The High Quality Replica Cartier Clé de Cartier in steel On Sale in Australian

The Parisian powerhouse  released its excellent, and highly anticipated, men’s watch this year – the fake Clé de Cartier in steel. It’s no secret that we fell pretty hard for the Clé when we first met at SIHH 2015. The only potential spanner in the works? It was only available in pricey precious metals. Well, if you’re less about the shiny stuff and more about the stainless, you’re in luck.

The dial

cartier cle steel

It is a good thing when it comes to dial and handset that it doesn’t often mess with their trademark attributes. So, expect the expected: Roman numerals, blued sword hands and guilloché centre detail. It’s a simple design, but not boring. There’s enough detail here, from the multiple dial finishes, through to the well-designed date and the secret signature to reward close examination. And of course it all looks gorgeous under that softly domed sapphire crystal.

The case

cartier cle steel

If the dial is traditional Cartier, the case is where the brand has flexed their design prowess. The circle in an oval case design manages to look at once classic and contemporary, with a healthy dash of ‘70s retro thrown in. And then there’s the novel key shaped crown, set with a blue synthetic spinel. All told, this 40mm case makes quite an impression. It works because Cartier lived and breathed through all these eras. If a younger brand tried to pull of these look it would look overly self-conscious at best. But because Cartier is Cartier, it just works. The Clé looks good in steel too, with the same finishes as the white gold version. You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference without feeling the weight in your hands.

The bracelet

cartier cle steel

The steel Clé is supplied on a matching bracelet, in the same style as the gold versions. It’s an interesting design, with brushed centre links and alternating wide and narrow outer links. Visually it looks distinctive, with plenty of surfaces and finishes for light to bounce around on. For me though it’s not the most comfortable design in steel (gold might wear better or softer – but I’ve not tried it). The finish was also not as fine as I would have hoped, nor did it feel substantial, compared to similar offerings from the likes of Rolex or Omega.

The verdict

cartier cle steel

It’s clear Cartier is making a concerted assault on men’s wrists this year, and it’s a campaign with many fronts. The Drive occupies the centre, but there’s also the fake Santos 100 Carbon and this, newly accessible Clé. The real question is, now that the Drive is the brands flagship men’s model – where does the Clé fit in? Well, if you find the Santos too chunky and the Drive too dainty, the Clé, with its blend of substantial case and timeless, bordering on retro style, is a great middle ground.

Talking point

Yes it’s lovely, but is it white gold or steel?

Who’s it for?

Love Cartier’s classy elegance, but not quite ready for a Tank or the Drive? Meet Clé.

What would we change?

The bracelet. I’d wear this replica watch on leather (croc or calf, both would look great) over the supplied steel everyday.

cartier cle steel

The dark elegance of the Replica Cartier Santos 100 Carbon

Maybe you have forgotten that Cartier’s only men’s release of 2016 was the Drive de Cartier. But in addition to this handsome new collection Cartier decided to revive one of the dark horses of their collection – the Replica Santos 100 Carbon.

Until 2012, if the regular metal versions of the Santos weren’t your thing, you could opt for a version decked out in ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon). This year Cartier has reintroduced the replica Carbon Santos 100 in the tough-looking (and virtually scratch-proof) black ADLC coating. What’s different this time around? Well, now you get the in-house 1847 MC automatic movement, which adds value and shows that Cartier is still committed to integrate manufacture movements across their collections.

Replica Cartier Santos 100 Carbon

Cartier is renowned for its replica square and rectangular timepieces, and aside from the Tank, the Santos 100 is one of their most iconic designs. The Santos was designed for pioneering aviator Albert Santos Dumont, who wanted to be able to tell the time while flying back in 1904 – so simplicity and maximum legibility was front of mind. These day’s it’s often the model for those that are looking for something a little bolder, and at 51.1mm by 41.3mm the Santos 100 is plenty bold. But even though the watch is fully blacked out, it’s unmistakably Cartier. Bringing the black Santos 100 back makes perfect sense when you think about it. This casually  replica elegant watch, with its textile strap and popping red second hand, offers a dark counterpoint to the Drive de Cartier’s dressy elegance.

