Unisex sizes and colour ranges are two major trends that rocked 2017’s BaselWorld. Zenith is nailing the trends with a smaller version of its famous pilot replica watch which usually comes in large sizes (e.g. the 45mm Pilot Type 20 GMT and Pilot Ton-Up, 48mm Pilot Type 20 Annual Calendar and 60mm Pilot Type 20 Tribute to Louis Blériot).

The new kid on the block is the Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 40mm and, as the name suggests, it has a vintage steel 40mm case. The size is ideal for both men and women and is bound to please fans of the Pilot Type 20.

zenith pilot type 20 extra special-40mm collection

The Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 40mm is a collection in itself as it features four trend-setting models in four colours: burgundy, saffron, khaki and royal blue. They may be classics but they’re bold statements in the otherwise black and white (anything from glistening silver to ivory) world of replica watchmaking.

The new Zenith case houses the Elite 679 calibre. The self-winding mechanical movement made in the brand’s Le Locle workshops fuels the “simple” functions (hours, minutes and seconds in the centre of the dial) and a power reserve that lasts over 50 hours.

Three of the grained dials on the Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 40mm quartet match their nubuck straps whilst the saffron model has a slate grey dial. Otherwise, the timepiece is true to its pilot replica watch roots (e.g. the fluted ball crown at 3 on the case side): large Arabic numerals coated in beige Super-LumiNova and “cathedral” hands with a sandy luminescent coating.

Price: 5,900 CHF zenith.com

By Sharmila Bertin

Cheap Chic Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph Watch Replica On Sale In UK

Introducing the new-for-2017 Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph replica in bronze, which has has you covered with a whole line of aviation-themed watches. It appears to have a lot going for it as well: bronze case, giant onion crown and pushers, huge luminescent numerals.

 Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph

Zenith has been a bit all over the place lately but something we all appreciated was its getting more creative with its pilot watches as well as bronze as a case material. Consequently, it was – we had hoped – only a matter of time before these came together in a Zenith watch in a way that made sense. At 45mm wide, the Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph replcia is big, but not as unrealistically and ridiculously so as, say, this bad boy from two years ago. For a chronograph, the case is a manageable 14.25mm thick, and it features a domed sapphire crystal with AR coating on both sides, sports a solid titanium case back with the Zenith flying instruments logo, and has two large pushers and a massive onion crown to go with the aviation theme, all crafted from bronze.

 Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph

We have discussed pilot’s watches so many times that, at this point, we feel comfortable with simply saying that Zenith appears to have really nailed it with this latest piece – finally. The Super-LumiNova C1 Arabic numerals and the long and wide, gold-plated hands all enforce the aviation theme while a fun fact to bear in mind is that Zenith I recall to be the only watch brand to have trademarked the use of the word “Pilot” on its watch faces. Whether that trademark is still in effect or not we’ll ask Zenith, at for long Zenith has been the only one to call a pilot watch just that on the dial.

On a side note, this particular fake Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph perpetuates what seems to be a recent trend in luxury watches and that is doubling up on names and other bragging rights. While there really isn’t much text on the dial, 2 out of 4 lines are dedicated to convincing us that this really is a “Montre d’Aeronef” or “Pilot” watch. We get it, Zenith.

Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph

In Zenith’s images, the dial either shows up satin dark or, as in the image above, as a surface with some finely grained, partly reflective coating on it. The way this works with the rest of the dial elements as well as the bronze case could really make or break the overall design, which is yet another reason I personally am looking forward to seeing this watch in the metal at BaselWorld soon.

Bronze, while hardly a frequently used material for pilot’s watches in general, unquestionably is a popular material these days and, being as rugged and relatively unrefined on the surface, it truly does look its best when used for such utilitarian designs. Water resistance is a most welcome 100 meters, so if you take this swimming you only need to consider the oxidation of the case – but not worry about water getting in it

 Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph

What do you think?

