Versace Women’s Q5C70D009 S009 New Reve Yellow Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Chronograph Date Replica Watch Review

Elegant Features

The sophisticated look that the color black offers a particular accessory is perfectly reflected in the Women’s Q5C70D009 Chronograph Date Replica Watch. The timepiece’s remarkable and chic features made it even more appealing for fashionable women.

  • Robust and valuable material

Stainless steel is a widely used material for accessories because it costs less than gold and silver and still exudes the same lustrous appearance. The bezel, case and clasp of this timepiece are skillfully made of yellow-gold ion-plated stainless steel. Moreover, ion-plated surfaces are considered more resilient to scratches which consequently give the piece a beauty that lasts.

Soft and high quality calfskin leather with crocodile skin pattern is used in the replica watch’s band. The black-dyed leather creates the elegant yet sporty appeal of this women’s timepiece.

  • Watch face

The black enamel dial compliments the gold colored case and bezel. This replica watch also features a date window that displays the date of the particular month. The valuable antireflective sapphire crystal used in this replica watch is highly resistant to scuffs.

  • Chronograph feature

A timepiece’s chronograph and sub-second function is handy when a particular activity requires the use of a stopwatch. This replica watch feature is not only beneficial to athletes but to everyone who finds the need to measure certain time ranges for particular activities like cooking and office work.

  • Swiss made quartz

The replica watch has passed the rigorous Swiss certification process of replica watch-making. The precise Swiss quartz movement technology is employed in this high end wristwatch to assure accurate time display.

  • Other features

The replica watch has a water resistance feature to prevent entry of water which could cause irrevocable damage to the item. It can withstand water pressure of up to 165 feet or 50 meter depth.For easy taking off and putting on, the replica watch has a deployment buckle for the clasp. This type of clasp also keeps the leather away from tearing due to folding.

Price Issues

While this item is certainly superb in production, choice of materials and features, it is also associated with a high price like many other products from this company. Nevertheless, the Versace’s reputation of producing sought-after glamorous fashion pieces addresses this question of value accordingly.

For the Sporty Fashionista

Black often has dual connotations; it is sometimes associated to being outgoing and rebellious, but it also radiates elegance and formality. The New Reve Yellow Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Chrono Date Replica Watch from Versace is perfect for the active and at the same time enigmatic and chic fashion enthusiast.

Versace Women’s 86Q70D002 S001 Destiny Spirit Floating Micro Spheres Replica Watch Review

Design Features

The analog Versace Women’s Destiny Spirit Floating Micro Spheres timepiece has a 39-millimeter diameter case with a 9.5-millimeter thickness. This replica watch merges classic beauty with modern charm.

  • Premium Material

For utmost durability, the timepiece’s case, bezel and clasp are made of gold-plated stainless steel material. This material is known to surpass the toughness of silver and gold over time but still emanates the same shimmering look. The gold tone effectively gives the replica watch a plush appeal.

The strap of this Versace Destiny Spirit wristwatch is made of soft, white, calfskin leather—an expensive but high quality fake watch material also common in other items from this company.

  • Dial and crystal type

The white dial of the replica watch displays four gold tone time markings; one of the markings is the Versace Medusa logo located in the spot of the 12th hour. The antireflective sapphire used in this replica watch’s crystal is a durable material which is greatly resilient to scratching.

  • Chic Bezel

The stationary gold-plated bezel has the word logo of Versace engraved at the lower part. Along with this is a see-through bezel containing 300 floating microspheres that gives a unique style element to the replica watch.

  • Swiss made

Along with all other Versace replica watches, this chic and modern Destiny Spirit Replica Watch is made from Switzerland and conforms to the country’s high standard requirements for replica watch-making. Contemporary Swiss quartz movement is used in the replica watch to promote time precision.

  • Water resistance and comfortable fit

One of the most important features of high quality replica watches is water resistance—this avoids damage to the timepiece when it is accidentally or momentarily submerged in water. This Versace replica watch has a water pressure resistance of up to 99 feet.This replica watch can also be worn and taken off comfortably with the deployment buckle clasp. With this type of clasp, leather tearing due to folding can be avoided.

