In 1933 Heuer produced its first Autavia chronograph, used as an on-board counter in car races. Its name comes from the contraction of “automobile” and “aviation”. It reappeared 30 years later when Jack Heuer created the first Autovia chronograph wrist replica watch in 1962. Much appreciated by racing drivers, especially by the German-Austrian F1 driver Jochen Rindt (1942-1970), whose last name was given to the replica watch as a nickname, the Autavia timepiece has been brought to life for a second time this year.

tag heuer autavia closeup

In 2016, TAG Heuer organised a kind of online contest during which 50 000 participants were asked to choose which replica watch to recreate from among 16 Autavia models. And it was the Autavia “Rindt” from 1966 that won the vote. But although it has kept some of its more striking signs, such as the revolving bezel and the white counters, other elements make it different to the fifty-year-old version, especially the size of the model and the mechanism inside it.

The steel case of the Autovia has gone from 39mm in diameter to 42. It is topped by a notched and revolving bezel, including a black aluminium ring inscribed with a 12-hour scale. The replica watch is waterproof down to 100m, and the case back is fitted with a sapphire glass window partially unveiling its mechanism. This an automatic mechanical movement made by TAG Heuer, the calibre Heuer-02, which provides the various hour, calendar and chronograph functions while supplying a big power reserve of 80 hours.

On the black dial, with its white second markers, the applied metal indices have been highlighted with a luminous beige coating. The hour markers are crossed by two stick-type hands showing the hours and minutes. The seconds are set apart, in one of three white and blue counters, brought together with the date at 6 o’clock. The chronograph, meanwhile, is shared out between the seconds at the centre, the minutes at 3 o’clock and the hours at 9 o’clock.

Price: 4 800 CHF (leather strap) – 4 950 (steel strap) www.tagheuer.com

By Sharmila Bertin

Breguet: Assembly of a TAG Heuer Replica Tourbillon Swiss

The TAG Heuer Connected was presented as the quintessential Swiss luxury fake smartwatch. Today, TAG Heuer announced a fake upgraded model of the Connected, with an extravagant 18K rose gold case.

I’m probably not alone to think Apple Watch when I hear “smartwatch” and “gold” in the same sentence. At $20,000 US the gold Apple Watch was a ridiculous nonsense, and it is now just a bad memory for the guys in Cupertino, with Apple Watch 2, they dropped the gold model. Did fake TAG Heuer felt the need to take up the torch from Apple? It is quite puzzling, given the fact that year-over-year the global smartwatch shipments have declined 51%, and while it is still Apple the leader of the pack, their shipments decreases by 71.6%… Is this really the market that needs a $10k smartwatch? We’ll see…

WP TAG Heuer Connected Rose Gold

At least with the original TAG Heuer Connected, people have the possibility to exchange it after two years to a titanium Carrera Calibre 5. Which is a very good deal! Now, with the Connected Rose Gold, it seems that after the two-year warranty period, you can exchange it to the special edition titanium Carrera Calibre 5 at no extra cost. I’ll let you decide if this is an OK deal or not.

Tag Heuer Opens its New Flagship Store at Palacio Del Hierro Luxury Mall in Polanco

Swiss luxury replica watch brand TAG Heuer continues its dynamic expansion in Latin America and opens its third largest store in the recently open El Palacio de Hierro luxury mall located in Polanco.

Tag Heuer Opens its New Flagship Store at Palacio Del Hierro Luxury Mall in Polanco

The new 63m2 flagship store outstands the TAG Heuer design boutique concept, and invites customers to discover the world of the “Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860”. Developed in-house, the new design illustrates perfectly the brand’s realignment, beautifully underscoring its four universes of expression: sport, lifestyle, art and Expertise& Heritage. Its taut, stylish lines also reflect the concepts of performance, innovation and avant-garde spirit espoused by the brand, as well as its mindset #DontCrackUnderPressure.

This is the 9th store in Latin America and complete the widely spread international retail network of more than 160 boutiques worldwide (including 20 new openings in 2015), located at the best luxury shopping addresses (Paris Champs- Elysees, NY 5th Avenue, Ginza, Geneva, Dubai, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau,…) of the Swiss Avant-Garde Luxury replica watchmaker.

Boutique Address
TAG Heuer Boutique
El Palacio de HierroPolanco – First floor, Mexico City, Mexico
T. +52 1 55 5283 7200 ext. 27245

TAG Heuer Carerra Heuer-01 rose gold/black bezel video review


There’s everything from greyed-out titanium to solid rose gold options on the table, and one of our favourites sits neatly between these two options – the CAR2A5A Heuer-01 with a black titanium case, rose gold dial details and solid rose gold horns. As Sam Sparro could tell you, black and gold is a killer colour combo, and the price is solid too, at $12,200 AUD.Omega Replica Watches

We always knew the Carrera Heuer-01, launched last year, was going to be a major platform for TAG Heuer. A modern, modular replica watch that allows the brand to add and subtract case elements and dial details with ease, it’s really come into its own this year, with six new models released at Baselworld.



