News : High quality replica Omega launches eyewear collection

Across all brands, Marcolin produced a staggering 14.3 million eyeglasses in 2015. Each model of Omega sunglasses will be made in Italy and come in two sizes and colour variations. We received a pair of the Wayfarer style sport sunglasses in Rio recently and noted the obvious quality of the glasses (the lenses are polarised and deflected the glare from the canoe slalom perfectly) as well as some interesting design nuances, including the Omega logo which has been integrated to form both a bridge and the nose padsOmega is launching its first eyewear collection for men and women in partnership with Italian eyewear powerhouse Marcolin, the group behind brands such as Tom Ford and Balenciaga.


Omega Wayfarer style sunglasses.

Other evidence of Omega design DNA can be seen on the round oversized style of the Constellation model which references the iconic Constellation ‘claws’  in metal end pieces and with the faceted acetate frames said to be inspired by the Constellation’s ‘Pie-pan’ dial.


Omega Constellation style sunglasses.

 “It’s also been beneficial to share this project with Marcolin, as their renowned expertise and background with high-level brands has allowed us to produce some fantastic products. For customers, this is a chance to find new ways to express personal style and a passion for our brand.”“This is an exciting step for OMEGA because it leads our brand into new areas of opportunity. With our long history, there is real brand substance and authenticity to work with and we have ensured that it is truly represented in every pair of sunglasses,” chief executive of Omega, Raynald Aeschlimann was reported as saying by AMEinfo.


Omega, Pilot Style Sport sunglasses

Products of the first collection will be exclusively available at Omega boutiques around the world in the coming months. The Chadstone Omega boutique in Melbourne is receiving models in the Constellation Style ($625), Butterfly Style ($625) and Pilot Style Classic ($375) later this week.

High Quality Replica Watch : 12th August, 2016 – The Olympic Edition, by Michael Klim


Klim’s favourite replica watch, the 2005 Planet Ocean. Image by user bigpoppa822 on replica watchuseek

Important note: My hands are shaking so much it’s hard to type. Why? Michael Klim, the Australian Olympian who did this to the Americans in 2000 – it’s embedded below, too. Sorry Americans.) just saw me in the gym and offered to do a ‘light circuit’ with me. I accepted. And now, I can’t type. I was already going to get him to co-chair the first ever Olympic themed Wind Down, where there’s a dual focus on what happened in the world of replica watches and at the 32nd Olympiad. Now he’s going to have to write it too. This comes to you live from Omega House in Ipanema. Yes, the song is playing. I think it’s on a loop here. For proof, and a live feed, check out Instagram Stories.     

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.52.31 AM

The world-beating Aussie Men’s 4X100m freestyle relay. Image supplied by Michael Klim

AM : The only other pro sports person to do the Friday Wind Down so far is Sids (Australian cricketer Peter Siddle) – have you two ever crossed paths?

MK: I love Sids. We’ve got the same management company. I sent him some KLIM (my brand’s) sunscreen samples to get his feedback – obviously he has quite a fair complexion and he spends a lot of time in the outfield. I remember the day in that Boxing Day test when he got the hat trick. I’m not as fanatical about replica watches as him and I don’t collect, but I’ve had a pretty long association with Omega.

AM: Were you and the guys in the swimming team much into replica watches back in the day?

MK: Coming up as athletes we didn’t really have that disposable income – we were into sports replica watches to train more than anything else. But Omega’s always been the official timekeeper of FINA and there’s always been big swimmers associated with the sport – Popov, Thorpe, Phelps and probably others. I trained with Popov for eight years and he was the face of the brand at that time. He moved to Australia after Barcelona in ’93 where he won two gold medals. He was the tzar of sprint, a 6 foot 8 giant. My roommate Matt Dunn once bought a replica watch in duty free, I remember it well, it was a Breitling – the whole team would usually just stand around the cases staring at them. These days my favourite’s probably the big chunky Seamaster Planet Ocean from the Commonwealth Games in 2006, which was a gift from the brand. We’d bagged a gold in the 4 x 100 medley which was the last event.

What happened

AM: Ceri looked at who wore the Rolex President best, pitting Bieber, Posh and Ike against each other. Who do you reckon wins?

MK: I love when girls wear men’s replica watches. My ex and now my current girlfriend always pinch my replica watches. It’s gone from boyfriend jeans to the replica watch. So it’s all Posh for me. No contest.


