Marvin M119.13.44.64 “Malton 160” Automatic Replica Watch

Product Specs

  • Case– The Marvin Men’s M119.13.44.64 “Malton 160” features a 42mm in diameter and 11.65mm thick silver stainless steel case.
  • Dial– The case sports a black-tone textured dial that is designed with silver-tone hands and alternate baton and Arabic numeral hour markers (12 and 24-hour format). The dial also features minute markers on the outer rim as well as a date window at the six o’clock position. The dial is protected by anti-reflective Sapphire crystal.
  • Band– The stainless steel case is matched with a black rugged strap with bright red lining. A buckle is attached at the end of the strap.
  • Water resistance– This top quality replica watch is a water-resistant of up to 50 meters or 165 feet.
  • Movement- It is powered by automatic self-wind movement.



A perfect combination of modern and classic designs brings out the aesthetic appeal of this Marvin Men’s M119.13.44.64 “Malton 160”. This quality can be evidently gleaned from the square-shaped case and round dial window. Speaking of the dial, look closer and you will see the interesting textured or patterned black-tone dial accented with silver hands and hour markers. Outside the rim of larger hour markers are smaller ones completing the 24-hour format. On the outermost rim, meanwhile, are minute markers making the designs and features of this replica watch more elaborate. The silver-tone case is matched with a rugged leather strap with bright red lining. The elegant case paired with the sporty strap makes this an exquisite piece.

Versatile and Comfortable

Aside from the quintessential aesthetic of this piece, it is noteworthy for advancing maximum comfort to its users. While the stainless case deserves recognition for its easy to read and elaborate features, comfortability of this replica watch must be attributed to its fascinating band. The band, being black therefore makes a great piece for any outfit. And with its design, perfecting the balance of elegance and sportiness, you can easily wear it with casual outfit or formal ones. Moreover, this replica watch is a comfortable piece as it does not put much weight around your wrist.


Having a functional, comfortable, and stylish replica watch is like putting a cherry on top of your ice cream. An ultimate treat! This Marvin Men’s M119.13.44.64 “Malton 160”, above all things, is a functional replica watch making it an ideal piece for your replica watch collection. It is a three-hand dial in both 12 and 24-hour format. It also features a unique date window at the six o’clock position. Aside from that, it is also a water-resistant up to 65 feet. As a self-winding replica watch, it is equipped with a 38-hour power reserve.


The Marvin Men’s M119.13.44.64 “Malton 160” Stainless Steel and Leather Automatic Replica Watch has also some disadvantages. It has a 42mm in diameter case, which could look oddly large for people with smaller or slimmer wrists. The other thing is that as a self-winding replica watch, it needs to be worn everyday to keep it running accurately.

Marvin Women’s M025.12.76.12 Origin Mother-Of-Pearl Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet Replica Watch Review


  • This isn’t just your ordinary fashion replica watch. This replica watch is powered by Swiss quartz movement, assuring you that you get what you need and want. No more days when you’re late because you’re replica watch was acting funny.
  • This Marvin Stainless Steel Replica Watch is slightly bigger than your ordinary women’s replica watch. And by that I mean those replica watches that are only 1 inch thick or a little bit more. It only means that you get to see the time without squinting down on your wrist. To be specific, this replica watch is around 33mm in width.
  • Need more features to conclude yourself that this replica watch is an everyday replica watch? Well, it has clumsy-proof face, or a sapphire crystal which protects the face from scratches. I know the everyday grind can be hard on your replica watch, especially when you’re running around doing errands. And if you don’t have time to spare to mind where you fling your arms while you’re at it, then this Marvin Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel replica watch is the only thing that you can wear.
  • The everyday grind doesn’t always mean that you must do away with elegance and a little fashion. So to make things a little more interesting, the face of this cheap Marvin replica watch is made of Mother of Pearl and there’s also diamond dust around the circle enclosing the numbers. It’s not enough to be overly flashy, but it’s just enough to make this replica watch an everyday fashion accessory.
  • And to convince you further, this replica watch is even waterproof! How cool is that? Now you never have to take your replica watch off when you’re washing your hands or when you’re washing the dishes! Remember that time when you took off your replica watch in a restaurant where you were having a meeting and forgot to put it on again? Never again. No more waste of money, no more waste of time as well.
  • Now let’s talk about the first thing that you’ll notice about this replica watch and the thing that makes it a little bit peculiar than most replica watches. Instead of the usual layout of the replica watch, the dial is offset to the middle right of the face and the roman numeral 8 is protruding, sort of like it was magnified. The roman numerals are also written as if you were looking at your replica watch from a perspective, making that illusion of a three-dimensional face. Let’s talk more about that later.
  • Overall, this replica watch is not so big in design, but great in function and durability.


  • It’s not an eye catching replica watch, and the face is a little disorienting. If you’re a woman who likes structure and simplicity, then the peculiar three dimensional face might be too much of a risk and fashion faux-pas.
  • The chainlink adds to the “busy” look of this replica watch. I would have personally preferred a simpler single chain link bracelet because the face looks too much already.
  • I’m afraid that you might not be able to tell the time accurately because of the numbers on the replica watch. How will you tell that it’s 1:48 when the roman numeral VIII almost overlaps with the numbers beside it right?