Zenith 03.2120.685/22.C493 Elite Captain Men’s Replica Watch

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Product Description

  • Case – The timepiece comes with a round case made from stainless steel material. It has a diameter of 40 mm and thickness of 10 mm. Attached on its side is a silver tone knurl edge crown.
  • Band – It features a black alligator leather strap with buckle closure. The bracelet has a width 20 mm width.
  • Bezel – The replica watch showcases a fixed silver tone bezel that is made from stainless steel.
  • Dial – It comes with a textured black dial on the center and smooth black outer layer. It has luminous silver tone hands and index hour markers, minute markers on the outer rim, 60 second sub dial, power reserve indicator, and anti-reflective sapphire.
  • Others – The cheap replica watch features an analog display, Swiss automatic movement, and 165 feet water resistance depth.


Sharp and chic

If leather replica watches may appear too rustic for you, this model is a great option because it has a black strap that looks extra sharp. It has the best of both worlds – sharp and chic. The texture in the inner portion of the dial adds a touch of sophistication, while the silver hands and markers contribute a zing of contemporary feel to it. The

Power indicator

One of the most relevant and unique specs of this replica watch is the power indicator that informs you how much energy is left in your battery. It’s an ingenious addition to this replica watch because you’ll be warned ahead of time if you’re battery’s dying so you don’t have to go through the usual process of just waiting for your replica watch to stop. It allows you to have it changed before it completely runs out.


Absence of numerals

It’s a minimal downside but some individuals prefer dials that have numbers on them just to reduce the chances of misreading and promote ease and precision. So if you’re someone who gets irritated with timepieces that only have index markers on them, then this might not be a great option for you.

Citizen BY0103-02A Limited Edition Japanese Quartz Men’s Replica Watch

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Product Specs

  • Material – Anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial window material type, stainless steel bezel case, and crocodile leather band
  • Display – Round analog-type display date window for three US states, power reserve indicator, and 60-minute sub-dial
  • Design – Classic but bold features with Arabic hour numbers and push button deployment clasp
  • Color – Matte white dial with rose gold-toned luminescent markers and hands, color blue sweep seconds and sub-dial hands, and brown leather band
  • Dimensions – 43.5 mm case diameter 13.5 mm thickness and men’s standard band length with width of 24 mm
  • Special Features – Multi- functional chronograph with alarm, stopwatch, atomic time controlled by radio for 5 cities in the world, world-wide time plus solar powered and water resistant
  • Weight – 2.1 lbs overall shipping weight
  • Warranty – 5 years original warranty by Citizen


  • Solar Powered

Solar powered replica watches are significantly preferred by the many to avoid future expenses and hassle having its batteries replaced regularly.

  • Elegant

The rose gold finish with the matte white dial and croc embossed band, nothing looks more sophisticated than this timepiece. It looks classy but bold.

  • Multi-functional

This swiss best replica watch is every man’s match. It offers a wide series of features and functions any type of men will vie for. It is chronograph with alarm, stopwatch, date dial, and worldwide time zone features.

  • Water Resistant

Aside from aesthetics, this timepiece will suit perfectly sporty and adventurous type of men. It can be used in any water sport activities even scuba diving. It can resist up to 660 feet or 200 meters water depth.


Many buyers complain with how the buckle clasp causes discomfort in wearing. The case is also quite thick. Plus the price is very unfriendly.

Zenith 03.2040.400/21.c496 El Primero 36’000 VPH Black Sunray Men’s Chronograph Replica Watch

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Product Features:

  • Case – The round case, 42 mm wide and 13 mm thick, and its stationary bezel are made with stainless steel.
  • Dial – The black dial, covered with a sapphire crystal, features silver and black stick markers and hands. It comes with three sub dials displaying 30 minute, 12 hour and 60 second with a date display and a tachymeter scale at its outer rim.
  • Band – The black crocodile leather replica watchstrap, 21 mm wide, comes with a buckle for closure.
  • Movement – This replica watch is powered by automatic movement.
  • Water resistance – It comes with a water resistance of 330 feet or 100 meters.


