Breitling A7338710-BB49SS Men’s Colt Chronograph II Replica Watch

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Product Features:

  • Case – The round stainless steel case measures43 mm wide and 13.45 thick. It has a unidirectional bezel, made with the same material, accentuated with Arabic numerals.
  • Dial – The black dial, protected by sapphire crystal, features white stick hour markers and silver and white luminescent hands. It has three sub dials displaying 60-second, 12-hours and 1/10 of a second along with a date and tachymeter.
  • Band – The stainless steel bracelet, 22 mm wide, has a fold clasp for closure.
  • Movement – This timekeeper is powered by quartz movement.
  • Water resistance – This replica watch offers a water resistance of 330 meters or 990 feet.


  • Thanks to the versatility of this timepiece brought about by its overall silver stainless steel design, it’s very easy to mix and match it with any of your outfits without worrying that it might not blend well with your style. Therefore, it makes an excellent accessory to casual, formal or sporty attires.
  • Reliable and accurate information is another advantage you can enjoy when you own this luxury replica watch since its powered by quartz movement.
  • The stainless steel case, bezel and strap along with its sapphire crystal makes this replica watch a truly sturdy product that can endure heavy-duty uses.


  • For men who are searching for a replica watch to use everyday with such features this replica watch has to offer, they might find this timekeeper quite expensive.
  • The replica watch weighs around 1.5 pounds, which may be considered heavy for some men who are sporty or active as this may distract them while doing their activities.
  • Some men have small body frames or small wrists, so they might not prefer this replica watch because of its 43 mm-wide case and a 22 mm-wide bracelet.

Breitling Women’s C7134012-B952TT Starliner Black Dial Replica Watch

The Positive

This timepiece belongs to the aviation line-up. When it comes to aviation inspired timepieces, Breitling stands as one of the top brands. The Starliner is made up of analogue replica watches with a single complication; specifically the date function.

  • Swiss Quartz

The movement is a calibre 71 Swiss quartz movement. The same is built for precision and durability. Also, the movement is a beauty to behold. All you have to do is remove the stainless steel case back.

  • Stainless Steel with 18k Gold

The case is solid stainless steel. The band is mostly stainless steel, and partly 18k gold. The construction is solid. But then again, you will not expect anything less from Breitling. The polish is satin. Gold highlights include the inner links, dial highlights, bezel, crown, and hands.

  • Sapphire Crystal

The replica watch window is made of sapphire crystal. No luxury replica watch is complete without the same. This provides it with maximum durability and minimizes window scratches, chips and blemishes. Sapphire crystal can be scratched and chipped. But you would need to use harder substances and the force exerted must be substantial.

Sapphire crystal is also non-reflective. This means there is no glare when you are outdoors. And you have maximum visibility at any angle.

  • Black Dial

The black is contrasted with gold. This provides maximum visibility. To add to the same, the hands are made of 18k gold with luminous strips placed at the center.

  • Screw Down Crown

Like every timepiece under the Starliner line up; this cheap replica watch also has a screw down crown. This provides the best seal possible. Even if the rubber seal gaskets break, if the screw has been properly locked there is still a certain degree of water proofing. Also, blunt trauma to the crown will not reach the stem.

The Negative

There are a few points that some consumers and owners find lacking. It bears stressing that there is nothing wrong with the movement or the integrity of the replica watch. These are more of lacking features and design preferences. This includes:

  • A day and date function is more convenient
  • The link between the bracelet and the lugs are awkward. Most prefer lugs that extend only at both ends; not inward and in the middle.
  • As mentioned earlier, Breitling has beautiful movements. A sapphire crystal back would have been convenient so one can see the movement even without removing the case back.

Other Specs

Below are a few more specifications that were not discussed above:

  • 30 millimetres diameter
  • 12.2 millimetres thick
  • Deployment clasp
  • 16 millimetres band
  • Uni directional bezel
  • Water proof up to 100 meters or 330 feet

In Closing

A luxury replica watch from brand that has an impeccable pedigree is not a consumer good. It is an investment piece. Breitling has been making Swiss made replica watches since 1884. The name is synonymous to luxury aviation timepieces. The replica watch has impeccable craftsmanship. Lastly, the same is durable and timeless enough to be passed onto the next generation.

The Pros Cons of Breitling Women’s BTA3733011-G706SS Galactic 36 Automatic Silver Dial Replica Watch


Breitling has been making the finest luxury replica watches since 1884. Movement is always 100% Swiss made. Their main trust is aviation. The Galactic is part of this line up.