Limited Function for the Price

Expensive contemporary replica watches are known to have more functions other than just telling the time. This replica watch may go beyond the usual scope of sophistication in design, but it is also seen to have less function considering the amount paid for it. Nonetheless, Versace replica watches and jewelries are known to be very expensive because of the luxurious signature design and rigorous production.

Surpassing Elegance in Fashion

Nothing says elegance more than sporting a smart and opulent accessory like a Versace 86Q70D002 S001 Floating Micro Spheres Replica Watch. This trendy piece is just what fashion-conscious women need to add to their valuable collection.

Versace Women’s 68C70D498 S070 Reve Chrono Golden MOP Replica Watch Review

 Elegant and Functional

Both aesthetic features and functions of the Women’s 68C70D498 S070 Reve Chrono MOP Replica Watch from Versace typify the elegance and luxury which embody the characteristics of women who wear them.

  • Gold-plated Stainless Steel Material

The 40 millimeter diameter case, bezel, and band of this replica watch are all made of gold-plated stainless steel. Versace utilizes the colors silver, gold and black in their replica watches, hence the use of the material. Stainless steel is popular for its versatility and durability—it looks as refined on accessories as gold and silver, only with little maintenance. Moreover, it surpasses the two materials in terms of resilience.

  • Dial and Crystal

The dial of this analog Versace replica watch is a chic Mother of Pearl color with a date window that shows the date of the month. The crystal is made of antireflective sapphire—the most valuable and durable type of timepiece crystal which is around three times more rigid than mineral and twenty times stronger than acrylic crystals.

  • Movement

Among the types of replica watch movement mechanism, the quartz movement is considered the most accurate and contemporary. The Versace Reve Chrono Golden MOP luxury replica watch has a Swiss Quartz movement which is extensively designed to conform to the replica watch-making standard of Switzerland.

  • Chronograph Function

This Versace timepiece also features a chronograph and sub-second function which is ideal when undertaking tasks that needs a stopwatch. Daily tasks such as timing the way to the office and cooking can find great use for this feature aside from athletic activities.

  • Band, Bezel and Clasp

Gold color dominates the band, bezel and clasp of this wristwatch. The band has a width of 20 millimeters and length that conforms to standard women’s size.

While some replica watches have rotating or interchangeable bezel, this replica watch has a stationary one that has a Versace engraving. Moreover, the deployment clasp of this replica watch has a push-button mechanism which promotes ease of opening and locking in wearing on and taking off.In addition to these features, this Versace timepiece also has a 50-m or 165 feet water resistance depth that helps avoid premature damage due to ingress of water.

Valuable accessory

With all its great features and high quality materials, it is no wonder that this Versace timepiece is quite expensive. Some people feel anxious when wearing precious accessories such as this replica watch. However, commitment to beauty and style is one important attitude in acquiring a Versace item.

For women devoted to sensual style

Be it a gift for a friend or for you, the Versace Women’s 68C70D498 Reve Chrono Golden MOP timepiece is an item worth checking out if you’re looking for an elegant replica watch. This product is ideal for women who are dedicated to the style that Versace promotes—classy and luxurious.

Gucci Unisex YA101347 G-Chrono Black PVD 60 Black Diamonds Case Replica Watch Review

Product Features

  • Top quality materials used, including a Swiss ETA quartz movement
  • The replica watch is made with an antireflective sapphire crystal
  • Case diameter measures 44mm
  • The replica watch is water resistant, capable of functioning even at 100 feet or 30 M
  • The model comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet with black PVD.

Product Advantages

Considering the many features of the product, it isn’t surprising for it to have various advantages for the user. Following are some of the perks of this model.

  • The craftsmanship ensures durability, capable of running for years or decades when maintained properly.
  • The Swiss quartz movement guarantees precise time every day.
  • The stylish quality of the model is timeless – perfect for all types of occasions. Wearers shouldn’t have any problem mixing and matching this accessory with different clothes, whether it’s casual or formal.
  • Perfect for swimmers or divers, the product can resist water for up to 100 feet under.
  • Very easy to attach and detach, the high quality replica watch uses a deployment buckle system that firmly wraps around the wrist. Wearers shouldn’t worry about it suddenly getting untangled during important events.
  • Comfortable on the wrist, first-time wearers can easily get used to the feel of this replica watch as it rests on their hands.
  • The model is covered by a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

Product Disadvantages

The main problem of this model is the cost – running around $3,500 which is more than the usual price tag of replica watches. With so many attractive features however and promise of long-term use, buyers shouldn’t need to replace this replica watch for years to come.