  • The all black and silver design of this timepiece allows the user to easily pair it with almost any attire – casual, formal, business, and even sports wear without falling short in elegance and masculinity.
  • This timepiece certainly offers the right amount of features that is necessary for its user. Besides providing time, it has date display, three sub dials, a tachymeter scale with a great water resistance enough to use the replica watch during water activities like swimming and snorkeling.
  • This fashionable replica Zenith timepiece assures its users that it’s built to last for decades thanks to its high quality materials from stainless steel case and bezel, sapphire crystal, to its crocodile leather strap.


  • Although this replica watch has a lot to offer to its user, some men still consider this timepiece expensive, as there are other replica watches that can offer the same features at a much affordable price.
  • This Zenith timepiece weighs around 1 pound, which can be considered heavy by some users causing them distraction when worn.
  • Exposure to water, even sweat or moist has to be avoided as this can eventually damage the leather strap.

Zenith Academy Tourbillion Quantieme Perpetuel Men’s Replica Watch 65-1260-4033-77-C611 Review

Zenith Academy Tourbillion Quantieme Perpetuel Men’s Replica Watch 65-1260-4033-77-C611 is highly recommended. It is as close to the ideal diameter for a wristwatch of this type and possesses adequate classic design, engineering, and movement facets to have it as a timepiece that can be maintained and function for a lifetime. It will enduringly remain sporty and youthful.


  • Aside from its product features, this replica watch is great to have and is appropriate for various ages.
  • Watch owners including those who know much about the concepts of the study of time and timepiece mechanisms immensely appreciate this device. Any person can have a view of the range of gears, skeleton replica watch face, and selection of extravagant metal finishes and be awed of such innovative features.
  • This is among the generations of Zenith replica watches to include the label’s in-house mechanism referred to as gyroscopic tourbillion. It was introduced in the market some years ago and it proved to be the high point of contemporary mechanically advanced technologies in the replica watch making industry.
  • It is both attractive to the eye and one’s imagination.


The disadvantage to owning this type of replica watch is the reality that existing models and of late are somehow lacking in distinctive qualities. Walking around, you will notice at least twenty people who are wearing newer models of high end replica watches. The replica watches are great and there is nothing wrong with purchasing this type of replica watches; however, they do have an insipid uniformity and dreariness that is very far from the novelty and unique allure of certain types of replica watches like the vintage types. There are timepieces that are so rare that they may be the last piece of their variety being sold in the market.A high priced timepiece usually indicates excellent quality. All the best designers such as the Zenith make wristwatches for the high end market that are definitely of the best quality and with a certain cost to match it. This indicates that the replica watch will serve its purpose for a lifetime as long as it is properly cared for and maintained. In addition, a wristwatch with a high price tag means the owner is affluent and has good taste. He has the means to pay for goods like expensive replica watches, shoes, and other items. Not only will a top of the line timepiece look great on his wrist, telling the time becomes an enjoyable activity. It is also a delight for other people to have a view of these superb wristwatches that can only be worn exclusively by personalities who have the buying power of such items.

Zenith Academy Last Tsar Tourbillon Chronograph Men’s Replica Watch 18-1260-4005-72-C504 Review

Mineral crystal is comprised of various elements that are treated with heat to produce an extraordinary toughness that aid in resisting scratches. Acrylic crystal is a low-cost plastic that facilitates easy buffing of superficial scratches. Sapphire crystal is the most pricey but long lasting variant. It is estimated to be three times tougher than the mineral type and twenty times harder than the acrylic variant.


  • Movement is Swiss automatic. Movement refers to the way replica watches keep time. It usually involves it source of power. For instance, a wristwatch with mechanized movement makes use of a spin-balancer wheel moved by a securely wound spring. Swiss movement is a delicate art of making replica watches. It is an accurate, multifaceted system consisting of small gears and springs which utilizes mechanical energy to function. This has a mainspring that may be wound manually or through self-winding meaning automatic movement. The power of the spring is then moved towards the replica watch’s hands by means of an exact timing mechanism or balance. The brand Zenith is among those few Swiss companies which manufacture wristwatches that design and create all their movement solely in-house.


