EDITOR’S PICK: 5 things just as thin as the replica Piaget Altiplano (example, 52 sheets of paper)

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on T+T back in 2014, and two years on, thin is still an important frontier of excellence in replica watchmaking. Bulgari is pushing the boundaries of just how slender minute repeaters and tourbillons can get, while over in Germany, Nomos has developed their own slender workhorse of a movement. But Piaget is still the clear leader of the pack, and it never hurts to remind yourself of just how thin these replica watches really are. 


There it is, in all its slender beauty

Thin is in. In fact we’ll go so far as to say that thin is the big new replica watch trend, especially in the gospel according to Piaget.

Brands are now demonstrating their technical know-how in a race to use as little space as humanly, or mechanically possible. And one of the leaders in this game is the refined team over at Piaget.

Piaget 1208P Movement

The 1208P automatic movement – razor thin.

Their Altiplano Ultra-Thin, is currently the world’s thinnest automatic replica watch, regaining the title from the other kings of thin, Jaeger-LeCoultre. It measures in at a super-slim 5.25 millimetres. That’s the entire replica watch mind you. Not just the 1208P movement (that’s a grand total of 2.35mm thin).

The Piaget Altiplano 900P - currently the world's thinnest production replica watch

The Piaget Altiplano 900P – currently the world’s thinnest production (mechanical) replica watch.

And this isn’t even their thinnest replica watch – that honour goes to the manually winding Altiplano 900P (an extraordinary 3.65mm thin) which manages to integrate the movement, dial and case into one cohesive element. Very clever stuff.

Hello Piaget, We would snap your tiny replica watch!

The Expendables: should wear Piaget Altiplano 900Ps to make themselves look even more gigantic

However, it must be said that thin isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain wrist to pull of the look. Can you imagine Sly and the gang from the Expendables rocking Altiplanos? No. Neither can we. They’d probably snap them, just by reaching for a cup of coffee. But even Arnie would admire the technical mastery required to achieve this sort of thinness.

To visualise just how thin this time-telling machine is we’ve put together a quick list of household objects that are just as thin.

5 things that are as thin as the Piaget Altiplano.

NUMBER 5: 52 (and a half) sheets of copy paper.


On which we could write love poems to the beauty of the Altiplano.

NUMBER 4: Not as thick as a couple of two dollar coins (6.4mm thick)

1988 Australia 2 Dollars copy

You’ll need a few more than two to be able to buy one though.

NUMBER 3: A little bit thicker than two SD cards (4.2mm)

SanDisk SD Cards

 We’d fill them up with gorgeous photo’s of blink and you’ll miss them thin replica watches.

NUMBER 2: 1.75 millimetres thinner than the current iPad Air (7.5mm)


Actually, that’s pretty impressive.

NUMBER 1:  Just over 5 Time+Tide business cards.


Thin replica watch, thick card stock.

Review Limelight Dancing Light From The Seasons Of Luxury Piaget

Jewelry house replica Piaget presents a new collection of replica watches Limelight Dancing Light, consisting of four models – one for each season. Masters of Piaget showed truly unprecedented skill, creating a mechanism for actuating the rotating elements of the design. Made of gold decorative elements depict the symbols of the seasons and the circle around the arrows. The case of this watch with a diameter 39 mm mounted on a white satin strap.

Piaget  Limelight Dancing Light

Open up a collection of stylish replica watches that symbolize spring. Graceful butterflies are made of polished gold or gold with precious stones, were placed on the dial, which is decorated with mother of pearl. Clocks, symbolize summer, decorated with golden figures of bees, which are “flying” over the poppy field on the background of sky-blue mother of pearl. In the motion picture of all the leads a powerful movement. Autumn leaves decorated with a model made ​​of polished or inlaid with precious stones of various shades of gold (white, pink and yellow).

Piaget  Limelight Dancing Light

The last item collection – winter hours, which the main characters are snowflakes made ​​of polished and adorned with jewels of gold. Snowfall looks great on pale blue mother of pearl dial that looks like a piece of ice. Some of the pigment flakes struck svetonakopitelny Superluminova, through which they twinkle at night.

Piaget  Limelight Dancing Light

Got Hooked On Piaget Replica Watches 31st Annual Spirit Awards

For the ninth consecutive year, Piaget co-hosted the Film Independent Spirit Awards, a star-studded affair paying tribute to the top performers, writers, directors and producers in independent film. The event attracted the biggest names in Hollywood including honorary chair and Piaget international brand ambassador, Jessica Chastain, as well as stars of the most notable independent films such as Cate Blanchett, Brie Larson, Rooney Mara, Idris Elba, Jason Segel and Paul Dano among others.

The Extremely Piaget Replica Watches jewelry collection was the ultimate accessory for the day’s brightest stars. Jessica Chastain who wore an 18-carat white gold necklace set with sapphire beads, emeralds and diamonds. Presenter Jessica Biel chose an 18-carat white gold Extremely Piaget ear cuff with diamonds and sapphires with an Extremely Piaget 18-carat white gold diamond ring and two 18-carat white gold Possession rings.

Piaget Replica Watches 31st Annual Spirit Awards

Piaget’s Possession and Rose jewelry collections were also once again a favorite amongst the afternoon’s leading women. Brie Larson, the Spirit Award winner for her role in ‘Room’, dazzled in Piaget’s newest 18-carat white gold and diamond Possession bracelets with matching Possession rings and a set of Piaget Rose earrings. Presenter Emilia Clarke opted for a pair of 18-carat rose gold Rose earrings with rose gold Possession and Rose rings. ‘Anomalisa’ nominee, Jennifer Jason Leigh, wore a Piaget Limelight timepiece with a Piaget Rose ring and Dree Hemingway chose a set of Piaget Rose earrings and a Piaget Possession ring.

Once again, the Piaget Altiplano was the preferred timepiece for Hollywood’s leading men. Nominees Ben Mendelsohn and Paul Dano both chose the ultra-thin timepiece to pair with their red carpet looks. Mendelsohn, nominated for Best Male Lead in ‘Mississipi Grind’, wore the 40mm Piaget Altiplano Date in 18-carat rose gold, while Paul Dano, nominated for Best Supporting Male in ‘Love & Mercy’, wore his own 40mm Piaget Altiplano in 18-carat white gold. Presenter Anthony Mackie opted for a limited edition Piaget Emperador Coussin in 18-carat white gold.

Piaget Replica Watches 31st Annual Spirit Awards

Haitian–Swiss model, Alizée Gaillard, chose an Extremely Piaget necklace, former Miss Switzerland, Lauriane Gilliéron, wore the new Limelight Gala Milanese with a set of Extremely Piaget earrings, and her sister, Melody Gilliéron, wore a set of Couture Précieuse earrings.

Recognized for her contributions to Independent Film, Mel Eslyn was the recipient of the Piaget Producer’s Award. Presented by honorary chair, Jessica Chastain, the award features a $25,000 grant and is given to emerging producers who demonstrate creativity, tenacity and vision, and produce quality independent films, despite limited resources.

Piaget Replica Watches 31st Annual Spirit Awards

Following the awards ceremony, Piaget joined Film Independent in hosting the first ever official after party, toasting the achievements of the day. Winners, nominees and friends of the Maison, joined Philippe Leopold-Metzger in Piaget’s exclusive backstage VIP lounge to celebrate the maison’s support of independent film and emerging talent, while taking a peak at the latest Piaget creations.