Johan Eric Women’s JE1005-04-001.16 Tondor Tonneau Pave Replica Watch Review


  • This Johan Eric Tondor Tonneau replica watch is a class all on its own. It is intricately adorned by a Pave Swarovski crystal dial replica watch. This feature is the centerpoint of the replica watch, and makes its sophisticated appeal. The face of the replica watch doesn’t have any hour indicators to make way for all the Swarovski crystals, and the hands are a simple silver color to match the whole replica watch. It’s an understated replica watch that’s doesn’t offer much on the color department, but definitely gives so much in the sparkle department.
  • The whole replica watch is made of stainless steel, making it a sturdy replica watch that’s also suitable for everyday use. The bracelet is made of mesh stainless steel, adding to its unique appeal. Unlike most mesh replica watches, however, this Johan Eric Tondor Tonneau replica watch is thicker in width. This Johan Eric replica watch is definitely an eye-catcher.
  • The square face makes this replica watch appear more structured and elegant. It’s also unusual to see a dress replica watch that’s bigger, which makes it the perfect accessory if you’re planning to go minimalist. There’s no need ton of bracelets on your hands and risk making noise when you move your wrist, so I highly recommend this Johan Eric Tondor Tonneu Pave replica watch for all you sophisticated women out there.
  • What’s great about this replica watch is that it’s also water-resistant for up to 30 meters. It’s very rare to see replica watches that are good enough for formal wear to be water-resistant, which is a shame because who would want to take off their replica watch inside the restroom when washing their hands, right? So this Johan Eric Replica Watch really takes the cake.
  • I also like the closure of this replica watch. It’s a fold over clasp, taking away the difficulty of a slipping and sliding bracelet in a buckle closure replica watch. And besides, it’s a mesh replica watch so there’s really no other better way to make sure that it stays in place other than putting a fold over clasp.
  • And another thing that’s great about a fold over clasp is that it’s easy to adjust. With a stainless steel mesh replica watch is that you can adjust it yourself. As long as you get the hang of it, you’ll soon be loving how this replica watch offers a great deal when it comes to providing you with the comfort that you need.


  • This replica watch is not on the functional style. As it gives way to the beauty and elegance of the replica watch, it doesn’t offer anything else but the time. There aren’t any hour indicators, which I find a little useless considering that a replica watch should really help tell time, not make it harder.
  • I don’t see any seconds hand either. This replica watch really does fall short even in telling the time. I find it a tad bit disappointing. This only mans that the replica watch is not for everyday use, especially if you’re one to rely on your replica watch.