  • Its water resistant depth rating is 30 meters. With this thirty meter rate placed in 50 meter deep seawater, it is expected to function well. As the wrist or arm the replica watch is on begins to move or swim, pressure elevates. The thirty meter rate may not be sufficient. For the reason that pressure is the major factor in this case, majority of manufacturing companies for diver’s replica watches are inclined to categorize water resist through the bars or atmospheres (ATM). This may not be easy for consumers to think about; hence, feet and meters have been typically printed on the top quality replica watches.
  • This is not totally waterproof. Actually “waterproof” as term is no longer officially recognized in this country. Like this replica watch, submarines have upper limits in terms of maximum depths. Further than these maximum depth rates, they will not be able to travel safely. The reason for this, deeper water level corresponds to increased water pressure. Sooner or later, the water pressure will cause breakage of the vessel’s windows. Replica Watches on the other hand, have water resistance ratings. This is an assessment of the level of water pressure the moisture seals can endure.


Keeping a very expensive replica watch appropriately needs some extra attention to detail. Gemstones like diamonds are sufficiently tough to cause scratches even to jewelry made of metal. They can also ruin the surfaces of other gemstones they get near too. Keep expensive replica watches in their individual smooth fabric pouches. Place them inside a jewelry box or in their original boxes.  Your Zenith Academy Last Tsar Tourbillon Chronograph Men’s Replica Watch 18-1260-4005-72-C504 is surely a piece that you can cherish for years.

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Zenith Men’s 03.2080.4021/01.C494 Chronomaster Open Power Reserve Silver Dial Replica Watch Review

Item features

  • Stainless steel casing inclusive of an elegant black or brown-colored crocodile leather replica watch strap
  • Permanent stainless steel grooved ring that holds the glass replica watch face
  • The face of the replica watch is silver-colored with skeleton display
  • Has glowing hands and index markers of hours and minutes
  • Has tachymeter scale surrounding the rim
  • It has an analog face with displayed sub-dials indicating power reserve and thirty minutes. The replica watch’s dial shows the time with distinctive replica watch face, plated with rhodium, with hand markers for hours, minutes, and second. The chronograph hand in the middle, the thirty-minute hand, as well as the hand for the power reserve displays a blue-tinged finish.
  • Automatic movement
  • Has sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the two sides and is resistant to scratches. The casing at the rear displays the complexities of the movement through the see-through sapphire glass.
  • Water resistant to 100 meters under the sea


  • The dial opening shows movement at 36,000 vibrations every hour or ten vibrations per second. The system used is renowned in the realm of the study of time being the most superior movement. Its vibrations are twenty-five percent higher as compared with other movements nowadays. The mechanism of other replica watches is only eight vibrations in a second.
  • This device provides fifty whole hours of power reserve.
  • This timepiece is greatly esteemed for its superior performance and reliability.
  • It has an open concept. This shows the technological expertise of the creators and designers of this replica watch. The creators were able to show the controlling aspect of the movement. They shifted it to ten o’clock on the interface of the mechanism.
  • The skeleton display shows accurate detailing such as the plate with rhodium plating, superimposed small grains in a circle and cut away bridges, architectural ornamentation adorns oscillating weight.


This replica watch indicates that it is water resistant up to 100 meters deep in the ocean. However, some people who have water resistant wristwatches attempt to try out the depth rates that are blatantly shown on the replica watch’s dial, which in this case is100 meters. It seems astoundingly deep since other replica watches are water resistant up to thirty meters only. The issue with most replica watches, this may be construed as accurate. Prior to diving activities, it is important to know firsthand the way creators themselves categorize depth ratings to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

This Zenith Men’s 03.2080.4021/01.C494 Chronomaster Open Power Reserve Silver Dial Replica Watch has been made in four separate variants. One is with steel casing inclusive of a black or silver replica watch face. Another has an eighteen karat rose-colored gold casing or with a rose gold steel casing with replica watch face of silver sun-burst. Whichever type is chosen, any one of these is a truly great investment.

