Omega Mens 2225.80 Seamaster Chronograph Dial Replica Watch Review

Product Features

  • Dimension – The case diameter is 42 mm while the thickness is 16 mm.
  • Weight – It has a weight of 16.01 ounces.
  • Automatic Movement – This Omega replica watch has an automatic self-wind movement.
  • Water-resistant – This replica watch is water resistant at 1000 meters/3280 feet.
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal – The anti-reflective sapphire crystal protects the dial.
  • Blue analog dial – The dark blue analog dial features unique silver-tone hands and index hour markers. The minute markers are located around the outer rim. It also comes with three chronograph sub-dials for tracking elapsed time for up to 24 hours. The replica watch has an analog display.
  • Stainless steel bracelet – It is built with a silver stainless steel bracelet. The width of the bracelet is 20 mm. It has fold-over clasp with push-button feature.
  • Stainless steel case and bezel – The replica watch comes with a stainless steel case and unidirectional bezel.
  • Additional Features – The high quality replica watch comes with useful features such as chronograph sub-dials, luminous hands and markers, date display window located at the 3 o’clock positions. The three chronographs sub-dials features 12 hours, 30 minutes and 60 seconds display.


Modern and Trendy Design

This James Bond Men’s Replica Watch is a modern and luxurious looking timepiece. The over-all design is stylish and trendy as a result of the dark blue face and navy blue bezel with uniquely designed skeleton hands and markers. The classic and sharp looking style of this Omega replica watch never goes out of fashion.


This trendy and modern replica watch is a great accessory for aquatic sports and other outdoor activities. Dubbed as the “Seamaster”, this replica watch is water resistant at 1000 meters/3280 feet. Although it was designed as a sports replica watch, this timepiece can also be worn during formal and classy occasions because of its neutral tone and stainless steel construction.

Value for Money

Compared with replica watches in other similar brands, the replica watch has a relatively competitive price. With its modern and versatile design and superb quality construction, it is hard to find another high quality replica watch in the same price range. The replica watch is affordable given its appeal and good looks.  Thus, if you are looking for a luxurious and high quality accessory, this replica watch can provide an excellent value for a reasonable price.

Reliability and Superb Quality

The construction, details and finishing touches of this timepiece is stunning. Likewise, the automatic movement of the dial is proven to be reliable. The replica watch has a balanced size and weight; it is not too big and heavy.


It is very hard to repair and restore this timepiece once it is damaged. Based on customer reviews, the replacement and repair of the replica watch will require a lot of time and patience. Thus, this luxurious replica watch requires a lot of maintenance to ensure its performance and durability. The Omega brand should have a better customer service in terms of the repair and warranty of this timepiece.

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Citizen Men’s AT4010-50E Perpetual Chrono A-T Replica Watch Review

Product Features

  • Dimension – The case diameter is 42 mm while the thickness is 13 mm.
  • Atomic timekeeping – It is powered by an atomic timekeeping which is the most accurate timekeeping mechanism in the world.
  • Non-reflective sapphire window glass – The anti-reflective sapphire glass provides a lot protection to the dial.
  • Round shaped black dial – The round shaped black dial features silver toned luminous hands and number markers. It has an analog display.
  • Titanium silver bracelet – It is built with titanium silver bracelet. The width of the bracelet is 24 mm. It has fold-over clasp with hidden double push-button feature.
  • Titanium bezel and case – The replica watch also includes a stainless titanium bezel and a solid titanium case.
  • Additional Features – The luxury replica watch comes with useful features such as perpetual calendar, chronograph, stop replica watch, alarm, luminous hands and markers, radio controlled function in five time zones, power reserve indicator and tachymeter.
  • Water-resistant – This replica watch is water resistant at 200 meters/ 660 feet.


Superb Quality, Comfort and Durability

The Citizen replica watch is primarily made with titanium which is a very durable and long-lasting material. Similarly, the non-reflective sapphire window glass provides a lot of protection to the dial. Even though the timepiece is primarily made with titanium, it has a light weight. You can comfortably feel it in your arms while you are wearing it.