  • Self Winding Movement

The Galactic has a Breitling 37 self winding movement. Essentially this is an automatic replica watch that allows the wearer to wind the same manually. In other words, if you wear it you don’t need to wind the same. If you don’t, you can just wind it on occasion so it will always keep accurate time. Incidentally, when properly used or wound, the replica watch keeps a maximum of 42 hours power reserve.

  • Stainless Steel Case

The case is pressed from 1 piece stainless steel. The same is then brushed to a satin finish. The overall look is rugged and refined at the same time.

  • Stainless Steel Replica Watch Band

The band is also made from 100% stainless steel with a satin finish. This provides a sense of continuity between the case and the links. At the end is a flip lock clasp.

  • Sapphire Crystal

A luxury replica watch would not be one without a sapphire crystal display. The material is as hard, if not harder than stainless steel. This does not mean it’s impervious to scratches. It is more accurate to say that normal wear and tear, with due diligence will ensure that your display is scratch free.

  • Double Gasket Screw Lock Crown

This screw down mechanism ensures a water tight and pressure tight seal. The same is rated at 100 meters or 330 feet water proof. The screw down lock is also a favourite among replica watch connoisseurs. If anything there is the perception of added security.

  • Silver Dial

The dial is an elegant bar design. The same is made of silver. There is also a 60 second sub dial complication with handsome red lettering for “Automatic”. There is also a date function on the dial window.


Frankly speaking this is a favourite because of its timeless simplicity and unisex design. However if you want to nitpick you can say:

  • It’s not readily available. This model is hard to find! In most cases you have to request for one from Breitling and resellers.
  • Day Date function would have been better.
  • A sapphire crystal back is preferred.
  • Higher water proof rating would have been better.
  • A more robust crown guard would have been better. But then again, this is a ladies replica watch.

Other Specs

If you are interested then you will want to know other relevant specifications: This includes but is not limited to:

  • 36 case diameter
  • 12.30 mm case thickness
  • Uni directional ratchet type bezel
  • Luminous hands
  • 20 mm band width
  • 16 ounces weight

Breitling Women’s A71340L2/C778SS Galactic 30 Blue Dial Replica Watch


  • Superquartz Movement

This model has a elegant replica Breitling 30 superquartz movement. Superquartz refers to highly accurate quartz movements. Much like any mechanical movement, inevitably it will lose a few seconds every year. In comparison, ordinary quartz loses several minutes, minutes each year.

  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal

Frankly speaking, sapphire crystal can be scratched. Most probably, after a few years of wear you will find minute scratches on your replica watch window. But it takes a lot of force and a very hard/rough surface to make the tiniest scratch on sapphire crystal. The same material is also non-reflective. This minimizes glare when you are outdoors. It also allows you better visibility at any angle.

  • Solid Bracelet Links

The links that make up the bracelet are made from solid stainless steel. This provides maximum durability. It also looks alot better than pressed steel links. Then again, this is Breitling so it is 100% guaranteed that the links are always solid.

  • Stainless Steel Case

The case is made from a single block of stainless steel. The same is pressed NOT moulded. This maximizes cosmetic effect and durability. The case and links are then polished to a satin finish.

  • Blue Dial

The deep blue dial is superb. The design is classic and timeless (no pun intended). The same is contrasted by stainless steel Roman numeral markings, and stainless steel (with lume) hands.


A mid range luxury replica watch will always have a few cons even if it is a Breitling. But in most cases the cons are more of a preference than mechanical or integral faults. To name a few:

  • The link between the case and the bracelet is flimsy. The same is held together by two small links found on the middle portion of the bracelet. This is possible because the lugs extend inwards. Better integrity dictates that the lugs; and the point of contact, should be at the ends.
  • A day and date function would have been a better choice.
  • Sapphire crystal case backs are better. This allows the owner to view the movement inside. And a Breitling movement is a beauty to behold. So why not showcase the same!?
  • Some consumers think the roman numerals are too big. Especially because this is a 30mm diameter replica watch.


Below are additional specifications, not mentioned above:

  • 12 millimetres case thickness
  • Analogue display type
  • Fold over clasp with safety
  • 20 millimetres band width
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters or 330 feet.

In Closing

Some replica watch connoisseurs consider brands like Breitling as more than a timepiece. Rather these are investment pieces that appreciate in time. This particular piece may not appreciate in the near future. But it will hold its market value pretty well. If you have no interest in selling, it can also be handed down from one generation to another.