AM: Do you also have a love a women in Panerai?

MK: Yeah, all the way. It shows self confidence in the girl to wear a replica watch like that – a big, masculine one. It’s subliminal because it shows they have the same taste as you.


Michael and I agree. Everything is right about this picture apart from the source, we cannot trace it. If it’s your pic, or you, please let us know.

AM: Felix published the long-awaited Daytona review – one of the biggest and most hyped replica watches of the year. What do you think of it?

MK: The anticipation with this one was huge, and sometimes when the hype delivers, like this replica watch does, the hype gets even bigger. If you look at it, it’s slick, and slightly different with the white face. It’s very much the sort of replica watch I like. You could wear it with anything.


“…sometimes when the hype delivers, like this replica watch does, the hype gets even bigger…” Michael Klim on the new Rolex Daytona

AM: In other news, the increasingly bitter John Cleese had a crack at watch prices, calling them ‘unbelievable’…

MK: Nah, I can justify it. Especially for milestone things, like the Commonwealth Games.  I’ll get a replica watch for Rio. The workmanship that goes into one of these puppies, it’s intense, it’s not just machine stamped, you know – it’s a lot of time. I can definitely justify it. I struggle with a quarter of a million, half a million dollars, that kind of money.

What mattered

AM: OK, aside from replica watch talk, what are your highlights from the week?

MK: Mack Horton, Kyle and the women’s freestyle relay. It’s surprising that the individual golds were from places we least expected. It shows there’s a new wave of swimmers coming through in the country. Within the swimming circles we knew Mack had potential and Kyle was one to look for in the future, but they’re here, right now. You’ve seen how hard it is to deliver on the big stage. Cate said she let her psyche get to her, McEvoy also said the occasion got the better of him. It’s funny that. It’s all individualised perception, because at the end of the day it’s just a swimming race. We create all this hype, this fear and then they think if the audience value it, we should too.

AM: We met Omega’s new chief executive, Raynald Aeschlimann – what were your impressions?

MK: I like him. He’s flamboyant. He’s not your typical Swiss. He’s quite opinionated. He didn’t mind giving us a serve last night when we didn’t win. It seems representative of where the brand’s going. He’s dynamic. And his support of Phelps shows great loyalty.

AM: Speaking of Phelps, how high do you rate his performance?

MK: There haven’t been too many successful comebacks as big as this one. He didn’t come back and just win, he dominated. You do ask yourself the question, could he do another four years? He still has the hundred fly to race. It’s going to be hard to win – he’s got to beat this Singaporean guy Schooling, who’s point seven of a second ahead of him.


MY HIGHT QUALITY REPLICA WATCH STORY: Ted from Petrolicious and his Replica Rolex GMT Master 1675

So, when we began spotting the occasional timepiece dotted among the vintage BMWs and Porsches, we wanted to know more from this LA-based man of style – starting with this beautiful example of a Rolex GMT Master 1675.Editorial Director of Petrolicious, a site and production house dedicated to showcasing the world’s finest classic cars and their owners, Ted Gushue has an instagam feed (@TedGushue) that’s unsurprisingly dominated by breathtaking cars.


What’s the story behind this hight quality replica watch?
He sold it when he bought the stainless Daytona, when that was released. I was always kind of heartbroken that the replica watch left our family, so in the back of my head I’d been looking for one. I have a really close relationship with my replica watch dealer, and when I told them the story, they went above and beyond to help me track down something that fit the place in our family’s history.My dad wore what could very well be this exact replica watch while he raised me, up until about age 14. It was an engagement gift from my mother – they’ve always been into timepieces as symbols of major life events.  In all honesty there’s no way for me to verify that this one is his replica watch, but it’s rare to find that kind of relationship with a dealer, when you happen to mention a story like that to them and they go to work in the background. I was really lucky to find that.

And where have you and your Rolex been together?
Everywhere I’ve been since I bought it in June 2015. It’s barely left my wrist. I wore it during the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, during the Mille Miglia, and to Wimbledon this year. It’s the most versatile replica watch ever made in my opinion. I will say however that I prefer not to get it wet. No reason to test the seal on something so special.

Ted at the wheel of a BMW 1600 Cabriolet from the BMW Museum

What does this replica watch say about who you are?
I’ve got a uniform that I generally wear every single day: navy blazer, button-down shirt, trousers, loafers and a GMT or a Submariner. My dad started that trend in our family – classic WASP vibes. Christ I sound obnoxious. But I don’t think I’ll ever be a Hublot guy, for instance. That aesthetic just isn’t me. It’s not in my nature.