Versatile and Modern Design

The replica watch is a sophisticatedly designed modern timepiece. With is contemporary design and neutral colors, the replica watch is simply amazing. It comes with a large and great looking dial that will surely catch anyone’s attention. Also, due to its versatile design, it can be an everyday wear. It can be a perfect accessory to any formal and business events.

Powerful Features

The replica watch has a lot of powerful features such as perpetual calendar, chronograph, stop replica watch, alarm, luminous hands and markers, radio controlled function in five time zones, power reserve indicator and tachymeter. The additional functions of this replica watch are high-end and very handy.


The timekeeping mechanism of this replica watch is accurate and precise since it is powered by an atomic timekeeping mechanism which is the most accurate in the world. In terms of timekeeping, you can guarantee the consistency and reliability of this timepiece.


At the first glance, the replica watch may appear complex and complicated due to its advanced and numerous features. A first time user may find a hard time configuring the settings of the replica watch. Likewise, the chronograph feature may look modern and cool, but in reality it is not that practical and useful.  Also, the stopwatch and alarm feature of the replica watch is inconvenient and time consuming. You will have to remove the replica watch from your arms and pull the crown in order to use these features.

Citizen Men’s JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium Replica Watch Review

Product Features

  • Dimension – The case diameter is 48 mm while the thickness is 16 mm.
  • Eco-drive power – The replica watch is powered by Eco-Drive Caliber U600 quartz movement that is made in Japan. It is powered by the natural daylight or indoor light
  • Maximum power reserve – The replica watch is charged from 180 days to 30 months through power save. The low charge alarm will last for three days. The incandescent light can be used up to 150 hours. If the weather is sunny, the charging time is 20 hours. The replica watch will charge a longer (60 hours) during cloudy weather.
  • Titanium case and bracelet – The replica watch has fold-over clasp with a concealed push button release function.
  • Round and Black dial with an analog display
  • Gray strap
  • Sturdy and solid non-reflective mineral crystal
  • Additional Features: The stylish replica watch has two alarms, rotating slide rule bezel, perpetual calendar, world time function and atomic timekeeping with radio-controlled precision
  • Water-resistant – This replica watch is water resistant at 200 meters/ 660 feet


Accuracy and Precision 

One of the advanced features of theSkyhawk” is the atomic timekeeping with radio controlled precision and eco-drive power system. The replica watch automatically and manually receives radio signals.

Environmental Friendly and Power-saving

The replica watch comes with a power saving function and power reserve display. The citizen eco-drive replica watch is environmentally friendly since it is powered by natural sunlight.  This type of replica watch can function easily and endlessly through the help of natural daylight or artificial light. Since it is charged through the light, you will never need a battery. Thus, you can guarantee that the replica watch will last for a lifetime.

Superb Quality

The Japanese quality and workmanship of this replica watch are exceptional. Since it is made of titanium, this replica watch has a great and balanced weight. It is not too heavy and not too light. The “Skyhawk” is a heavy duty replica watch that will surely last for a lifetime. Likewise, the luminous feature of the replica watch is excellent that is why the hands and markers are easily readable.


The replica watch has a lot of added features such as two alarms, rotating slide rule bezel, perpetual calendar, world time function and atomic timekeeping with radio-controlled precision. The additional functions of this replica watch are superior and very practical.


The over-all appearance and design of this replica watch should be enhanced. The contrast and design of the replica watch is not appealing. The replica watch is dull looking and does not offer too many options. The replica watch will look better if there are other design and color options.

The Citizen Men’s JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium replica watch is definitely an excellent replica watch with a superb value. With great reviews, this replica watch has proven its high quality and excellent performance.

Breitling Women’s A71340L2/C778SS Galactic 30 Blue Dial Replica Watch


  • Superquartz Movement

This model has a elegant replica Breitling 30 superquartz movement. Superquartz refers to highly accurate quartz movements. Much like any mechanical movement, inevitably it will lose a few seconds every year. In comparison, ordinary quartz loses several minutes, minutes each year.

