed the rigorous Swiss certification process of replica watch-making. The precise Swiss quartz movement technology is employed in this high end wristwatch to assure accurate time display.

  • Other features

The replica watch has a water resistance feature to prevent entry of water which could cause irrevocable damage to the item. It can withstand water pressure of up to 165 feet or 50 meter depth.For easy taking off and putting on, the replica watch has a deployment buckle for the clasp. This type of clasp also keeps the leather away from tearing due to folding.

Price Issues

While this item is certainly superb in production, choice of materials and features, it is also associated with a high price like many other products from this company. Nevertheless, the Versace’s reputation of producing sought-after glamorous fashion pieces addresses this question of value accordingly.

For the Sporty Fashionista

Black often has dual connotations; it is sometimes associated to being outgoing and rebellious, but it also radiates elegance and formality. The New Reve Yellow Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Chrono Date Replica Watch from Versace is perfect for the active and at the same time enigmatic and chic fashion enthusiast.

Versace Women’s 86Q70D002 S001 Destiny Spirit Floating Micro Spheres Replica Watch Review

Design Features

The analog Versace Women’s Destiny Spirit Floating Micro Spheres timepiece has a 39-millimeter diameter case with a 9.5-millimeter thickness. This replica watch merges classic beauty with modern charm.

  • Premium Material

For utmost durability, the timepiece’s case, bezel and clasp are made of gold-plated stainless steel material. This material is known to surpass the toughness of silver and gold over time but still emanates the same shimmering look. The gold tone effectively gives the replica watch a plush appeal.

The strap of this Versace Destiny Spirit wristwatch is made of soft, white, calfskin leather—an expensive but high quality fake watch material also common in other items from this company.

  • Dial and crystal type

The white dial of the replica watch displays four gold tone time markings; one of the markings is the Versace Medusa logo located in the spot of the 12th hour. The antireflective sapphire used in this replica watch’s crystal is a durable material which is greatly resilient to scratching.

  • Chic Bezel

The stationary gold-plated bezel has the word logo of Versace engraved at the lower part. Along with this is a see-through bezel containing 300 floating microspheres that gives a unique style element to the replica watch.

  • Swiss made

Along with all other Versace replica watches, this chic and modern Destiny Spirit Replica Watch is made from Switzerland and conforms to the country’s high standard requirements for replica watch-making. Contemporary Swiss quartz movement is used in the replica watch to promote time precision.

  • Water resistance and comfortable fit

One of the most important features of high quality replica watches is water resistance—this avoids damage to the timepiece when it is accidentally or momentarily submerged in water. This Versace replica watch has a water pressure resistance of up to 99 feet.This replica watch can also be worn and taken off comfortably with the deployment buckle clasp. With this type of clasp, leather tearing due to folding can be avoided.

Limited Function for the Price

Expensive contemporary replica watches are known to have more functions other than just telling the time. This replica watch may go beyond the usual scope of sophistication in design, but it is also seen to have less function considering the amount paid for it. Nonetheless, Versace replica watches and jewelries are known to be very expensive because of the luxurious signature design and rigorous production.

Surpassing Elegance in Fashion

Nothing says elegance more than sporting a smart and opulent accessory like a Versace 86Q70D002 S001 Floating Micro Spheres Replica Watch. This trendy piece is just what fashion-conscious women need to add to their valuable collection.

Versace Women’s 68C70D498 S070 Reve Chrono Golden MOP Replica Watch Review

 Elegant and Functional

Both aesthetic features and functions of the Women’s 68C70D498 S070 Reve Chrono MOP Replica Watch from Versace typify the elegance and luxury which embody the characteristics of women who wear them.

  • Gold-plated Stainless Steel Material

The 40 millimeter diameter case, bezel, and band of this replica watch are all made of gold-plated stainless steel. Versace utilizes the colors silver, gold and black in their replica watches, hence the use of the material. Stainless steel is popular for its versatility and durability—it looks as refined on accessories as gold and silver, only with little maintenance. Moreover, it surpasses the two materials in terms of resilience.

  • Dial and Crystal

The dial of this analog Versace replica watch is a chic Mother of Pearl color with a date window that shows the date of the month. The crystal is made of antireflective sapphire—the most valuable and durable type of timepiece crystal which is around three times more rigid than mineral and twenty times stronger than acrylic crystals.

  • Movement

Among the types of replica watch movement mechanism, the quartz movement is considered the most accurate and contemporary. The Versace Reve Chrono Golden MOP luxury replica watch has a Swiss Quartz movement which is extensively designed to conform to the replica watch-making standard of Switzerland.

  • Chronograph Function

This Versace timepiece also features a chronograph and sub-second function which is ideal when undertaking tasks that needs a stopwatch. Daily tasks such as timing the way to the office and cooking can find great use for this feature aside from athletic activities.

  • Band, Bezel and Clasp

Gold color dominates the band, bezel and clasp of this wristwatch. The band has a width of 20 millimeters and length that conforms to standard women’s size.

While some replica watches have rotating or interchangeable bezel, this replica watch has a stationary one that has a Versace engraving. Moreover, the deployment clasp of this replica watch has a push-button mechanism which promotes ease of opening and locking in wearing on and taking off.In addition to these features, this Versace timepiece also has a 50-m or 165 feet water resistance depth that helps avoid premature damage due to ingress of water.

Valuable accessory

With all its great features and high quality materials, it is no wonder that this Versace timepiece is quite expensive. Some people feel anxious when wearing precious accessories such as this replica watch. However, commitment to beauty and style is one important attitude in acquiring a Versace item.

For women devoted to sensual style

Be it a gift for a friend or for you, the Versace Women’s 68C70D498 Reve Chrono Golden MOP timepiece is an item worth checking out if you’re looking for an elegant replica watch. This product is ideal for women who are dedicated to the style that Versace promotes—classy and luxurious.