Philip Stein 42TG-CWG-SSTG Round Two-Tone Gold Plated Two-Tone Gold Bracelet Unisex Replica Watch Review


  • Now before I get into the technical stuff about the health benefits, let’s take a closer look at the design of this replica watch. Nothing but classy, sophisticated appeal with this replica watch. The gold and silver tone of this replica watch makes it wearable with so many styles of clothing.
  • This replica watch is powered by Quartz movement so you are assured with only the best quality ever.
  • The 40mm stainless steel beauty that is this Philip Stein Round Two-Tone Gold Plated Replica Watch is a perfect accessory when you’re running late. Because of its sleek design and size, it’s noticeable enough when it’s the only thing you can afford to wear during those busy days at work or with the family.
  • The face is protected by a sapphire-coated mineral crystal, meaning you’re not only getting an extremely attractive replica watch, but you’re also getting a replica watch that’s extremely durable and wearable everyday.
  • Aside from its beautiful interface, I love how this replica watch cleverly sets aside a sub dial for the seconds. More often than not, most of us get confused when the seconds hand gets lost under the hour or minute hand. So to make sure that you get the exact time, the seconds hand is on a separate sub dial sitting at the 6 o’clock position.
  • The neat and simple layout of the face adds to the sophistication of this elegant Philip Stein replica watch. With simple roman numeral hour markers in gold tone, set in front of a white background, you’re never going to have to squint to check the time. It truly is a replica watch that’s made to function and help you.
  • And now, onto the more interesting bit of this replica watch. This Philip Stein replica watch has the proprietary natural frequency technology that is tuned to pick up natural frequencies, that are thought to be beneficial to life and overall well-being. You’re not only wearing a replica watch so you can tell time more conveniently, but you’re also wearing a replica watch for its beneficial functions.
  • Of course, you can’t expect this replica watch to fall apart the moment you submerge it in water—because it’s also water-resistant, for up to 30 meters.
  • Overall, the sleek and continuous design of this replica watch makes for its sleek design. The gold tone of this Philip Stein replica watch starts from the outer rim of the face and continues to the bracelet. The silver tone, on the other hand, encloses the whole replica watch.


  • Apart from the price tag on this replica watch, I don’t see any major design flaws on this replica watch.
  • I don’t recommend this replica watch for kids or teenagers, especially if you’re planning to give it to them for everyday use. It’s a replica watch meant to be worn by working women, or to be worn for formal events.

Philip Stein Women’s 41-CMOP-CMBZ Round Mother-Of-Pearl Bronze Metallic Calf Strap Replica Watch Review


  • You’re definitely paying for a good quality replica watch when you choose to buy Philip Stein Replica Watches. They’re not only giving you a replica watch with a great design, but the craftsmanship and the health benefits too. You’re absolutely going to get your money’s worth if you decide to buy this replica watch.
  • Powered by Quartz movement, this replica watch will not let you down when it comes to accurate and precise time-telling. Have you ever experienced being late because you thought you still had three minuted to retouch your makeup? Those bosses won’t accept that excuse when you’re late! Or even worse, those clients won’t accept that excuse either!
  • With Sapphire-coated mineral crystal, this replica watch can withstand even the busiest of days. You don’t need to worry about brushing your hand against that hard, solid, and rough table, or that textured wall because, well, for the most part, your replica watch is protected against those pesky everyday things.
  • And of course, I know you all want to hear about this, there is a proprietary natural frequency technology in this and all other Philip Stein replica watches and jewelry. Basically, it is tuned to pick up natural frequencies that are believed to be beneficial to life and overall well-being. Now that is definitely something that you would want to try out! Not only is this replica watch good as an accessory, but it’s also good in keeping you in tip-top health!
  • And, of course, this Philip Stein Round Mother-of-Pearl Bronze Metallic Calf Strap Replica Watch is water resistant. So now, cleaning your replica watch will be just as easy as washing your dishes because with a damp cloth and a little dishwashing liquid, your replica watch will be back to its shiny self again.
  • Now, let’s talk about pairing this bracelet with your clothes. This luxury replica watch will look best with casual, everyday outfits, but will also look nice with your corporate attire and evening cocktail dress. Just make sure you accessorize with a statement necklace or bangles.
  • This Philip Stein replica watch has a very interesting strap. It’s metallic, which makes it look like cloth, but it’s actually calfskin. It’s thick enough to be sturdy, yet bendable enough for those hurried days when you can’t be bothered by a thick strap when you’re trying to close the buckle of your replica watch.
  • Overall, this is a very gorgeous replica watch that gives you great functionality, design, and sophistication.


  • Unlike other replica watches in its price range, this Philip Stein Round Mother of Pearl Bronze Mettalic Calf Strap Replica Watch does not have a date window. I personally think that a date window is more important than the natural frequency technology that they have installed in all their replica watches.
  • And, of course, because it is so light colored, this replica watch is extremely prone to dirt and discoloration. So while it really is waterproof, I strongly suggest that you be careful where you accidentally place your wrist.