TAG Heuer kicks off with the Socceroos in Sydney

Earlier this year TAG Heuer and  (FFA) announced a four-year partnership, with the Swiss brand becoming the official replica watch and timekeeper of the Caltex Socceroos.


Aspiring Socceroos test their speed and accuracy

Breitling Replica Watches
Last night’s friendly match against Greece at Etihad Stadium was a clear example of how soccer (AKA football, in the rest of the world) is a sport where timing is key. For the Greeks, the game was a matter of running out the clock after scoring two goals in the first 20 minutes – including an epic shot from 60m out.

We took the opportunity to find out how goalkeeper Matt Ryan and defender Trent Sainsbury handle the pressure, and how a few seconds can be the difference between winning and losing.

Even thought they didn’t get it over the line last night, we’re sure they’ll be back on form by the time they face Iraq in September for the first of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

20160531 - TAG Heuer Don’t Crack Under Pressure Speed and Accuracy Challenge - Mark Birighitti, Mat Ryan, Tom Rogic, Trent Sainsbury- photo Ken Buttti(0047)

Socceroos Mark Birighitti, Tom Rogic, Trent Sainsbury and Mathew Ryan

It was a different picture last week whens the Socceroos braved the wild Sydney weather to coach several Junior Football clubs in a speed and accuracy challenge, measuring not only their ball skills, but their ability to cope under pressure. The winners on the day were the Rockdale City Suns.

From the Socceroos’ perspective, it was a game punctuated by split-second decisions, including Trent Sainsbury’s quick header of a rebounded ball in the 58th minute. It was a worthy goal, but not enough for the locals to even the score, resulting in a 2-1 loss at the final whistle.


EVENT: Replica TAG Heuer La Nuit de la Glisse – Don’t Crack Under Pressure


A chilly Monday night was no deterrent for the Australian premiere of La Nuit de la Glisse – Don’t Crack Under Pressure at Event Cinemas Bondi Junction yesterday. Stars including actor and national treasure Bryan Brown and model Kate Peck walked the red carpet ahead of the feature-length extreme sports documentary, made in partnership with TAG Heuer.


Director Thierry Donard gave some fascinating insight into the work that went into it – not least that one of the stars kept his face covered for the entire trip as his mother would kill him if she finds out he’s an extreme athlete. Even the bravest among us are scared of their mums – and rightly so.


Exploring the thrills and personalities involved in the some of the world’s most dangerous sports, from free-diving to wing suit flying and everything in between, filming saw the crew roam from Norway to French Polynesia, Hawaii and the Swiss Alps to tangle with sharks, avalanches and heart-stompingly big waves.

EDITOR’S PICK: Got any blacker? The Replica TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom

Editor’s Note: Years before they disrupted convention with affordable tourbillons and smartwatches, TAG Heuer was breaking new ground, with the technically challenging, belt-driven Monaco V4. We take a closer look at the blacker-than-black Phantom version. 

TAG-Heuer-Heuer-Monaco-v4-phantom-10One of the most overused words in the luxury replica watch industry is ‘icon’. If you believed Swiss marketing departments then almost every replica watch from every brand is an iconic piece. The real deal is far more scarce. And things get speculative when we start talking about ‘modern icons’ – as a rule of thumb it takes a good generation or two for an object to transcend the everyday and become iconic. Even the marketing magnate that now helms TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver, pled caution when pundits declared Hublot’s Big Bang an ‘instant icon’ in 2005. His message was, bluntly, let’s talk about that in 20 years. Even by this measure, the TAG Heuer Monaco V4, which has been around since 2004 is on the right track for bona fide icon status.

TAG-Heuer-Heuer-Monaco-v4-phantom-9So what makes the V4 special? Well, when the replica watch announced as a concept replica watch 11 years ago it was revolutionary. The V4 looked more like a car than a replica watch, with its angled ‘V’ main plate and four barrels (hence the V4 name). But the V4 is more than just a regular Monaco with some automative-inspired design tweaks. Kinetic energy is not generated by an oscillating weight, but rather by a linear weight (that you can see in the centre of the movement). What’s more, this energy is not transmitted through the replica watch by common gears, but rather by a system of incredibly small belts. Ironing out the kinks in these 0.07mm thick belts is something that took TAG Heuer five years, when they felt confident enough make the replica watch commercially available. Since that time the V4 has been released in a range of variants, and the model holds a special place in the upper echelons of TAG Heuer’s catalogue.