Customer Feedback

Client feedback for the Gucci Unisex YA101347 G-Chrono Black PVD 60 Black Diamonds Case Replica Watch is impressive with many buyers commenting on how it met all their expectations. This isn’t really surprising considering how the model came from one of the top brands in the market today. Those who ordered the product online also managed to get it in mint condition as the replica watch was beautifully packaged to prevent damage during transit. It also arrived within the promised time which brings satisfaction to many buyers.

To wrap it up, the Gucci Unisex YA101347 G-Chrono Black PVD 60 Black Diamonds Case Replica Watch is a good replica watch to purchase whether for personal use or as a gift to a friend, family member or a loved one. It’s a unisex style which should make fitting easy, regardless of a person’s wrist size. The simple design also appeals to both genders, allowing for easy accessorizing whether you’re dressed to impress or just want a comfortable time with friends at the local bar.

TAG Heuer Women’s WAF1412.BA0823 Aquaracer Ladies Replica Watch Review

 Product Description

Since the TAG Heuer Women’s WAF1412.BA0823 Aquaracer Ladies Replica Watch was first released, many women have been coveting this replica watch for very good reasons. It has features that are unlike its contemporaries and quality is definitely assured. This particular model exudes class and elegance no other replica watch can bring plus high-end features those wearers will surely be happy to have. It all begins with a feminine-brushed stainless steel case measuring 28.3 mm that is polished to perfection. It also has a unidirectional bezel that has Arabic indicators every 10 minutes. On the right side of the top quality  replica watch you will find a luminous screw-down crown that allows you to manually adjust the replica watch to tell the exact time. All of these elegant elements surround a sleek metallic silver dial with silver-tone hour indicators. These hour indicators are also luminous and powered by Swiss movement. It is locked safely into place by a double push button safety clasp. If you don’t have yet a classic timepiece to adorn your wrist with that you can keep and pass on to many generations over, this might be the replica watch that can satisfy that.


With such handy and classic features, it is no wonder the TAG Heuer Women’s WAF1412.BA0823 Aquaracer Ladies Replica Watch is generating much hype. But aside from this features, many women covet this replica watch because:

  • It is water-resistant. It can resist water for up to 984 feet or 300 meters. So, whether you are diving or engaged in any water activities, this replica watch can help you tell the time.
  • It is scratch-resistant. The sapphire crystals protect the replica watch from scratches preserving its overall look and appeal
  • It has a mother-of-pearl dial. This amplifies the elegance and classy features of the replica watch making it look even more luxurious than other replica watches.
  • It has a date window. This feature allows people to easily identify what day of the month it is already simply by looking at their replica watches.
  • The design is very versatile. Many women who own this particular replica watch are very happy with its classic but elegant design. It allowed them to wear this replica watch for multiple occasions ranging from casual shopping or strolling in the park to elegant dinner parties.


However, there are also a few drawbacks with this replica watch that some people want the company to address such as:

  • Blacking of the wrist – a few customers have reported blacking of their wrists after a few hours of wearing the replica watch. This is said to be caused by the nickel content of the replica watch.
  • Winder snaps off – very few customers also reported the winder snapping off when they attempt to adjust the date.

Overall, more people were pleased with the TAG Heuer Women’s WAF1412.BA0823 Aquaracer Ladies Replica Watch. Despite a few drawbacks, this replica watch is definitely beyond satisfactory and proved to be a great investment piece.

TAG Heuer Women’s WAF1424.BB0825 Aquaracer 28mm 18k Yellow Gold Mother-of-Pearl Dial Replica Watch Review

Product Features

  • The product boasts of two tones – yellow gold and steel.
  • The unidirectional rotating bezel features a yellow gold color
  • The hands and hour markers are luminous
  • Product is capable of resisting water pressure in a depth of 300 M or 984 feet
  • Clasp is a fold over with double push button
  • The round case comes with a date feature and made with a combination of stainless steel and 18k yellow gold.