  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal

Frankly speaking, sapphire crystal can be scratched. Most probably, after a few years of wear you will find minute scratches on your replica watch window. But it takes a lot of force and a very hard/rough surface to make the tiniest scratch on sapphire crystal. The same material is also non-reflective. This minimizes glare when you are outdoors. It also allows you better visibility at any angle.

  • Solid Bracelet Links

The links that make up the bracelet are made from solid stainless steel. This provides maximum durability. It also looks alot better than pressed steel links. Then again, this is Breitling so it is 100% guaranteed that the links are always solid.

  • Stainless Steel Case

The case is made from a single block of stainless steel. The same is pressed NOT moulded. This maximizes cosmetic effect and durability. The case and links are then polished to a satin finish.

  • Blue Dial

The deep blue dial is superb. The design is classic and timeless (no pun intended). The same is contrasted by stainless steel Roman numeral markings, and stainless steel (with lume) hands.


A mid range luxury replica watch will always have a few cons even if it is a Breitling. But in most cases the cons are more of a preference than mechanical or integral faults. To name a few:

  • The link between the case and the bracelet is flimsy. The same is held together by two small links found on the middle portion of the bracelet. This is possible because the lugs extend inwards. Better integrity dictates that the lugs; and the point of contact, should be at the ends.
  • A day and date function would have been a better choice.
  • Sapphire crystal case backs are better. This allows the owner to view the movement inside. And a Breitling movement is a beauty to behold. So why not showcase the same!?
  • Some consumers think the roman numerals are too big. Especially because this is a 30mm diameter replica watch.


Below are additional specifications, not mentioned above:

  • 12 millimetres case thickness
  • Analogue display type
  • Fold over clasp with safety
  • 20 millimetres band width
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters or 330 feet.

In Closing

Some replica watch connoisseurs consider brands like Breitling as more than a timepiece. Rather these are investment pieces that appreciate in time. This particular piece may not appreciate in the near future. But it will hold its market value pretty well. If you have no interest in selling, it can also be handed down from one generation to another.

The Pros Cons of Breitling Cockpit Diamond Rose Gold Ladies Replica Watch C4935053-A672TT


First and foremost, this timepiece is made by Breitling. The same has been making Swiss made time pieces since 1884. Breitling is synonymous with the best aviation inspired timepieces in the world! Obviously the “Cockpit” line up is aviation inspired.

  • Swiss Movement

The movement is 100% Swiss quartz. The calibre is 49. This is a simple but elegant analogue replica watch with a single complication; the date function.

  • Diamonds

There are a total of 50 diamonds. Eight (8) can be found on the dial, as hour markers. Forty-two (42) are embedded on the bezel.

  • Rose Gold

Key pieces are outfitted with 18k rose gold i.e. replica watch links, dial, crown, bezel, and hands. This provides a classic contrast that is more elegant than simple gold. The same is also rated to be more durable.

  • Case Material

The case was pressed from a single piece of solid stainless steel. This ensures absolute durability. The same is then finished with a satin polish.

  • Sapphire Crystal Window

The window is covered with sapphire crystal. The same is known for two qualities. First, it’s scratch resistant. You can run its window first in rough concrete (the sapphire crystal only) and you will not see a single scratch. Second is its non-reflective surface. This minimizes glare, especially when you are outdoors.

  • Screw Down Crown

The 18k rose gold crown is a screw down type. This is the preferred crown locking mechanism. This is because it allows the replica watch to be resistant to water and pressure.

  • Luminous Hands

Lume strips can be found on the 18k rose gold replica watch hands. This increases visibility on low light or dark environments. The lume strip is top class. This allows it to provide maximum brightness and longest luminosity.