The Pros Cons of Breitling Starliner Blue Dial Ladies Replica Watch C7134012-C780TT


Ladies Replica Breitling is synonymous with some of the best Swiss made replica watches. It has been producing 100% Swiss made replica watches since 1884, and is especially known for their Aviation line. The Starliner model is part of that line up.

  • Solid Stainless Steel

The case is a single piece of pressed stainless steel. The band links are also solid stainless steel (except those made from 18k rose gold). This is the standard for durability.

  • Sapphire Crystal

The window is made of the finest sapphire crystal. This means it is virtually scratch proof. But, it is not 100% impervious to scratches. Sapphire crystal is also non-reflective.

  • Certified Chronometer

The movement is rated as a chronometer. And everybody knows, Breitling offers some of the best chronometers. This includes all the basic functions and complications. This is especially useful in an aviation line such as the Starliner.

  • Luminous Hands

The hands are also made of 18k rose gold. Luminous strips (lume) are applied on the hands (and the bezel zenith) for better visibility in any lighting conditions. The lume is rated to be of the highest glow, longest luminosity, and will not fade in time.

  • Swiss Made Quartz

There are some who will tell you that Swiss made quartz is overrated. And that any digital replica watch can trump it in terms of accuracy. But that is not the point. You do not compare quartz with digital. The point is, Swiss quartz trumps any other type of quartz movement. This is in terms of durability, complications, and worst case scenario; warranty.

The Cons:

There are a few aspects of this replica watch that does not sit well with some consumers. These are:

  • The Price

This replica watch is valued at $5,500 to $7,000. Considering you can buy other replica watches with comparable specs at around $1,500, some think it is overvalued. Breitling counters by asking the consumer to personally compare the replica watch side by side.

  • 18K Rose Gold

The window maybe virtually scratch proof, but 18k rose gold is susceptible to scratches. This means the bezel and the strap links must be handled with care.

  • Date Feature

It would have been better if the replica watch had a day and date feature. This only has the date feature.

Other Specs

Aside from the abovementioned, below are the relevant specs for your consideration:

  • Analogue display
  • Fold over clasp
  • 30 millimetres case diameter
  • 12.2 millimetres case thickness
  • 2.1 pounds weight
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters
  • Calibre 71 (movement)
  • 20 millimetres band width

In Closing

This is a luxury replica watch. As such expect the price to be on the steep side. Overall the craftsmanship and the brand goodwill add to the value of the same. You either keep it and hand it over to your kids, or sell it at fair valuation.

The Pros Cons of Breitling Cockpit Diamond Rose Gold Ladies Replica Watch C4935053-A672TT


First and foremost, this timepiece is made by Breitling. The same has been making Swiss made time pieces since 1884. Breitling is synonymous with the best aviation inspired timepieces in the world! Obviously the “Cockpit” line up is aviation inspired.

  • Swiss Movement

The movement is 100% Swiss quartz. The calibre is 49. This is a simple but elegant analogue replica watch with a single complication; the date function.

  • Diamonds

There are a total of 50 diamonds. Eight (8) can be found on the dial, as hour markers. Forty-two (42) are embedded on the bezel.

  • Rose Gold

Key pieces are outfitted with 18k rose gold i.e. replica watch links, dial, crown, bezel, and hands. This provides a classic contrast that is more elegant than simple gold. The same is also rated to be more durable.

  • Case Material

The case was pressed from a single piece of solid stainless steel. This ensures absolute durability. The same is then finished with a satin polish.

  • Sapphire Crystal Window

The window is covered with sapphire crystal. The same is known for two qualities. First, it’s scratch resistant. You can run its window first in rough concrete (the sapphire crystal only) and you will not see a single scratch. Second is its non-reflective surface. This minimizes glare, especially when you are outdoors.

  • Screw Down Crown

The 18k rose gold crown is a screw down type. This is the preferred crown locking mechanism. This is because it allows the replica watch to be resistant to water and pressure.

  • Luminous Hands

Lume strips can be found on the 18k rose gold replica watch hands. This increases visibility on low light or dark environments. The lume strip is top class. This allows it to provide maximum brightness and longest luminosity.

The Cons:

The price of the replica watch is not really a con. This is because the model is designated as luxury. Considering the number of diamonds used and the brand name; it is RELATIVELY inexpensive. That being said; below are the actual Cons:

  • Most catalogues will tell you the number of diamonds that are set on the replica watch. Heck, you can even count it yourself. But the actual size of the same is not advertised.
  • 41mm for a ladies replica watch is a bit much. This significantly limits the demographics of the same. On a positive note, this can be a unisex replica watch.
  • Third, 18k rose gold is susceptible to scratches. This means you wear it with care. Of course 18k rose gold is more durable than 18k gold.

