Breitling Men’s A1337011/C757 Super Avenger Chronograph Replica Watch Review

Presently, the majority of the products developed by the company capture the interest of the majority and its A1337011/C757 chronograph replica watch model for men is just one of them. Get to know more about this extremely superior item through this article.


One thing that you will surely enjoy about this specific chronograph replica watch from Breitling is the fact that it is filled with lots of impressive features. A short overview of what this replica watch can offer to its users is listed below.

  • Self wind movement which works automatically
  • 48.6 millimeter case diameter
  • Case made of stainless steel
  • Sapphire crystal with scratch resistant nature designed to protect the chronograph replica watch from all forms of scratches
  • Water resistant
  • Well-polished and brushed link bracelet which works in securing the timepiece into your wrist
  • 3 sub-dials representing each chronograph function

Pros and Cons 

The chronograph replica watch also aims to offer numerous benefits to all its users. Few of these are the following:

  • Offers an impressive blend of durability, style and performance. This can make you feel proud when wearing the item. It is stylish, performs excellently and has enough durability which makes the process of wearing and using it more convenient.
  • Made out of the finest and high quality materials. This transforms it into one of the most innovative forces in the replica watch industry.
  • Comes with an excellent build quality
  • Features a very elegant look
  • Guaranteed to resist scratches
  • No stretching on its band which makes it very convenient to wear
  • Comes with tough and durable crystals guaranteed to last for a very long time

The Breitling Super Avenger Chronograph replica watch A1337011/C757 model, however, also has some drawbacks. Some users complain about its heavy weight so it is no longer surprising to find people who say that the item is not ideal for those who have small wrists. Its heavy weight might cause you to take time getting used to wearing it. Still, it is worth your money considering the fact that its heavy weight strongly represents the quality of materials being used in it and its toughness and durability.


If you are a man or just someone who wants to offer a gift to a man for a special occasion, then buying the Super Avenger Chronograph replica watch A1337011/C757 model is a wise move. Its elegance and durability are already tested and the majority of its users have also proved that the quality of materials used in its parts is really high. It also offers a perfect blend of sophistication and ruggedness so a man should consider making this a part of his collection.

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