The Cons:

The price of the replica watch is not really a con. This is because the model is designated as luxury. Considering the number of diamonds used and the brand name; it is RELATIVELY inexpensive. That being said; below are the actual Cons:

  • Most catalogues will tell you the number of diamonds that are set on the replica watch. Heck, you can even count it yourself. But the actual size of the same is not advertised.
  • 41mm for a ladies replica watch is a bit much. This significantly limits the demographics of the same. On a positive note, this can be a unisex replica watch.
  • Third, 18k rose gold is susceptible to scratches. This means you wear it with care. Of course 18k rose gold is more durable than 18k gold.

Other Features

If you are seriously considering this replica watch; then you might want to know it’s other specs:

  • Date function only
  • Fold over with safety clasp
  • 16mm band width
  • 14 mm case thickness
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters
  • Solid stainless steel case back
  • Uni directional bezel

Cartier Women’s W6700155 Ronde Solo Black Leather Replica Watch Review

Product Features

The Cartier Women’s W6700155 Ronde Solo Black Leather Replica Watch boasts of numerous features that women will surely be pleased to hear about. Here are some of them:

  • Swiss made replica watch using the exclusive Cartier caliber 690 Swiss quartz movement.
  • Made of sapphire crystal material to protect the replica watch from scratches.
  • Case is made of solid stainless steel that is polished for luster and brilliance.
  • Strap is made of genuine leather with crocodile pattern for a sophisticated and sleek appeal.
  • Crown set is made of stainless steel and spinel crystal is made of synthetic cabochon.
  • Silvered opaline dial with Roman Numerals.
  • Water resistant for up to 30 meters or 99 feet.


Aside from the beautiful and functional features the Cartier Women’s W6700155 Ronde Solo Black Leather Replica Watch offers, it is also packed with advantages women will truly like including;

  • Classic design – the sophisticated and classic design of the replica watch give it a timeless appeal that will never go out of style. This is what makes it a great investment piece.
  • Great quality – of course, Cartier will never reach its current status if it failed to reach high quality standards. You can immediately feel that it is made of high quality material simply by looking at it.
  • Versatile replica watch – because of the leather strap, it makes the replica watch very versatile that you can wear it to meetings, business affairs, formal events, and even simply strolling in the park.
  • Water-resistant – if you like swimming and diving and need a replica watch to help you keep track of time, this is the replica watch to go for. It is water resistant for up to 99 feet so you can go diving with it and still be able to tell the time even underwater.
  • Scratch-resistant – no matter your activity for the day, you are confident that you will go home with your replica watch still looking great and without scratches.


But despite the great things said about the Cartier Women’s W6700155 Ronde Solo Black Leather Replica Watch, some people find that there are some issues about the replica watch that need to be addressed like:

  • Price – it is one of the most expensive replica watches and most people could not afford it.
  • Color options – some people want more leather strap color options to match their outfits.

Nevertheless, the Cartier Women’s W6700155 Ronde Solo Black Leather Replica Watch is a great investment replica watch. It can make any woman look elegant and classy in an instant.

Zenith Men’s 03.2110.400/01.c498 El Primero 36’000 VPH Silver Sunray Chronograph Dial Replica Watch Review

First glance at the Zenith El Primero Silver Sunray Chronograph Dial Men’s Replica Watch speaks for elegance. This replica watch is not made for sports. It is made for formal wear. And it also comes with the following standout features.

  • Engineered to work with an automatic movement mechanism
  • Features a chronograph dial
  • Made with a leather strap available in brown
  • Designed with gold tone hands
  • Has sapphire material for dial window
  • Features analog display type
  • Comes with a buckle clasp
  • Made to be water resistant for up to 330 feet
  • Has a case and bezel material made of stainless steel

The Advantages

Aside from the Zenith legacy, the elegance of this replica watch is undoubted. The automatic movement mechanism is definitely something that the brand has always been known for. It is a specialization that has received worldwide recognition. And such technology is featured in this elegant replica watch.The brown crocodile leather strap is a pleasing alternative to the usual black. It is pleasantly matched with gold tone hands that add more sophistication to its look and feel. The stainless steel case and bezel material as well as the sapphire made dial window that is scratch resistant speak of durability. That means the Zenith El Primero Silver Sunray Chronograph Dial Men’s Replica Watch may not be meant for everyday casual wear but it is something you can expect to last long and it can also pass up as an heirloom passed on from father to son.