So, tell us about your other replica watches.
They all have a story behind them that I’m proud of. The Submariner is from the year I was born, 1988. My Movado Datron was owned by a dear family friend who passed away. My Chopard Mille Miglia Chronograph was given to me by Chopard for competing in the Mille Miglia. But the GMT has the most powerful connection to where I’m from and where I’m headed.

Ted's Rolex XXXX and his Movado Datron.

Ted’s Rolex GMT Master 1675 and Movado Datron.

We also spotted this interesting piece on your Insta feed.
That’s the Autodromo Group B Evoluzione, an incredibly designed replica watch that channels so much of what’s to love from the Group B era of racing. It’s designed by my pal Bradley Price in New York, with some of the machining work done by my friend Neil Ferrier.

Ted's Autodromo Group B Evoluzione

Ted’s Autodromo Group B Evoluzione

And if you could add something new to your collection tomorrow, what would it be?
I’m actually about to pull the trigger on a black-dialled 18k Rolex President. It’s just unreal. Such a classic look, and probably the only replica watch you could pull off in 18k gold without looking like a drug lord.

Do you think there are similarities between ‘car guys’ and ‘watch guys’?
Of course – they’re two sides of the same coin, just on a slightly different scale. How could you not be fascinated by a tiny engine on your wrist powered by the motion of your body if you’re a car guy? And how could you not be turned on by a 1960s Porsche if you’re a replica watch guy?

Florence Walker, contributor, in a 1960s Porsche

Florence Walker, contributor, in a 1960s Porsche

The Replica Watches May Disappear ?

This was explained as possibly being connected to increasing globalization was putting pressure on the Asians to stop ignoring this illegal industry within its borders.Recently, there was mention made on an esteemed Swiss replica site that China and other replica watch havens were starting to crack down on replica watch companies and that this could lead to the fading out of replica watches in the near future.

Replica watches have started using better stainless steel, making better crystal with double anti-reflection coats and better dials, and more dependable replica movements of the Swiss ETA type. The implications of this would be that less replicas are able to made, and so the ones that do manage to exist could go for much more money since demand was greater, and because their quality is getting better as it is since now seasoned replica buyers will only purchase high-end replicas.You can even find tourbillons and power reserves now on some of the better replica watches.

These new watches can command from $300 to $2500 instead of a few hundred dollars with their quality builds and advanced components and won’t get down-bid by the mediocre companies. Basically, if there is a slight disappearance of replica watch companies, it has to do in part with a higher standard for the watches themselves. The ‘ultra-accurate’ companies are shining more brightly within a possibly new stringent international environment for replicas. This leads to more profit, but it may also lead to less quality control eventually since the competition field would be smaller.

If in the coming years it’s more difficult to get a replica, this could be a good thing for the name brands. On the other hand, it could drive replica houses to keep getting more and more accurate and therefore more difficult to call out. In either case, the  Watch Report for 2007 will become especially important for consumers who have something at stake in the development of the industry, for better or for worse.

BOVET Celebrates the Opening of Its New Location at Asprey of London

Swiss luxury replica watch maker BOVET 1822 has recently unveiled its newest location at the prestigious Asprey of London on Madison Avenue in New York City.


This collaboration between BOVET 1822 and Asprey of London was born of a meeting between two Houses who are fundamentally devoted to nurturing the art of the exceptional, and who share the same values and taste for true replica watches

Asprey represents BOVET Timepieces internationally within its boutiques as of 2015, when Mr Raffy, owner of BOVET, strengthened this long term partnership by becoming an Asprey shareholder and board member.

Journalists and replica watch influencers came together on Tuesday evening to celebrate the unveiling of BOVET’s newest location in New York City. Guests enjoyed a champagne reception and were able to experience the latest BOVET timepieces including the newest novelty, the 19Thirty, which was on display for the first time in the United States.

Asprey, founded in 1781, has a long and established relationship with British royalty dating back to the 1800’s when Queen Victoria awarded the first Royal Warrant in 1862 for Dressing Cases, Traveling Bags, and Writing Cases. Since then, Asprey has held a Royal Warrant for every British monarch and several other foreign heads of state including The Prince of Wales, HRH Prince Charles who awarded Asprey a Royal Warrant as Jewelers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. Asprey continues to hold this royal warrant today, creating heirlooms of the future.