Other Features

If you are seriously considering this replica watch; then you might want to know it’s other specs:

  • Date function only
  • Fold over with safety clasp
  • 16mm band width
  • 14 mm case thickness
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters
  • Solid stainless steel case back
  • Uni directional bezel

Breitling Men’s AB012012/BB02SS Black Dial Navitimer 01 Replica Watch Review

Product Description

The black dial navitimer 01 replica watch for men from Breitling is described by the majority of its users as one of the most feature-filled replica watches presently available in the market. This product actually features a case, bracelet and bidirectional bezel constructed using stainless steel material which is recognized for its durability. It also provides a black dial which features Arabic numeral markers in hours and luminous hands for the extreme convenience of its users. This magnificent replica watch also presents minute markers, conversion scale which converts from miles to kilometers and surrounding its outer rim.

The navitimer 01 replica watch AB012012/BB02SS model for men offered by Breitling also features an analog dial type. It has a visible date display appearing in between the positions of 4 & 5 o’clock. Its chronograph also comes with 3 sub-dials in white that display 60 sec, 30 min and 12 hrs. It also has a crown which does not require a screw to be locked and can be expected to function by offering information about seconds, minutes, hours, date and by serving as a tachymeter and chronograph. All these features work in transforming the replica watch into such a functional and magnificent item which a man can add into his collection.

Other Essential Product Features and Specifications

Other than the amazing features mentioned above, there are other crucial features and specifications of the product that make it even more impressive and beneficial to its users. The following are just some of these:

  • Antireflective sapphire
  • Fold over clasp which offers maximum safety
  • Case thickness and diameter of 14.6 and 42.5 millimeters, respectively
  • 22 millimeters band width
  • Elegant silver and black colors for the band and the dial
  • 1.5 pounds weight
  • Water resistant up to 99 ft. depth

But be aware that the black dial navitimer 01 replica watch AB012012/BB02SS model for men from Breitling has a major drawback and that is its costly price tag. Presently, it costs around $6,900 but with all the features and specifications that you can anticipate to enjoy from this item, it is safe to make an assumption is that it is still worth buying. Its functionality, style, elegance and durability can never be questioned so it is just right for a man with style and a good taste to consider making it a part of the replica watches that he owns.

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Breitling Men’s BTA2432212-B726SS Navitimer World Chronograph Replica Watch Review

Product Description, Features and Specifications

One thing that can best describe BTA24322212-B726SS Navitimer world chronograph replica watch for men from Breitling is how it perfectly combines durable and robust craftsmanship with excellent functionality. It is primarily constructed using stainless steel since most of its major components including its bezel, case and bracelet are made from the material. Its bezel features a notched texture which can be found on its outer rim. This is beneficial because it lets you easily turn it in a bidirectional manner. Its dial is also distinguished by its black color. This is mainly protected by a sapphire crystal which is not only scratch resistant but anti-reflective as well.

Second markers are also featured in the dial and you can find it surrounding its outer part. It also works together with luminous hands and hour markers in silver and powered with the help of self-wind and automatic movement. You will also find the dial’s 3 chronograph sub-dials impressive since these are capable of displaying thirty minutes, sixty seconds and twelve hours. A crown locked by a screw can also be found on its case’s right part. It works with 2 buttons installed below and above it. You can use these buttons in operating the sub-dials. It also features the following that make it even more valuable to its users.

  • Bezel made of stainless steel which has a bidirectional ratcheting function
  • Arabic numeral and stick hour markers
  • Date displayed at 3 o’clock
  • Self winding function which also features a movement for second time zone
  • Chambered sapphire crystal capable of efficiently resisting scratches
  • 3m/100ft. water resistant depth
  • Distance converter
  • 16 ounces weight
  • Locked crown feature without requiring a screw which also presents 2 gaskets

But its present price is one of those things that cause some people to stay away from the BTA24322212-B726SS Navitimer world chronograph replica watch for men offered by Breitling. Presently offered at nearly $6,000, it is no longer surprising why there are those who look for other more affordable brands. Still, the quality, class and durability featured in this specific chronograph men’s replica watch model from Breitling are incomparable. In other words, deciding to buy this replica watch and incorporating it in your men’s replica watch collection can really satisfy you especially after realizing that it actually offers more value for the money that you have spent.

