Ebel Women’s 9157428-482050 Beluga Round Diamond Replica Watch Review


  • Made of precise Swiss Quartz movement, this swiss cheap replica watch is not just all spunk. It’s all about functionality as well. With precise Swiss quartz movement, you’re sure never to be late for any important meeting, event, or even for family gatherings. This replica watch will not just vamp up your outfit; it will also help you become the most punctual person there is. In high heels, of course.
  • To make this replica watch even tougher, the face is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Probably the best there is to keep your replica watch looking glamorous and new even after decades of wearing.
  • This replica watch is built to last, not just by the materials, but by the design as well. The replica watch is not just some fashion statement that will be gone in the next couple of months. With a case diameter of 26 mm, this replica watch is a classic that’s built to be loved by you and your daughter and for generations to come.
  • And just when you think that this replica watch can’t get any tougher, it’s also water-resistant for up to 99 feet. This is not only an ideal feature for when you accidentally forget to remove your replica watch before washing your hands, but it’s also great for when you want to wash your replica watch. With water and dishwashing soap, your replica watch will be restored to its old luster.
  • What I also like about this replica watch is that although it has a fairly classic appeal and silhouette, the continuity between the face of the replica watch and the bracelet gives it a subtle fashion updo. It’s not something remarkably in today, but it sure is a fashion statement that will be appreciated for years to come.
  • And of course, who can forget the amount of diamonds on this replica watch? When they said that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” they certainly did not foresee that diamonds would later on be incorporated in luxury replica watches like this. And without letting the lovely appeal of diamonds suffer too. With twenty eight diamonds around the rim of the face, and eight more as hour markers, this Ebel Women’s Beluga Round Diamond Replica Watch will definitely stand out like no replica watch has ever before.
  • It’s simple sophistication that’s rightly done. The amount of diamonds compensates for the small size of the replica watch. In my opinion, this is just right because if a replica watch was in fact oversized and it had diamonds, it would be a sophisticated piece of timeless timepiece anymore.


  • Of course, this replica watch doesn’t come without a hefty price tag. But you’re actually paying for three major things that you don’t often get in one replica watch: Swiss quartz movement, diamonds, and classic sophistication.
  • This replica watch does not have a seconds hand. To me, this is really important because, how else would you be able to adjust the time if you can’t see the seconds, right?