The Drive de Cartier Replica – by Chris Edwards

Warning: This replica watch review with a difference may contain traces of mancrush. So let’s address the chiselled jaw on the elephant in the room. On the business front, he co-founded a high-end tailoring business – Oscar Hunt.We envy the hero of this shoot, Mr Chris Edwards, more than just a little bit. Let us count the ways. He surfs and still dresses as sharply as anyone in the country (see these stunning photographs for perfectly fitted proof).


Drive de Cartier in steel and leather

But perhaps the hardest thing to stomach is that he’s actually a really good guy. And we know, because we were lucky enough to join Chris and Cartier in Florence for Pitti Uomo 2016.To make matters even more unreasonable, he was recently crowned the Australian ‘Drive Man’ by Cartier.  He wore the brand new Drive de Cartier for a week – and on the flight back to Australia, we asked him about it. Here’s what he told us.

Dormeuil wool/silk jacket and wool trouser, cotton shirt and cotton pocket square, all by Oscar Hunt; silk tie by Biagio Santo for Oscar Hunt

Above, Chris wears Dormeuil wool/silk jacket and wool trouser, cotton shirt and cotton pocket square, all by Oscar Hunt; silk tie by Biagio Santo for Oscar Hunt; Drive de Cartier with large date, retrograde second time zone and day/night indicator in 18K pink gold and leather

My first impression was… that it looked different to most other replica watches you see out there. It was the unique shape that struck me the most at first.

Once I put it on, it felt… good. It definitely has a bit of weight to it but not so much that it feels too macho or over-the-top.


Solbiati seersucker suit, cotton shirt and Dormeuil tie, all by Oscar Hunt; pocket square by Michelassi for Oscar Hunt; Drive de Cartier in steel and leather

Looks-wise… I thought it looked quite big in the box, but on the wrist the proportions were great. It’s definitely a masculine replica watch but with a high degree of style and elegance. I tend to cut my shirt cuffs larger than normal to avoid catching on my wrist, so I can wear replica watches easily, and because of that, the replica watch sits well under the shirt.

Solbiati seersucker suit, cotton shirt and Dormeuil tie, all by Oscar Hunt; pocket square by Michelassi for Oscar Hunt

Solbiati seersucker suit, cotton shirt and Dormeuil tie, all by Oscar Hunt; pocket square by Michelassi for Oscar Hunt; Drive de Cartier in steel and leather; sunglasses Chris’s own

What stood out to me was… the attention to detail. The subtle and precise engraving on the dial, the tiny Cartier ‘secret signature’ in the number seven, and the softness of the octagon shape. It looks effortless, but I can only imagine the countless hours of work that went into getting it right.


Drive de Cartier in 18K pink gold and leather

I’d wear this with… my day-to-day suiting, my smart-casual and my formal wear. Essentially, I think the Drive is a really good all-rounder. I especially liked how the replica watch went with my navy linen suit.  The simplicity of the steel case and black alligator strap worked really well with the deep blue. I also liked that the replica watch was able to carry a more casual look with the open-neck tan suit.

Dormeuil linen suit and cotton shirt both by Oscar Hunt; silk tie by Biagio Santo for Oscar Hunt

Dormeuil linen suit and cotton shirt both by Oscar Hunt; silk tie by Biagio Santo for Oscar Hunt; Drive de Cartier in 18K pink gold and leather

If I could change anything… it might be the clasp. I found it tricky to do up initially, although I got the hang of it after a few days. And to be honest, maybe that was because I hadn’t used that particular type of buckle before.

By the end of the week… I loved it. I know that’s convenient, but it’s true. The more I wore it, the more it grew on me. Suits, both casual and formal, are an essential part of my life – and the Drive was versatile enough to complement them all. This replica watch nailed it.

Dormeuil wool suit, cotton shirt, both by Oscar Hunt; pocket square by Biagio Santo for Oscar Hunt

Dormeuil wool suit, cotton shirt, both by Oscar Hunt; pocket square by Biagio Santo for Oscar Hunt; Drive de Cartier in steel and leather

Images by Marcus Flack

VIDEO: Meet the Australian Cartier Drive Man


Granted, it’s early in the working week, and ‘Would you like another coffee?’ is hard enough to deal with as a proposition, but the notion of personal drive is on our mind.Time for an existential question, folks: What drives you?  Bear with us while we explain.