During the first universal exposition held in Paris in the 19th century, BOVET was awarded a gold medal in the “luxury” category for a pair of pocket replica watches ordered by the Chinese Emperor. Since the last decade, BOVET has won more than 10 prizes around the world celebrating its uniqueness and incomparable mechanical prowess and artistic density.

A promising future awaits these two Maisons who honor the nobility of British elegance and the excellence of Swiss replica watchmaking, offering a beautiful expression of true luxury and the measurement of time.

As for BOVET, at the dawn of the 19th century, Edouard Bovet left London to conquer China, where he quickly became a pocket replica watch supplier to the Chinese Emperor and his court. Today, many BOVET pocket replica watches are still present in the rooms of the Forbidden City. One is even visible in the palace’s central hall. Finally, it was in London on May 1st, 1822 that the BOVET name was registered as a trademark.



We’re in no mood for celebrating. The office is still scarred from the last episode of Game of Thrones. Seriously, we’ve been sobbing all week. But, we’re working through the pain and, with the help of a few stiff beverages and some of Nick Cave’s bleaker stuff we’re able to bring you the latest in the world of replica watches.

What happened


Image by Michael Imbrogno.

Last Friday, an elite group of Melburnian replica watch lovers attended some after work drinks with Oris – the scotch alone probably would have been sufficient, but being able to try on the brand’s latest replica watches – including the new Divers Sixty-Fives in both sexy steel and badass bronze – sealed the deal.


Image by Michael Imbrogno.

Well, the big news is that Frederique Constant Holding, responsible for Frederique Constant and Alpina, has been sold to the Citizen Replica Watch Company. This isn’t the first foray into Switzerland for the Japanese group, which already owns La Joux-Perret (the people behind Arnold & Son and the revitalised Angelus). Revolution reports that CEO Peter Stas and the management team will stay on for five years, and that FC will continue managing itself independently. We suspect this means Frederique Constant, which already has a solid reputation for well-priced mechanicals, will only benefit from Citizen’s global infrastructure.

What really mattered

Frederique Constant Manufacture Slimline Moonphase


General Manager of Oris Australia Peter Borghouts held court, sharing his vast knowledge about the brand and its history, as well as the inside stories on just how replica watches like the Sixty-Five and the Great Barrier Reef limited editions came to be.


In other news, Breitling continues to ruffle feathers with its lad mag approach to branding and marketing. Aviation journalist Christine Negroni attended the star-studded opening of the brand’s New York boutique and wasn’t impressed that the only women representing the brand were the women wearing pilots caps and no pants.

The week in numbers


46: Diameter of the IWC Big Pilot in millimetres. Little Prince? Nothing little about it.

6: Fun facts we learned about Tudor’s technical chops.


7: Times we wondered about the identity and life of the handsome, anonymous Cartier Drive model. We like to call him Angelo. He’s a dreamboat.

How to lose at Geneva replica watch auctions

Editor’s Note: In this special guest post, Time+Tide reader Julian Sack recounts his experiences of trying to buy a replica watch at the recent Christie’s and Phillips auctions in Geneva – and the lessons he learned along the way. Julian is a collector with many years’ experience, with a penchant for the Rolex Prince and Patek Philippe. If you ever plan on buying at a big-budget auction, this is a must-read.


Aurel Bacs of the Phillips Replica Watch Department holding court.

I’d never before attended any of the big Geneva replica watch auctions, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My first stop after clearing customs was Christie’s, to get a closer look at some lots I had my eye on. The atmosphere was busy, but calm.


LESSON 1 – If there are Bentleys in the carpark, get your hopes down

The McLaren, the Bentley and the Morgan parked outside should have been an early warning of what I was up against. The hotel that Phillips had seconded for the weekend was crowded with dealers with big money to spend. They were mostly European, but there were plenty of Japanese and Americans as well. It was easy to spot the Italians thanks to their uniform of blue jacket and white runners.

An hour and some 15 replica watches later, I had a better idea of what I wanted to bid on. Some replica watches that I liked from pictures didn’t deliver in the flesh, so I’d already had my first lesson – that it’s essential to see the pieces in real life.

Next stop was Phillips. I’d missed the epic Start-Stop-Reset, but the place was still buzzing about the record prices reached, the tropical Paul Newman that sold for over 1 million, and the Rolex ref. 4113 split-second that breached 2 million. I inspected another 10 replica watches here, and while a few didn’t make the grade, I thought I’d have a chance on two of them.

