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Replica Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio “Firenze” Limited Edition With Beatuiful Engraved Stainless Steel

The beautiful engraved stainless steel case looks adds a vintage touch to the whole design, but hey, that’s what Radiomirs are all about. Although I’m quite sure that the engraving wasn’t done by hand, the end result is impressing. If we were to put a Panerai replica vs original side by side, there really isn’t much difference to be honest. The originally is done completely by hand, so you’d expect some rough edges here and there. Ultimately, it’s part of the whole vintage charm that this timepiece oozes.

Replica Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio “Firenze” Limited Edition

The gold hands on the simple dial contribute to this whole retro feel as well as the black leather strap and the engraved buckle. I don’t think the original comes with an engraved buckle but you know what?  I like it better this way because it fits much better in the overall design.  Well, the verdict is that this is a cool, truly one of a kind Panerai watch replica and even if it’s not exactly your kind of watch, I think one must give credit where credit is due and this baby deserves it. As I said in the beginning of this post,  not only does the replica PAM 604 cost around 20K, which is about three times more than the Panerai Luminor Arktos price, but you have to fly over to Italy to get it.

Replica Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio “Firenze” Limited Edition

Just like many don’t know how to spot a replica Panerai Luminor because most replicas do a great job at cloning every detail right, I think is just as hard as being called out with a fake with this baby. Not many get to see one, as opposed to your average Panerai Luminor Marina replica which again, not easy to spot as a fake if you don’t know exactly where to look at. Just keep in mind that this high quality swiss Panerai replica is a copy of an expensive and rare piece, so as long as you don’t strut around with it, you’ll be just fine. And here’s the new video below, let me know how you like it!