7 , 5,000, 40, 1,0980,000, 10, 200 … This torrent of jumbled-up figures does not correspond to figures of a Swiss bank account but reveals a few clues as to the key features of Richard Mille’s RM 50-03 McLaren F1. Created in partnership with McLaren the English Formula 1 constructor, the new RM 50-03 incorporates the latest high-tech-material state-of-the-art innovations that feature in the world’s most powerful racecar chassis. Conclusion ? The French brand enhances its catalogue with the lightest mechanical chronograph the world has ever seen.

richard mille rm50-03 profile

7 grams ! This is the incredible weight of the RM 50-03 calibre combining the tourbillon and split-second chronograph. This unbelievable lightness is reiterated throughout the timepiece. The RM 50-03 weighs less than 40 grams, strap included. This preternatural exploit was made possible by marrying grade 5 titanium, carbon TPT and a nanomaterial, graphene. Graph TPT – carbon TPT injected with graphene – is also used in the bezel and the caseback. This composite is characterized by its unique qualities. It is six times lighter than steel but also 200 times more resistant. Graphene was also injected into the strap, enriching it with greater elasticity and wear-resistance. This blend of materials endows the replica watch with unprecedented power of resistance. It can withstand accelerated boosts up to 5,000 G, i.e. the shock a timepiece would experience if it fell from a one-metre height at a speed of 4.43 m/s, on a hard wooden surface (according to the ISO 1413 standard).

richard mille rm50-03 closeup

But technology is nothing without replica watchmakers’ traditional savoir-faire. And, in this instance, it is illustrated through the ultimate in skeletonizing and fine-watchmaking finishing details. Smoothing, polishing, satin-finishing and other subtle movement component touches are all meticulously carried out by hand. Each PVD-coated, grade 5 titanium skeleton dial needs more than three hours bevelling and polishing. The whole movement was revisited and enhanced to provide the power required to drive the myriad of coloured indicators featured on the dial side, chronograph counters, power reserve (totalling 70 hours) and torque sensor. For the owner/wearer, the work performed is also a guarantee that the replica watch is absolutely user-friendly and totally risk-free.

richard mille rm50-03 caseback

The 75 numbered pieces will be delivered with a 1:5 scale model of the 2017 McLaren F1. “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” declared Leonardo da Vinci. The replica watch has a price tag of course… 1,098,000 euros…

By Dan Diaconu