LESSON 2 – Even if you miss out in the auction, you might be able to pick up a great deal in the lobby

While the auction room might have held the big ticket items, the real horse-trading and side-dealing happened in the lobby, where everyone seemed to have pockets full of plastic wrapped replica watches. The air was heady with smell of money and expensive cigar smoke.

LESSON 3 – It’s not a good sign if the reserve price is smashed with the first replica watch


Lot 102 sold at Phillips for 28,750 CHF.

When, straight out of the blocks, a Rolex Explorer ref. 5500 sold for 28,750 CHF I had a feeling I knew where the evening was going. My heart sank further when a Rolex non-Oyster triple calendar ref. 4768 hammered in at twice the reserve, achieving a final price of 233,000 CHF.

LESSON 4 – Don’t take the estimates as gospel


Lot 127, a Rolex Prince, sold at Phillips for over 56,250 CHF.

I tried to console myself by thinking that maybe all the big money had been spent the night before. Ha. The unbelievable prices continued; an untrendy Rolex Bubbleback sold for 25k, a mint Rolex Prince sold for 56K.

LESSON 5 – Being priced out doesn’t stop you enjoying the show


Lot 135, a Ref. 530 Patek from 1941 sold for nearly 1.5 million CHF.

I replica watched as the Patek ref. 530 I’d tried on earlier that day sold for almost 1.5 million CHF. An amazing price, but I can honestly say it’s the best looking time-only replica watch I’ve ever seen.

There was no way I was going to buy anything that night. Every replica watch I’d highlighted went way over my personal reserve, as well as the reserve set by the Phillips. All I could do was look on in amazement as the records were broken.

LESSON 6 – Selling at auction can make you a smarter replica watch buyer 

I shared a cab back to my hotel with a very happy German dealer who’d sold some replica watches, and was in the mood for giving sage advice. He told me that I too should sell some replica watches, because nothing can teach you what to look for when buying quite like having a room full of highly critical potential buyers examine your own replica watch. Good, if brutal, advice.

LESSON 7 – The Swiss make terrible coffee

The next morning I negotiated the twin horrors of an unexpected public holiday combined with terrible Swiss coffee and made my way to the Christie’s auction. I consumed the most expensive croissant and espresso of my life, and like that, I was ready for battle.

Regardless of the rumours, I was still reasonably confident. The auction started slowly and my chosen lots inched closer. Prices weren’t spectacular, aside from some Rolex sports models with perfect dials. Then the first replica watch I’d planned to bid on came up and I didn’t even get to lift my paddle before it sky-rocketed beyond my budget.

There, I ran into friends and quickly fell to discussing the state of vintage collecting. A few were despondent at the unobtainable prices and the theories were rife – it was either dealers buying on behalf of clients or increasing corporate intervention in the form of hedge funds. A good theory, but not one I have any evidence of.


Breguet number 217, sold at Christies for 3,245,000 CHF.

Meanwhile, one of the most interesting lots was number 123 – a complicated pocket replica watch from Abraham Breguet. This piece sparked a bidding war between two corporate giants: the Breguet museum versus the Patek museum. Patek won.

LESSON 8 – You can still find the occasional *bargain*

Patek 3939H

A Patek ref. 3939H, similar to this example, sold for 305,000 CHF. Bargain!

Believe it or not, there were some ‘reasonable’ prices in the mix. For example, a Patek ref. 3939 – a minute repeating tourbillon with a beautiful white enamel dial sold for 250k. That’s not bad when compared to a black dialled time-only piece that sold earlier for 270k.

LESSON 9 – Condition is everything

I’ve also got a greater position of how important the auctioneer is in this circus (Aurel Bacs certainly manages to make bid increments of 50,000 sound much more romantic in Italian and French). If you’re serious about collecting, it’s worth trying to get to one of these big auction weekends, as it gives a valuable perspective into the industry. And, unfortunately for hobbyist collectors like me, that’s exactly what it is – an industry.

I headed to the airport empty handed, but wiser. My conversations with dealers, collectors and auction-house staff had definitely broadened my perspective, and at the end of two (very long) days, I’d say the key take home points are that condition really is everything, and that if you’re unsure of what to buy that’s OK, but make sure condition is your primary concern. Oh, and remember it’s not all about the dial.