Next, came the concept of the ‘Drive Man’ – someone who embodies all the attributes the collection stands for. This was a man, Cartier felt, who is elegant and confident, passionate and free-minded – and more than that, a guy who knows how to follow his inner drive. All of which makes him sound like the perfect man. But does that even exist? Cartier went on a mission to prove that indeed it does, selecting influential individuals from all over the world. The Australian Drive Man was none other than Chris Edwards, co-founder of Oscar Hunt Tailors.

Earlier in the year we introduced you to the Drive de Cartier, the new men’s collection from Cartier, which was a refreshing surprise when it emerged, fully formed, at SIHH – with a stylish-yet-masculine design that critics agreed was the replica watch Cartier had been missing. (Check out the very cool Drive microsite here.)

We travelled to Italy with Chris during Pitti Uomo – the biggest trade fair on the menswear calendar – to find out what makes him tick. Later in the week, he’ll do what he does best, answering one of those thorny style questions we’re asked so often: How do you wear a gold replica watch?  We’ll also hear his account of what it’s like to spend a week with the Drive de Cartier.

But first up, here’s what happened when we asked Chris the question we just posed you: ‘What drives you?’

Choose a Cartier Drive for you


Cartier released the Drive as a fully formed collection – with everything from high-complication to simple steel options. As such, it’s a replica watch with diverse appeal. We take a look at the squad as a whole and match some key pieces with the men who might wear them

The Drive de Cartier Second Time Zone Day/Night in pink gold


It’s an oft-repeated truism that the simple things in life are the best. Clearly the person who first uttered that statement didn’t have an appreciation for horology, because in replica watches, added complication can add some serious wrist appeal. And that’s exactly what’s going on here. This Drive, with its idiosyncratic mix of complications is a real charmer. Retrograde second timezone, big date and a monochromatic day/night indicator – all brought together with just a touch of whimsy. RRP $31,800

Who’s it for?


The man who prefers the road less travelled. Someone unsatisfied with the usual crop of tool-like GMT replica watches – but for whom keeping track of time at home is still key.

The Drive de Cartier Flying Tourbillon


This is without doubt the shining jewel in the Drive collection. The tourbillon is what sets it apart, proudly displayed at six. The movement is hand-finished to the highest standard, and the replica watch bears the Geneva seal. The C-shaped tourbillon carriage is a nice touch, and the openworked dial with satin and sunray finishes completes the look. RRP $126,000

Who’s it for?

Saville Row

The patrician. You lead an exceptional life, surrounded by objects of beauty – why should your replica watch be any different?

The Drive de Cartier in steel


And finally there’s the steel Drive. We gave you a 60-second peek earlier this week, but this replica watch is so good it deserves a second look. The steel case keeps it casual, and even amps up the Drive’s sporty side. And it’s hard to argue with that price. RRP $8750

Who’s it for?


The analogue man. A man who owns a real camera (the kind with a mirror), a car without electronics and a pen you need to refill. A man who appreciates a replica watch with a heart.

The Drive de Cartier in pink gold with grey flinqué dial


What a difference a dial makes. If the silver dialled, pink gold model we looked at earlier this week is daylight, then this pink and grey take on the Drive is undoubtedly dusk – dark, mysterious and undeniably sexy. RRP $27,100

Who’s it for?


The night-owl. Whether you’re on stage at a jazz club or just in the audience, what really matters is that you’re at your best when the rest of the world is sleeping.

