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3rd June, 2016, winter is here


Your boy Jon Snow may have been banging on about it for some time, but winter’s finally arrived here in the southern hemisphere. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, Harvey Norman’s electric blanket aisle will have been decimated, so don’t leave your run too late. That’s the weekend taken care of, but what of the week that was? Well, this:

What happened


After an unveiling in January, A. Lange & Söhne has released the Saxonia Thin in two sizes: 37mm and 40mm. At just 5.9mm high, it’s the slimmest piece they offer, but the big news is the RRP. At $22,000, the 37mm chap has stormed in as the brand’s new entry level replica watch – and trust us, it’s an unbelievably good piece at that price.

What really mattered


happier times for TayTay



And, to round out the theme, we welcomed our first ever Content Director to Time+Tide, in the shape of Ms Ceri David, who spent the week falling down a rabbit hole of replica watches, and may well devote next week trying to clamber out. Good luck with it. (Resistance is futile. We’ve got you now. Cackle.)

It’s been a week of beginnings and endings. Firstly, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up. So there’s that. Meanwhile, after 17 illustrious years as president of Omega, Stephen Urquhart retired on Wednesday. It’s the end of an era and we at T+T will miss the silver fox, though we’re also looking forward to seeing where his successor, Raynald Aeschlimann, takes things.

The week in numbers

2: Seasons straddled

1000: Celebratory drinks partaken of to toast the newly upsized T+T team

50: Cyclists in a room at the Tudor-Rapha soiree we attended, though thankfully…

200+: Omega boutiques opened by Stephen Urquhart during his tenure


0: …of them was wearing lycra

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