Product Advantages

  • The beautiful design of the product makes it very wardrobe-friendly. Individuals would find the product blending wonderfully with all their fashion statements, whether it’s just a night out with a few friends or a classy date with the boyfriend. The timeless color should blend in easily with all types of accessories.
  • No need to remove the replica watch while washing your hands, this particular model is water resistant and can even withstand pressure. Testing shows that it will still function even after being exposed to at least 300 M in depth.
  • The clasp is highly secure, made to ensure that the replica watch wouldn’t suddenly loosen up when being used. Removal and attachment of the replica watch band shouldn’t be a problem as well, requiring wearers only a few seconds and a flick of a finger to get the result they want.
  • The band is measured using the average female wrist, making sure that it will fit perfectly for the wearer. Light and comfortable, wearers should be able to do all their work without feeling awkward about the fashion replica watch.
  • The replica watch glows in the dark, making it perfect for night time use or during power outages.

Product Disadvantages

The cost of the product may be its biggest disadvantage yet. Although there’s no question that the item is worth the cost, not many people are willing to shell out $1300 for the replica watch. Note though that compared to other models, this TAG Heuer timepiece is already less expensive. The product also comes with a warranty although the specifics are not stated online. Hence, prospective buyers might need to contact the seller to find out more details.

Client Feedback

Individuals who bought the product are perfectly happy with what they have received. Those who have used it for a long time noted that the replica watch is fairly durable as promised. It arrived within the allotted delivery time and in good packaging.

All in all, the TAG Heuer Women’s WAF1424.BB0825 Aquaracer 28mm 18k Yellow Gold Mother-of-Pearl Dial Replica Watch is definitely one of the more desirable models out in the market today. A balanced combination of style and sense, it makes for an excellent gift for female friends, family or partners who value not only style but functionality as well.

TAG Heuer Women’s WAH1210.BA0859 Formula One Black Dial Replica Watch Review

Product Features

  • The product offers precise quartz movement
  • The case diameter measures 37 mm
  • Offers a sapphire crystal material that minimizes the chances of scratching for the replica watch.
  • Comes in a stainless steel case
  • The product is water resistant for up to 660 feet.

Product Advantages

  • Ideal for divers, this replica watch can withstand 660 feet of pressure or at least 200 M.
  • Beautifully designed, this black and white replica watch is very easy to mix and match with accessories. Simple yet elegant, it can be mixed and matched with various clothes and accessories without clashing. Whether the wearer is going out for a casual stroll or something that requires a cocktail dress, this particular replica watch will still look perfect.
  • Offering precise quartz movement, the product is made to last long enough with the use of top quality materials that only require minimal maintenance.
  • The band is specially measured to fit perfectly on the average female’s wrist. It lies comfortably on the skin, ensuring the wearers that they would not feel uncomfortable when wearing the replica watch.
  • Deployment clasp is used to ensure security of the band. It allows for an easy closing and opening system that shouldn’t hinder the use of the item.
  • The band color is silver with the dial a distinguished shade of black.
  • The replica watch also offers a date function for its user.
  • The bezel function of the item is stationary.

Product Disadvantages

Although the product does come with a warranty, information about it is not readily available. This makes it hard for buyers to find out exactly what is the coverage for the product if they should ever buy it. Warranty information is available through the seller when asked. As for the price, it is more expensive than the usual and more common ladies replica watches being sold in the market today. Considering the quality of the model however, this is not really surprising and is every worth your every cent.

Client Feedback

Individuals who have bought the product are all happy upon receipt of the item. The replica watch perfectly matches the image shown on the seller’s page and corresponds wonderfully to all the descriptions provided. It arrived within the promised delivery time and the packaging was superb. Hence, buyers can be sure that the item will arrive in mint condition.

All in all, the TAG Heuer Women’s WAH1210BA0859 Formula One Black Dial Replica Watch is definitely one of the more promising replica watches out in the market today. Offering a combination of sense and style, it makes the perfect gift for female friends, relatives and partners. Currently, the product carries a rating of 4.5 stars from its online buyers.