Replica Cartier Caliber DE Diver watch arrangement W7100052

Thick strong rose gold case 18k, three-dimensional raised bezel, enthusiastic and intense 42 mm distance across dial, and the predominance of the extensive dial on the time size of Rome manly men XII filling the climate. In the meantime, delicate smooth bezel to the regular slant of 28 degrees, 120 fine scale circular segment design move to enrich the dial, the air ink is supplemented by fragile subtle elements of the following, stunning. On the dial, three position fan full logbook window retro climate. Watch the other side, loaded with cutting edge straightforward sapphire precious stone case back is delightfully finished to make clearing development – Replica Watches astonishing sublime classification procedure to gather time, leaving more than watch lovers in the wonder of whom captivated. 18K rose K gold crown set with a multi-cut multi-cut engineered spinel Cartier is one of the great signs. Elements of this table is secured with superluminova iridescent covering control marker jump time obviously showed and read the time. Its case thickness of just 11 mm, understood the size proportion of the equalization, while keeping up the every day wear solace.

Cartier Caliber DE Diver watch

As the ideal blend of jumping watch with perfect Cartier watchmaking, this card to Yucca Li Bo plunging watch through the lovely difference matte and cleaned and opened configuration ADLC carbon covering pivoting bezel, acquired Cartier Yucca logbook Bo watch blood. K 18K rose gold octagonal crown set with a multi-cut engineered spinel. Dark dial engraved with Roman numerals pointers, some ornamental parchment design. Fundamentally the same as the structure of the main watch, yet contrasted and the dark gold, high contrast, this watch, however a little gleam of domineering, yet to a greater extent a calm. Today, I will present the three Fake Watches arrangement are furnished with the soul of the watchmaking workshop as manly: 1904 MC-sort development, this development outfitted with advanced conformity framework and a stop-seconds instrument, to be flawless tune when the school to go to guarantee that precise. 1904 MC-sort development of the wavering weight furnished with focal earthenware metal ball framework gives the development is to a great degree astounding sturdiness and stun resistance. Inventive fastener framework and bi-directional winding system, so that the watch chain all the more rapidly and effectively. Exhibits Cartier Creation Cartier Yucca Li Bo plunging watch, this expert needs and ordinary wear the watch when the blend of brilliance and take a stab at perfection soul.

Cartier Replica Watches arrangement acquired the noteworthy soul of development and respectable satisfaction expert of style, Cartier has dependably strived to watch innovation and configuration feel and joined into one, undeniably the accomplishments of its senior watchmakers of winning. Combination of exemplary and imaginative configuration components, Caliber DE CARTIER DIVER name will stand out forever, has turned into a vital individual from the family Cartier watch, highlighting the energetic exploration Cartier watchmaking mechanical innovation and aspirations for the future once more.

IN-DEPTH: The Replica Cartier Drive de Cartier

The story in a second

The Drive de Cartier is the men’s Cartier we’ve been waiting for; stylish and refined with a dash of sports luxe.


SIHH 2016 was a restrained affair, most brands playing a game of wait-and-see with the global luxury replica watch market. One exception was Cartier. Its Drive de Cartier stood out – a dedicated men’s collection that took Cartier’s classic style and put it in a new cushion-shaped case that’s masculine without quite as much testosterone as the dive replica watch or the sports chronograph. No, the Drive is a replica watch with nothing to prove. It’s a replica watch confident in its identity. Think James Dean in East of Eden.

The case


The case is the star of the show here. First off, it oozes style with a cushion shape that remains conventional enough to avoid looking out of place while being far from your typical round replica watch. It’s well proportioned too; at 40mm by 41mm, it’s large enough to have presence without any risk of ungainliness on smaller wrists. But the real joy of this case is something you can’t fully appreciate in pictures: its curves. And we don’t just mean those you see from the top-down view. The curves of the profile are just as enchanting.


There’s the high curve of the sapphire crystal, paired with the more subtle contour of the bezel, and finally the prominent arc of the case middle, which extends down into the lugs. This section is brushed to contrast the predominantly polished finish of the rest of the replica watch. Resulting in a shape that hugs the wrist, this makes it a very comfortable replica watch to wear. Meanwhile the octagonal crown set with Cartier’s trademark blue-faceted sapphire provides an angular offset to all those curves, the perfect final touch.