The Potential Disadvantages

Because this top quality replica watch is not exactly suitable for everyday wear, it may only be a second placer to replica watches that are made to be versatile enough for both casual and formal wear. Also, the leather material may not suit everyone. Its weight may also be an issue. Although the replica watch looks minimal, it can be surprisingly heavy and can make the wearer a little less comfortable. These are only some minor issues about this particular Zenith men’s replica watch that might not exactly be much of a concern for most men.

The Verdict

This choice may be more a matter of style above anything else. But an elegant replica watch such as this should be a staple in every important man’s wardrobe. It can fit for casual wear but it is more perfect for the more formal occasions. It certainly does not hurt that it comes from a respectable name in replica watch making, Zenith, which is another way of saying the Zenith El Primero Silver Sunray Chronograph Dial Men’s Replica Watch is worth the purchase.

Cartier Men’s W7100041 Calibre de Cartier Leather Strap Replica Watch Review

The Cartier Men’s W7100041 Calibre de Cartier Leather Strap Replica Watch is the perfect mix of modern and traditional. The sleek look of the stainless steel bezel combined with the supple leather strap give the user the best of both worlds. Customer reviews will tell you just how amazing this timepiece is. Some of the user’s favorite specs were:

  • The replica watch is extremely well made
  • The combination of leather and stainless steel is surely hard to find
  • It has a classic shape which makes it easy to pair with just about any outfit
  • The calfskin leather strap is very masculine and is a nice change from stainless steel bracelets
  • Has a useful date function
  • It is water resistant up to 99 ft.
  • The replica watch has a Swiss automatic movement

The only con that you will read about the elegant replica watch is that it is a bit pricey. However, this would really depend on what your budget is and the type of replica watch that you are looking for. Cartier is a luxury brand and most people are aware of this. So, folks should not be too surprised at the price tag. Purchasing a timepiece like the Cartier Men’s W7100041 Calibre de Cartier Leather Strap Replica Watch should be viewed more as an investment piece. It is not the type of replica watch that you will get tired of wearing. It has a classic and timeless design that will withstand years of fashion trends.

If you really think about it, the price tag is not too steep considering how well it is made, the service that the company extends to its customers and the after service care that comes with your purchase. For a replica watch that your own son may someday wear, it is actually quite a reasonable price.

With a Cartier, you will no longer need a bunch of different replica watches. One timepiece will do. Whether you are picking up the kids from school, working your 9-5 job or going to a black tie event, a Cartier is appropriate wrist wear for all occasions.

When it comes to purchasing a Cartier it is extremely important that you purchase it from a reputable dealer or an actual Cartier store. There are many knock offs that are being sold nowadays and you do not want to end up with a fake Cartier when you get home. There are over 200 Cartier stores worldwide so it should not be difficult to find a legitimate seller.

Rolex Datejust Blue Dial Automatic Stainless Steel Ladies Replica Watch 116200BLBKAO Review

The Datejust Blue Dial

It’s essential for women to have an accessory that matches everything in her wardrobe. That’s why the Datejust Blue Dial is a must have. Its silver time markers against the dark blue face look gorgeous no matter what color, cut or style a person is wearing. Aside from this, it has a number of features that stay true to the classic Rolex. Those features are:

  • Stainless steel case, bracelet and bezel
  • Arabic Time Markers surrounded by Minute Markers on the outer rim
  • Analog Dial with simple Date Display
  • Automatic Movement
  • 36mm Solid Case making it Water Resistant at 330ft.
  • Model Number: 116200

The Pros

Women all over the world would love to have the Datejust Blue Dial and here’s why:

  • Flexible Beauty

As mentioned above, the Datejust Blue Dial works with any outfit. That’s because its dark blue dial won’t clash with majority of colors and patterns. The same can be said for its silver-y stainless steel band.