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Breitling Men’s A2432212/G571 Navitimer World Chronograph Replica Watch Review

The stylishness of all the products offered by Breitling especially this specific chronograph replica watch is really unquestionable so buying this for yourself or for someone can really put a smile on your face or on its recipient’s face.

What to Expect from the Navitimer World Chronograph Men’s Replica Watch A2432212/G571 Model from Breitling?

One of the most impressive things that you will quickly notice from this chronograph men’s replica watch offered by Breitling is its case made up of stainless steel and has a brown leather strap which is coco-embossed and features contrast stitching. Its bezel primarily created using stainless steel is also amazing with its bidirectional rotating function. Its dial which is quickly noticeable in silver also features index hour and luminous hands markers capable of marking not only hours but minutes and seconds as well. GMT markings are also accessible in this replica watch.

Another thing that you will surely find impressive about this Navitimer world chronograph men’s replica watch A2432212/G571 model from Breitling is its conversion scale which works for miles and kilometers conversion. You will also recognize its tachymeter surrounding the outer part of its rim. A deployment clasp is also featured in this luxurious replica watch and this works in efficiently securing it into your wrist. It functions as a GMT, tachymeter and chronograph and works effectively in representing date, seconds, minutes and hours.

Other Crucial Product Features and Specifications

The Navitimer world chronograph men’s replica watch A2432212/G571 model from Breitling deserves your time and money considering the fact that it is equipped with lots of features that make it really stand out from the other brands. Few of the many things that can leave a good impression to its wearer are the following remarkable specifications and features:

  • Comes with a  luxurious and elegant style
  • Automatic movement
  • Stainless steel and round case
  • 46mm diameter for the case
  • 15.5mm for its thickness
  • Solid case back
  • Dial color, type and markers are silver, analog and index, respectively
  • Leather bracelet in brown
  • Has a band measured at 24mm/20mm width
  • Features a sapphire crystal
  • Guaranteed to be water resistant

Note that the replica watch is now priced at around $5500. This amount might sound really expensive but with the proven functionality of this replica watch, you will quickly realize that it deserves your attention, your time and your money. With its guaranteed excellent performance, you will definitely enjoy the ability of the Navitimer world chronograph men’s replica watch A2432212/G571 model from Breitling to efficiently perform its intended functions without sacrificing class and style.

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Breitling Men’s A3238011/BA38 Aeromarine Superocean GMT Black Dial Replica Watch Review

Features and Specifications

The majority of the features and specifications that you can find in this popular dial replica watch from Breitling including the things mentioned below are guaranteed to offer extreme satisfaction to its users.

  • 42 millimeter case diameter
  • Self winding movement (automatic chronometer)
  • Black dial
  • Case created using stainless steel material
  • Has glare proof sapphire crystal which improves the ability of the high end replica watch to resist scratches
  • Water resistant for up to 330 feet or 100 meters
  • Date feature
  • Case and bracelet polished with brushed steel
  • Deployment buckle
  • Luminescent markers and hands
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel

Other Great Things about the Black Aeromarine Superocean GMT Dial Replica Watch A3238011/BA38 for Men from Breitling

A lot of users find this black GMT dial men’s replica watch from Breitling amazing because apart from all its offered useful features and specifications, it can also be expected to work based on what its wearer desires. Note that its style speaks of elegance which is a good thing for a man who greatly values owning items with a more elegant look.

The excellent performance of the replica watch is also one of its most impressive qualities. The fact that it is made out of the finest materials enables it to work excellently for a longer time. Its stainless steel case and link bracelet are also proven to be durable so you can expect it to last for a long period without dealing with problems in its condition.

The A3238011/BA38 GMT black dial replica watch from Breitling is also capable of leaving a good impression to its users with its Arabic numeral hour markers and black dial which comes with elegant and luminous hands. Its case display is also positioned at 3 o’clock and functions effectively in allowing its wearer to conveniently read minutes, seconds, hours, GMT and calendar.

But be aware that this replica watch from Breitling also has its disadvantages including being sold at an expensive price and its somewhat heavy weight which might cause initial discomfort.

To Conclude

Including the A3238011/BA38 black Aeromarine Superocean GMT dial men’s replica watch from Breitling in your collection is a good thing, especially if you want to own any of those replica watches capable of showing elegance. Despite its expensiveness, you will still realize that it is worth its price since you can expect it to stay with you for a long time. Its elegance, durability and stylish nature are among those qualities that can really make you feel proud about your taste in replica watches once you wear it.

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