The dial


If the case is new, the dial is pure old-school Cartier. From the Roman numerals to the blued sword hands all the way down to the very fine flinqué guilloché finish, there’s no need to read the name on the dial to know what you’re looking at. Still, for all its familiarity there’s plenty here to draw the eye. The alternating tracks of guilloche and printed numerals/minutes are a subtle touch. And the small seconds, with its concentric guilloche finish adds balance to the dial. Even the date – often a bugbear for purists – is well done, with its own demarcated patch of dial, and aperture boundaries that line up neatly with the III. On the subject of numerals, you’ll notice that this Drive (and indeed most replica watches with Roman numerals) uses a IIII instead of a IV. Fun fact: this is known as ‘watchmaker’s four’ and it’s simply because a IIII better balances out the VIII and creates a more legible dial. So now you know.

The movement


Behind the pretty face is the beating heart of the Drive, otherwise known as the 1904-PS MC movement (PS is for petite seconde, by the way). Cartier’s in-house workhorse was first released back in 2010, easing the brand’s reliance on ETA ébauches. It’s a smartly finished movement – the C-shaped regulator is a nice touch. Power reserve is at 48 hours, which is fine, though the latest comparable in-house movements tend to offer around 70 hours as standard.

The strap

This Drive came on a fairly padded brown alligator strap, which is elegant, but not as formal as black. While gold models should probably stick to croc, the steel versions would look great on more casual calf or even suede strap options. The low point for me is the deployant with the single fold pink gold deployant. Though it’s a good match for the pink gold case, I found it a little fiddly to open and close, though perhaps that stiffness would ease up with use.

On the wrist


Absolutely no complaints in this department. The Drive strikes a perfect blend of formal and casual. You could easily wear this from Monday to Friday with a suit, and then pare it back on the weekend with casual shirts and light knits.

Final thoughts

The Drive de Cartier is an excellent follow-up to the Clé, both serving as strong, contemporary designs that remain true to the brand’s design DNA. However, I was a little surprised by the price. While the steel version is competitive at $8750, this pink gold version retails at $27,100. By comparison, the Rolex Cellini Time in Everose is $19,250 and the Omega De Ville Trésor in Sedna gold $21,575 – with all three replica watches on par in terms of style and quality.

The Knowledge

Talking point

Oh, you asked for the time? Sorry, I was so distracted by how beautiful my replica watch is to check.

Who’s it for

Honestly, of all the men’s replica watches Cartier has released in recent years this one has the widest appeal. So if you’ve always liked the idea of Cartier, but weren’t sure where to start, the Drive is a great place.

What would we change

A less fiddly buckle would be appreciated, and honestly I think the style of this replica watch would be well-suited to a regular pin buckle rather than a fancy deployant.

The Cartier Drive de Cartier Australian pricing

In pink gold this replica watch has an RRP of $27,100. The steel version retails for $8750.

Images by Jason Reekie. 

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: We take the replica Cartier Drive de Cartier in steel for a test drive


Cartier’s standout release for this year is the Drive de Cartier collection. Note that we’re saying ‘collection’, because, counter to tradition, Cartier has done a Beyoncé and released all the Drives in one fell swoop – none of this slow-drip release business. This means you don’t have to wait until 2018 for the steel version to hit the stores. This is a very strong replica watch for Cartier, and one a lot of you are going to be interested in.


The Drive is a replica watch that simply gets it right, from the broadstrokes to the details – it’s a men’s replica watch that embodies the elegance of the brand more than the bulkier Calibre de Cartier diver and the larger Tank models. And there’s substance to back up the style – it’s powered by the in-house 1904MC-PS, and the dial (as you’d expect) is top-notch. The price is right, too – this version retails for $8750 AUD.

Later in the week we’ll be bringing you our in-depth review of the Drive, and also showing you the other models in the range – so stay tuned for that. But for now, this.

Elegant And Wonderful Replica Cartier Santos 100 Mechanical Ladies Watches

The history of Cartier verifies the historical changes of the hundred years of modern jewelry. It has always maintained close ties with the royalty and celebrities of the countries in the process of its development. Today, it has become a costly dream of global fashionable personage.

Cartier Santos 100 Mechanical

Fake Cartier UK creates many exquisite and incomparable masterpiece with the extraordinary creativity and perfect process for man. Because of this, Cartier has obtained a reputation as the “king of jewelers, jewelers of the emperor”.