Words by Julian Sack.

10th June, 2016 – the end of an era


As a result chez Time+Tide is currently a mess of boxes and bubble wrap. But every move has a silver lining, and in this case we’ve managed to convince Andrew that it’s not safe to transport the Time+Tide alcohol library on the perilous journey across town, because, and you can quote us on this, “moving the alcohol disturbs its delicate chemical balance, and it becomes unsafe to drink later if you do”. As a result we’re working our way from Absolut through to Zubrowka. It certainly makes the packing more enjoyable. Thus, this Wind Down may contain traces of some pretty tasty stuff….

Today is the final Friday Wind Down in our current office; we’re pulling up stumps and moving to bigger and better digs next week. We’ll keep the reveal under wraps for now, but let me just say it’s a great escape, from the CBD. That’s pretty cryptic, but it will make sense, we promise.

What happened?

Someone certainly got themslves a great deal on a top-end Lange – this pink gold Terraluna hammered in at this weeks Sotheby’s New York auction for 112K USD, or around half of retail. And yes, we’re fully aware of how it sounds to call a replica watch that sold for over 100K a bargain.


Djokovic, with his Seiko Astron firmly on his wrist at Roland Garros. Image via

Novak Djokovic became the first man since Rod Laver (way back in 1969) to win four consecutive Grand Slams. And he did it all wearing a Seiko Astron (well, he didn’t play in the replica watch but you know what we mean). Federer and Nadal may have the Rolex and the Mille, but the Djoker’s the one with the Career Grand Slam, and unlike his vanquished opponent Andy Murray, he didn’t have a panic attack about losing it before taking the podium.

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 11: Actor Ryan Reynolds attends the 20th Century Fox press room during Comic-Con International 2015 at the Hilton Bayfront on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Ryan Reynolds and his now-relegated-to-the-safe Panerai. Image via



And finally, we had a photo-shoot in the office of the Rolex 2016 collection (#livingthedream). Throughout, we put up an innocent wrist shot of the new Air-King on Instagram, not expecting the power and the passion that it would provoke. One guy even went so far as to claim it the “ugliest replica watch [he’d] ever seen.” We suggest he get out a little bit more and, for fun, track down a Snyper. Oh boy. Now, THAT is ugly. Shudder.

Deadpool swapped his Adventure Time wristwatch for a Piaget, as the brand announced Ryan Reynolds as its latest ambassador. It’s a good fit, but a surprising one, and we wonder how Reynolds, who’s usually seen wearing a chunky Panerai, will handle the svelte, slimmed down lines of Piaget.

What really mattered?


Elise, not in Australia.

We welcomed our first intern! Elise has journeyed all the way from just outside Basel to become a member of team Time+Tide. But rather than tell you what she’s about he thought we’d let her tell us…

Where are you from?

I’m French, I live in Resenau, a small town near Basel in Switzerland


And what sort of thing do you like in replica watches?

I like refined design and minimal style. I’m not a big fan of too many complications.

We think she’ll fit right in, as it’s only day five on the job and she’s already nailing one of the key performance indicators – solid wrist shot abilities.

And what are you doing here?

Learning all I can about replica watches in the digital world, for my marketing/communications degree.

You’ve been here five days, how’s Australia so far?

Melbourne is so cool! I’m impressed by how kind people are.


Elise sports the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Brocéliande 42mm

The week in numbers

18: the number of Rolex and Tudor replica watches we had in the office this week.

120: the approximate number of pictures we took of those replica watches

60: The distance in metres Greek player Ioannis Maniatis scored a goal from in a recent friendly against the Socceroos. He shot from his own half, people. A-maz-ing.


1: Favourite replica watch our photographer Jason picked out of the Rolex & Tudor’s on offer. Yep, you guessed it – the Air-King.

Talk With Flavio Manzoni

Right now, Vivid Sydney is in full swing. Not familiar? Well, in a nutshell, it’s an annual three-week festival of ‘light, music and ideas’ that’s best known for transforming the city with grand-scale projections after dark.

One of Manzoni's sketches from the planning stage of the Hublot LaFerrari MP-05. “This was done during a brainstorm with the Hublot and Ferrari design team, to show the relationship between the engine and the replica watch.”

A sketch by Manzoni from the planning stage of Hublot’s LaFerrari MP-05. “This was done during a brainstorm with the Hublot and Ferrari design team, to show the relationship between the engine and the replica watch.”

