Raymond Weil Women’s 5399-SPS-00995 Tango Date Two-Tone 44 Diamonds Replica Watch Review


  • A replica watch with a classic silhouette and colors, it’s a must have for people who are expanding their replica watch collection, for someone who wants to give an extravagant gift to their loved one, or to someone who just wants to have a sturdy, reliable replica watch.
  • Made of none other than Swiss quartz movement, you’ll find that there’s nothing to worry about when you’re using this replica watch—no more of those days when you thought you weren’t running late only to find out that your replica watch malfunctioned again. With this replica watch, you’re never going to be fashionably late. You’ll always be fashionably (and quite exquisitely) professional.
  • The size of the replica watch is great as well. With a case diameter of 28 mm, it sits comfortably on your wrist. Have you ever tried on those replica watches that are just annoyingly big, it almost feels like your replica watch arm is paralyzed? Oversized replica watches are great too, but some oversized replica watches weren’t made for comfort. With this replica watch, you’ll be anything but annoyed and troubled.
  • Cheap crystals used in replica watches can be so annoying, especially when it reflects light—so much so that you can’t seem to see a thing. The price tag on this replica watch is not just a waste of hard-earned money—it boasts of anti-reflective sapphire! You’ll never have to squint down and walk around the room back and forth just to see the time. Ever.
  • Who can forget the diamonds on this fashion replica watch? At a whopping 44 pieces, diamonds will not only be your best friend. You can expect this replica watch to be your friend too.


  • Careful where you bump and bang your wrists when you’re wearing this replica watch. you wouldn’t want to lose diamonds that way, right? With all the great features of this replica watch, it’s still not shock or scratch resistant. So although we can trust Raymond Weil to make great quality replica watches, you can never be too careful. It’s hard to replace missing diamonds, not to mention expensive too.
  • For fashionistas who would rather don more modern and pop-inspired clothes, I personally don’t think that this replica watch would sit perfectly with a neon-colored midriff top. This replica watch has a more classic, elegant appeal.
  • As with all other replica watches with a date box, careful with this one. It can be pretty frustrating figuring out if your replica watch is on the 12 midnight already or 12 noon position. It takes some guessing and checking to figure it out. But once you’ve configured the time and the date, youir replica watch is your best secretary throughout the day.