The watches belong to pink copy Cartier Santos 100, which provided with automatic machine movement, stainless steel case,  44.2*35.6mm dial size, 10.7mm thickness, common table crown, sapphire crystal glass, white dial, pink crocodile leather watch strap, butterfly clasp and 100 meters waterproof. All the details of the replica watches for women are so worth to be appreciated that you will not regret having them.

Elegant And Luxury Cartier Replica Watches For Gentleman

The general tone, rich and honorable. Thin pointer, with the goal that when read initially. 12 hours, 30 minutes counter and timing, which are situated toward three o’clock and nine o’clock. Blue dial with white Roman numerals. Logbook show window at six o’clock position, extremely striking. Crown set with a blue diamond. Silver drags reflecting metallic gloss. Seen from the side, marginally carries certain level of ebb and flow. Quality blue belt, agreeable to wear. Back through the Cartier Replica Watches base of the table, embed an uncommon image engraved Cartier. As a demonstrating stone carver, Cartier observe entirely take after their own reasoning: both for the impediments likewise confine rules, everything are each of the a wellspring of motivation. After cautious thought of the general development planned, at the end of the day testing mechanical ability and accomplishments in watchmaking. Totally overstated empty dial Roman numerals bended involved straightforward configuration permits the development operation initially.

Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watches

The birth and development of divine Astrotourbillon running tourbillon

2010, via Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watches Astrotourbillon Objects running Tourbillon, Tourbillon customary structure brings another idea. To begin with tourbillon no more limited to its single capacity, to be specific to decrease the impact of gravity keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee a more exact travel execution, however in the meantime turn out to be a piece of the watch style. Actually in various routes, with the great tourbillon just around their own particular hub of turn, Astrotourbillon Objects running sort Tourbillon is special in its casing stretching out around the equalization wheel to make one transformation for each moment dial, subsequently showing seconds, similar to planets running. In 2012, swiss cartier replica IDONE around the idea of watches and Cartier IDTWO idea Cartier Replica dispatched a progression of creative examination ventures went for investigating the past, never showed up in the watchmaking brilliant execution of the new material. In the end, Cartier chose to utilize carbon gem material to fabricate Astrotourbillon Objects running tourbillon, making it the primary large scale manufacturing of Cartier development advantage of this innovation activity.

Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watches

2014: Astrotourbillon heavenly riddles running Tourbillon

Cartier utilizes model shape the way reinterpreted Astrotourbillon Objects running tourbillon. It is totally uncovered, and not associated with whatever other mechanical parts, so it can all the more plainly appear. The configuration and creation have all been re-consider and take after the most stringent of extent, amicability and parity law. In this tasteful rationality behind it, keeping in mind the end goal to highlight the development of strong and creative outline structure to “vanish” on the dial Cheap Cartier Replica notorious Roman numerals after standard XII and VI, to set aside unfathomable watchmaker space, divine show Astrotourbillon operation Tourbillon tremendous magnificence, and make more prominent working edge. Fundamental plate 9461 MC-sort development is totally empty, just two Roman numerals as backing. In this interesting engineering, these tables extension to frame an intense development, characterize their appearance, and backing the whole mechanical structure.

Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watches

Astrotourbillon Objects running tourbillon pivoting volley

Not just in the mechanical structure, the heavenly style outline additionally in the system of the tourbillon. Indeed, developing its shape can expand the sufficiency of the turn, reminiscent of the direction of divine bodies in space. The development of advancement and intense masterful vision innovation consolidated, Rotonde de Cheap Cartier Astrotourbillon Objects running sort Tourbillon skeleton watch highlights the brand’s aspirations – whether it is from a specialized perspective or from the point of view of feel, it is brimming with creative energy and inventiveness, called a noteworthy leap forward Cartier Haute Horlogerie arrangement. It actualizes twofold deed – gives development sculptural shape in a disentangled means while in the Cartier Watches For Men meantime as Astrotourbillon Objects running sort Tourbillon This special complex capacity to make a more extensive space to run.