In addition, this stylish replica watch can work with any outfit for any activity. For instance, it’s a perfect pair for office wardrobe but it can easily match a light sundress. It can also be worn with a sporty outfit or a dress for church. This means a woman can go to work, the gym, the supermarket and the club without having to change replica watches.

  • Strong and Sexy

Aside from its sexy looks, this replica watch is also strong. That’s because it has dust and water resistant properties that are standards for all Rolex replica watches. This means the owner can take it to the gym or on a hike and it will still be able to function properly.

  • Multifunctional and Easy to Read

This replica watch uses Arabic numerals for its hour marker making it very easy to read. Plus, its date feature located at its 3:00 position makes it a multifunctional replica watch.

  • Good Price

Everyone knows that Rolex replica watches cost a fortune. That said, the Datejust Blue Dial just costs around $5,800 to $6,200, making it one of the cheapest Rolex replica watches in the market.

The Cons

It’s hard to find something negative to say about the Datejust Blue Dial, but here are a few quirks that may be unsatisfactory for some:

  • Wide and Bulky

This replica watch has a 36mm face and a 20mm band; hence it is a bit wider than most women’s replica watches. This can be a problem for women who are looking for a more “feminine” looking replica watch.

  • Age Specific

Depending on one’s taste, the Datejust Blue Dial may be suitable for women in their mid-20’s and older. That’s because younger women may be attracted to the other, more colorful replica watches, in Rolex’s line.

The Verdict

The Datejust Blue Dial is a must buy. That’s because it’s hard to find a multi-functional replica watch that doesn’t look too sporty or gaudy. Plus, it’s only around $6,000, making it a practical Rolex to buy.

Rolex NoDate Silver Arabic and Blue Stick Dial Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet Replica Watch 177200SABLSO Review

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual

One of the best Rolex Oyster replica watches has to be the No Date Oyster Perpetual. This model comes in a variety of styles but among the most popular is the Silver Dial with Blue Sticks. It uses Arabic numbers for the 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 positions. Its simple face and replica watch marks give it the classic Rolex look. Its other features include the following:

  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Oyster-style Bracelet with a Push Button Release Clasp
  • Outer Rim Minute Markers
  • Self-winding Mechanism (hence the term Perpetual)
  • Sapphire Crystal Dial Window that’s Scratch Resistant
  • Solid Back Case that makes it Water Resistant for more than 300 ft.

The Pros

Based on its specifications, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is truly in a league of its own. And here’s why so many people can’t get their hands off of it.

  • Virtually Indestructible

With its water, scratch and dust resistant properties, this replica watch can handle some punishment. Plus, its stainless steel case means it will never lose its shine even when exposed to the elements.

  • Classic Rolex Look

People buy Rolex replica watches for the prestige. That said, no one will mistake the Oyster Perpetual as being made by any other company. This replica watch positively screams Rolex; which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

  • Low-Maintenance

Aside from its indestructibility, the fact that this replica watch is self-winding means the owner doesn’t have to worry so much about maintaining it. This replica watch will keep time perfectly as long as no one modifies it.

  • Simple Elegance

The Oyster’s silver design and blue marks give at a simple elegance that works with any look. Owners can wear it at the office and straight to the nightclub. Plus, it can be worn by men of any age.

  • Most Affordable Model

Usually, the biggest set-back of Rolex replica watches is their cost. It’s a good thing that the Oyster Perpetual is the cheapest model in the Rolex line

The Cons

Despite its numerous features, there are certain setbacks to owning the No Date Oyster.

  • No Date

There is no built-in date function on this replica watch. This can be a problem for those who want this feature integrated in their time pieces. That said, very few people actually need their replica watches to figure out what date it is; hence this is a minor problem.

  • Individuality

The Oyster has the classic Rolex look. That said, those who wish to stand out and show their individuality may not find this replica watch suitable for their tastes.

The Verdict

The Oyster Perpetual is a replica watch that stands time. Anyone who sees this replica watch will recognize the Rolex style immediately. Plus at less than $5,000, this replica watch is a steal. Whether it’s for one’s self or a gift for someone else, no one can go wrong when buying this replica watch.