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News : High quality replica Omega launches eyewear collection

Across all brands, Marcolin produced a staggering 14.3 million eyeglasses in 2015. Each model of Omega sunglasses will be made in Italy and come in two sizes and colour variations. We received a pair of the Wayfarer style sport sunglasses in Rio recently and noted the obvious quality of the glasses (the lenses are polarised and deflected the glare from the canoe slalom perfectly) as well as some interesting design nuances, including the Omega logo which has been integrated to form both a bridge and the nose padsOmega is launching its first eyewear collection for men and women in partnership with Italian eyewear powerhouse Marcolin, the group behind brands such as Tom Ford and Balenciaga. read more


High Quality Replica Watch : 12th August, 2016 – The Olympic Edition, by Michael Klim

Klim’s favourite replica watch, the 2005 Planet Ocean. Image by user bigpoppa822 on replica watchuseek

Important note: My hands are shaking so much it’s hard to type. Why? Michael Klim, the Australian Olympian who did this to the Americans in 2000 – it’s embedded below, too. Sorry Americans.) just saw me in the gym and offered to do a ‘light circuit’ with me. I accepted. And now, I can’t type. I was already going to get him to co-chair the first ever Olympic themed Wind Down, where there’s a dual focus on what happened in the world of replica watches and at the 32nd Olympiad. Now he’s going to have to write it too. This comes to you live from Omega House in Ipanema. Yes, the song is playing. I think it’s on a loop here. For proof, and a live feed, check out Instagram Stories.      read more


MY HIGHT QUALITY REPLICA WATCH STORY: Ted from Petrolicious and his Replica Rolex GMT Master 1675

So, when we began spotting the occasional timepiece dotted among the vintage BMWs and Porsches, we wanted to know more from this LA-based man of style – starting with this beautiful example of a Rolex GMT Master 1675.Editorial Director of Petrolicious, a site and production house dedicated to showcasing the world’s finest classic cars and their owners, Ted Gushue has an instagam feed (@TedGushue) that’s unsurprisingly dominated by breathtaking cars. read more


The Replica Watches May Disappear ?

This was explained as possibly being connected to increasing globalization was putting pressure on the Asians to stop ignoring this illegal industry within its borders.Recently, there was mention made on an esteemed Swiss replica site that China and other replica watch havens were starting to crack down on replica watch companies and that this could lead to the fading out of replica watches in the near future. read more


BOVET Celebrates the Opening of Its New Location at Asprey of London

Swiss luxury replica watch maker BOVET 1822 has recently unveiled its newest location at the prestigious Asprey of London on Madison Avenue in New York City.

This collaboration between BOVET 1822 and Asprey of London was born of a meeting between two Houses who are fundamentally devoted to nurturing the art of the exceptional, and who share the same values and taste for true replica watches read more



We’re in no mood for celebrating. The office is still scarred from the last episode of Game of Thrones. Seriously, we’ve been sobbing all week. But, we’re working through the pain and, with the help of a few stiff beverages and some of Nick Cave’s bleaker stuff we’re able to bring you the latest in the world of replica watches. read more


How to lose at Geneva replica watch auctions

Editor’s Note: In this special guest post, Time+Tide reader Julian Sack recounts his experiences of trying to buy a replica watch at the recent Christie’s and Phillips auctions in Geneva – and the lessons he learned along the way. Julian is a collector with many years’ experience, with a penchant for the Rolex Prince and Patek Philippe. If you ever plan on buying at a big-budget auction, this is a must-read. read more


10th June, 2016 – the end of an era

As a result chez Time+Tide is currently a mess of boxes and bubble wrap. But every move has a silver lining, and in this case we’ve managed to convince Andrew that it’s not safe to transport the Time+Tide alcohol library on the perilous journey across town, because, and you can quote us on this, “moving the alcohol disturbs its delicate chemical balance, and it becomes unsafe to drink later if you do”. As a result we’re working our way from Absolut through to Zubrowka. It certainly makes the packing more enjoyable. Thus, this Wind Down may contain traces of some pretty tasty stuff…. read more


Talk With Flavio Manzoni

Right now, Vivid Sydney is in full swing. Not familiar? Well, in a nutshell, it’s an annual three-week festival of ‘light, music and ideas’ that’s best known for transforming the city with grand-scale projections after dark.

A sketch by Manzoni from the planning stage of Hublot’s LaFerrari MP-05. “This was done during a brainstorm with the Hublot and Ferrari design team, to show the relationship between the engine and the replica watch.” read more


3rd June, 2016, winter is here

Your boy Jon Snow may have been banging on about it for some time, but winter’s finally arrived here in the southern hemisphere. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, Harvey Norman’s electric blanket aisle will have been decimated, so don’t leave your run too late. That’s the weekend taken care of, but what of the week that was? Well, this: read more