TAG-Heuer-Heuer-Monaco-v4-phantom-11Which brings us to the Monaco V4 Phantom – the latest version of this high-tech timepiece. As you might suspect from the model name, this V4 Phantom is a black beauty. While the internals are structurally unchanged from previous versions, the seven dial bridges are made from Carbon Matrix Composite (CMC), which adds some richness and depth to the replica watch, something often lacking in all black pieces. It should be noted that the finish of the dial bridges in the press picture looks very different to that in our Baselworld photos – I suspect that is because the replica watch we were shown in Basel is a pre-production prototype, and may not feature the CMC dial of the final version. The classic Monaco shaped case is also made from this special carbon material. CMC is a material appropriated by TAG Heuer from the aerospace industry, a mix of carbon fibres and epoxy. The result is a strong, light material (the replica watch only weighs 98 grams). Forged carbon materials like this are very trendy in replica watches at the moment, and the V4 Phantom is a particularly good-looking execution.



The press picture of the Phantom V4.

The overall package is a replica watch that looks mean – the sleek black finishes, accentuated only by the glinting red of the movement’s rubies, combined with the avant-garde architecture of the V4 all adds up to a piece that feels almost sinister on the wrist. In the best possible way.

TAG-Heuer-Heuer-Monaco-v4-phantom-2The other big story about the V4 Phantom is that its had a significant price cut. The retail is just over $60,000 which makes it the most affordable V4 thus far, about half the price of the original release. The reason for this is tied to Jean-Claude Biver’s aggressive strategy for making the brand more accessible. In previous years, TAG Heuer, under the direction of Mr Guy Semon excelled at making some of the advanced precision timing replica watches ever seen, in replica watches like the Mikrogirder and Mikrotimer. Under Biver’s strategy the brand will not focus on this level of Haute Horlogerie timepieces, instead trickling down the technologies learned in these pieces to wider collections. This means that the V4 now represents the most advanced production piece in the TAG Heuer catalogue, and the pricing has been adjusted to keep it in line with other collections.

TAG-Heuer-Heuer-Monaco-v4-phantom-8The Monaco V4 is a replica watch that genuinely captures the spirit of TAG Heuer – an innovative design with clear automotive roots and powered by genuine technological innovations. In years and generations to come, I’m sure the V4 will be seen held up alongside the Calibre 11 Carreras as a genuine icon of horology.

TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom Australian pricing

The V4 Phantom has an indicative price of $61,000.

Original Images by Kristian Dowling/Time+Tide Images.

Cheap And Elegant Tag Heuer Carrera Lady Replica Watches Hands On

Lasting motherly love, after years of experience and the wind and rain wash away, in the long river of time luster diminished. Life began, carrying the everlasting legend, highlighting the deep unselfish love. Value occasion of Mother’s Day, why not stop busy pace, to combine work hard mother families offer warmth blessing. Swiss pioneer in the luxury replica watches brand Tag Heuer TAG Heuer selection of “Time” gift portrait of maternal love, bring the wrist bright for every mother, when the streamer freeze lasting for scoring Pierre.

Tag Heuer Carrera Lady Replica

Motherhood Pan Jian timeless but still bright colorful, cheap TAG Heuer replica Carrera Lady Tiger Heuer Carrera Calibre 9 automatic wristwatch called the great maternal love song of praise. Which swiss replica watches classic atmosphere combined with black dial sapphire crystal case back, but also equipped with features superb Calibre 9 movement, precise timing guarantees exceptional quality, adhering to the Swiss watchmaking fine polishing, so that every mother in the sun and the moon rotary maintain elegance.

Tag Heuer Carrera Lady Replica

Warm and motherly passion, TAG Heuer Tiger Ms. Heuer Carrera Lady Carrera Calibre 9 automatic wristwatch into the bold color in the classic style, the intense dark red dial, such as the mother’s fiery hearts, but also for everyday wear the beautiful makeup point. Slim bezel design for the wrist burden, combined with simple hand-inlaid dial date windows, have both beautiful and practical, deserved to become the mother of daily life loyal companionship. Tag Heuer Carrera Ladies replica watches, long-lasting tribute to the beauty of time in the great maternal love.

Hands On Cheap And High Quality Swiss Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica Watch

Tag Heuer is an extremely well-known luxury Swiss brand. The company began in 1869 when Edouard Heuer opened up Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG in St-Imier, Europe. By 1882 Heuer had patented his first chronograph, and also over the following 130 years TAG is a consistent innovator. Hgih Quality Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica Watch offer an array of carefully crafted watches including sports watches and chronographs. You will find numerous very recognisable stars who put on the company including Leonardo Dicaprio and Cameron Diaz.

