The famous ticking of the first High Quality Swatch replica watches – POP

And you grew up to the sound of the famous ticking of the first Swatch replica watches, and in particular the POP collection, a series of replica watches with outrageously flashy colours and giant faces for the time, which you could wear on your wrist or clip on your t-shirt.If you are a fortysomething, you probably spent your teenage years listening to Madonna and dancing to Michael Jackson. Perhaps you even attempted to imitate his famous moonwalk in front of your bathroom mirror.


For the teenager still inside us and most of all for our children, Swatch has given its POP collection a new lease of life with some brand new models. They are still just as colourful, and highly graphic – particularly the black and white models – with plastic cases measuring 45mm in diameter. They can be worn on the wrist with a silicon strap or as a necklace on a chain.

Powered by a quartz movement, the hours, minutes and seconds are displayed at the centre of the dial.

Price: 85 CHF (with bracelet) – 110 CHF (with chain)