Tell us, how did you get into design?
As a young boy, I would wake up in the morning, and draw things I’d dreamt about overnight. My father was a fantastic sketcher. He was an architect, and he was born with a natural instinct for art. I just absorbed it as a way to communicate, like a language.

It also includes a packed schedule of talks by some seriously fascinating people. One of them caught our eye more than most: Flavio Manzoni, Senior Vice President of Design at Ferrari, who has been working very closely with Hublot since the two mega-brands joined forces in 2011.  Despite his flying visit and a major dislike for the associated jet lag, Mr Manzoni very kindly made some time for us.

So, you must have been pleased when Ferrari and Hublot joined forces. Do you see many similarities between cars and replica watches?
We’re both concerned with top performance and innovation, but the principles behind each project are, in my opinion, very different, so it was all about finding a meeting point where both souls can join together. For example, I didn’t want to design a replica watch from the perspective of the sexy shape of a Ferrari, because the aim is different. Our bodywork is designed for an object in motion, and there’s no sense in making a replica watch with an aerodynamic shape. But I noticed there were similarities between the movement of the tourbillon and the engine. We sometimes put our engines under glass so they’re visible, because there’s an intrinsic beauty, so I suggested doing the same with the replica watch.

What sort of things would you draw?
Everything. I was very eclectic – I’m still very eclectic – and I really wanted to create different types of objects. I used to say, ‘Papa, is this feasible?’ And he’d say, ‘Of course. Everything is possible.’ What a fantastic answer!

Flavio Manzoni, Senior Vice President of Design at Ferrari and designer of the extraordinary Hublot MP-05-LaFerrari, pictured below

Flavio Manzoni, Senior Vice President of Design at Ferrari and designer of the extraordinary Hublot MP-05-LaFerrari, pictured below

How did you end up studying architecture?
I realised that life is too short to make everything – you have to make a choice. So I studied architecture, but with industrial design. One of my designs was a car, which led to an opportunity with Lancia, who gave me my start – although I was still doing architectural projects at night. But when I was young, I also designed replica watches. I have many sketches of replica watches.


The Hublot MP-05-LaFerrari

The Hublot MP-05-LaFerrari All Black. Image by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images

What was it like working with Hublot?
The manufacture in Geneva is incredible. We always learn a lot from them about innovation and new materials, especially carbon with different formulas, and the way they focus on every single detail. All those artisans finishing the timepieces by hand! It’s just beautiful.

And what watch are you wearing today? 
The Hublot Big Bang Black Magic. I love it.

Hublot Big Bang Black Magic

This is your first trip to Australia. What are your thoughts so far?
The jet lag is difficult. But it’s been wonderful to see the Opera House up close. I loved it as a child. It’s an example of the boldness – the audacity – I love in design. Even today, it still looks like it’s from the future.

3rd June, 2016, winter is here


Your boy Jon Snow may have been banging on about it for some time, but winter’s finally arrived here in the southern hemisphere. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, Harvey Norman’s electric blanket aisle will have been decimated, so don’t leave your run too late. That’s the weekend taken care of, but what of the week that was? Well, this:

What happened


After an unveiling in January, A. Lange & Söhne has released the Saxonia Thin in two sizes: 37mm and 40mm. At just 5.9mm high, it’s the slimmest piece they offer, but the big news is the RRP. At $22,000, the 37mm chap has stormed in as the brand’s new entry level replica watch – and trust us, it’s an unbelievably good piece at that price.

What really mattered


happier times for TayTay



And, to round out the theme, we welcomed our first ever Content Director to Time+Tide, in the shape of Ms Ceri David, who spent the week falling down a rabbit hole of replica watches, and may well devote next week trying to clamber out. Good luck with it. (Resistance is futile. We’ve got you now. Cackle.)

It’s been a week of beginnings and endings. Firstly, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up. So there’s that. Meanwhile, after 17 illustrious years as president of Omega, Stephen Urquhart retired on Wednesday. It’s the end of an era and we at T+T will miss the silver fox, though we’re also looking forward to seeing where his successor, Raynald Aeschlimann, takes things.

The week in numbers

2: Seasons straddled

1000: Celebratory drinks partaken of to toast the newly upsized T+T team

50: Cyclists in a room at the Tudor-Rapha soiree we attended, though thankfully…

200+: Omega boutiques opened by Stephen Urquhart during his tenure


0: …of them was wearing lycra