The company provides a great choice of collections including male and female cheap Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica Watch. I must seriously consider their Grand Carrera collection. This is among the brands particular collection which pays tribute to GT cars. Avant-Garde in design and including pioneering technology, the Grand Carrera is quickly becoming certainly one of TAG Heuer’s most widely used models.

cheap Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica Watch

The best 1:1 Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica collection is inspired through the famous TAG Carrera produced by Jack Heuer. The determination to produce high end cars is matched up by TAG Heuer’s drive to produce the right watch. Timepieces include a C.O.S.C Licensed automatic movement along with a distinctive rotating disc showing permanent seconds at 3 o’clock and chronograph minutes at 9 o’clock.

cheap Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica Watch

This specific piece in the swiss replica tag heuer watches collection includes a rotating system inspired with a GT racing vehicle by getting a ‘dashboard style’ second disc at 6 o’clock. This finally crafted watch has a 40.2mm stainless situation by having an extra-large screw-in crown. This piece includes a black dial with permanent seconds displayed at 6 o’clock with Tag’s exclusive rotating indicator, single date window at 3 o’clock and luminous hands. It features a domed scratch resistant azure very glass front by having an anti-reflective treatment. The timepiece is guaranteed with a stainless-steel bracelet and deployment clasp and it is water-resistant to 100 metres.

The Tag Heuer Grand Carrera collection features watches with much the same features. Searching in the three watches you can observe the truly amazing improvement in appearance of every watch. Exactly what a fabulous watch collection that we believe is placed to be as effective in years to come.

Three new TAG Heuer Carrera replica watches added a new metal bracelet and the perfect fashion show dial

Last year, for the first time at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show debut Carrera Carrera HEUER-01 Tag Heuer replica is iconic chronograph, new fake watches case, new structure, new design and new movement. By 2015, the use of this watch new design, equipped with Calibre 1887 as the prototype and build a new Heuer-01 self-produced movement, using 12 modular structure form, the combination of a variety of materials, colors, and finishes the treatment process creating endless possibilities become HEUER-01 series on which the advent of this new foundation. 2016, based on the 2015 chronology paragraph, already highly successful HEUER-01 series also gives three kinds of new labels.

Metal bracelets first appeared in the HEUER-01 in the series of Swiss fake watches. H-chain bracelet by the blocks, use Carrera style design outline clean lines, the outer link block through the vertical scrub modified, while the intermediate chain block after polishing, grinding and polishing chain blocks alternatively, the perfect package Fashion case. Each segment has been carefully processed individually modified, only the overall assembly of the watch. This watch is also equipped with a double safety mechanism – two-button safety clasp.

TAG Heuer Carrera replica

Stainless steel and titanium watch watches at the same time to choose: this year, Carrera HEUER-01 series of watches to choose from as well as a full stainless steel version, the case and bracelet are made of stainless steel material, giving elegant watch , but stylish aesthetic appearance of motion. This watch designer retains the iconic hollow dial, so that the internal timing control side of the dial plate and red calendar hollow column-wheel at a glance.

Watch the second paragraph of places all-titanium metal building. Titanium is a metal corrosion and high temperature, widely used in various fields of aviation, aerospace, chemistry and medicine. In comparison with the stainless steel material, titanium material is more lightweight, durable steel than twice as high. So lightweight but exudes a unique charm of the titanium material has become a high-tech sports watch of choice. This watch is also known as Calera HEUER-01 gray ghost, gray (Grey) of different shades to show its head, to create a memorable fashion look.

Third paragraph Calera HEUER-01 ceramic and rubber material blend. Case, bezel, lugs and the main case (these parts are exposed to friction) are used with design black ceramic material, in order to minimize signs of wear. The strap with a black rubber strap with textured material design, more rounded curves and unique design complement each other, highlighting the practicality and sense of design HEUER-01 watches. From a technical point of view, in order to ensure that all functional parts are perfectly 100 meters water depth, the watch are made of a stainless steel material, so that the washer can play their respective functions.

Five-year unremitting research and improvement in the achievement of excellence movements HEUER-01 at the same time strictly control production costs, making it the only one in the price between 5000 and 7000 Swiss francs CHF 100 per cent self-produced movement chronograph. H-shaped steel strap or titanium bracelet, the middle of a row of polished and satin-chain block, both sides of the chain block with satin polished edge; or rubber strap. Steel folding clasp or titanium folding clasp with black titanium carbide coated, with safety by the piece.