Zenith Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Men’s Automatic Replica Watch 96-0528-4035-21-M528 Review


  • You own a replica watch that has the most precise series-produced movement in the world.
  • In the course of its manufacture, it applies dry or solid lubricants with reduced friction to assure great stability for a very long time.
  • It has optimal power reserve corresponding to it consumption of energy and frequency of use
  • It is definitely set with Zenith movement that is unique to its label.


  • It is never easy to pay a very high price for a wristwatch despite of the fact that this kind performs beyond extreme conditions. It may cost a fortune for others but it is money well spent for people who prefer quality over mere usability.
  • Not too practical for those who do not spend time under the sea. Among its best features is its ability to resist the intense pressures under the ocean. But if you are not a frequent diver, it becomes an ineffective feature.

Impacts psychological pricing of a person

According to some research studies, there is a distinct connection among individuals who have high-end timepieces and people who have higher net worth than most people, and better paying positions in the work industry. A study also indicated that most likely initial impressions of hiring companies are mainly based on psychological valuation of the person. They assess this by noticing what shoes the person is wearing, the label of his replica watch, and the quality of his tie clip. This makes the person hold a high net worth in order to demand a more compensated earning and packaged benefits. The study reports, that a number of companies gave applicants higher compensation than they asked for. This is because they looked at those candidates’ additional worth wearing a very expensive replica watch.

On the whole, the Zenith Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Men’s Automatic Replica Watch 96-0528-4035-21-M528 is a great investment. In addition, it is very accurate and it had gone through a meticulously detailed planning and design. By merely looking at it, the craftsmanship of replica watchmakers involved is apparent. You can see the way the stitches on the leather have been particularly carried out, the way the back portion’s engraving had been purposefully positioned, and how the wristwatch’s symbols all function simultaneously. It may be high-priced but it only means the best quality possible. It is a reality that all quality and high-end replica watches are matched with a certain price tag. This assures the owner of a lifetime use with appropriate maintenance.

Zenith Men’s 96.0529.4035/51.M Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Replica Watch

Excellent features of this timepiece

  • Has the best quality movement
  • Works even without the use of battery
  • Automatically gets powered up with the arm’s movement
  • Has Hesalite crystal covering the blue dial of this replica watch
  • Has chronograph functions
  • It is water resistant to one thousand meters or 3,300 feet deep
  • Has a deployment clasp that opens and folds. It is locked in position made possible by a tiny hook kind of latch. The clasp folds into thirds so it fits over the hand.


Because of the usability, excellent quality, and highly esteemed label of Zenith Men’s 96.0529.4035/51.M Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Replica Watch, people can only think of the high cost of owning one as a disadvantage. It may not be fair to deride a person wearing a very expensive timepiece. Sometimes, the need to purchase this type of replica watch as well as the mindset and methods that produced the astounding, attention-grabbing replica watch has to be understood and accepted. It is what they are. They are eye-catching and they do draw the interest and wide-eye attention of others. What makes an expensive timepiece like this get so alluring is the way it shines like the most precious stone amidst most jagged and serrated stone particles on the ground.

The impracticality of buying an outrageously priced wristwatch may be in the mind of some consumers. It may cost more than their health insurance, a floor in the house, or even their family car. But for those who can afford it, its expense is not merely a fashion statement but an indulgence or a masterpiece that has been planned and created painstakingly.  Besides, it’s something that they can consider to be an asset that they can pass on to the next generation.

It can be very alluring to thieves and other criminal minded entities. Since it is a thing devoid of flaws, it has a very high price. A statement on one’s wristwatch is an indication that the owner has more than enough money to pay for such a small item and can become the target of delinquents.The purchasing experience of an extensively high-priced replica wristwatch can make its owner or recipient feel so elated. Most of the time, he gets treated marvelously well and buying an eye-catching timepiece that can remain forever with him can be tremendously gratifying. It is definitely a great investment with its precision and the meticulously detailed design it had gone through.  By merely looking at this replica watch, you can see the craftsmanship of the people behind its construct and engineering. The price is no longer an issue.