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The High Quality Replica Cartier Clé de Cartier in steel On Sale in Australian

The Parisian powerhouse  released its excellent, and highly anticipated, men’s watch this year – the fake Clé de Cartier in steel. It’s no secret that we fell pretty hard for the Clé when we first met at SIHH 2015. The only potential spanner in the works? It was only available in pricey precious metals. Well, if you’re less about the shiny stuff and more about the stainless, you’re in luck. read more


The dark elegance of the Replica Cartier Santos 100 Carbon

Maybe you have forgotten that Cartier’s only men’s release of 2016 was the Drive de Cartier. But in addition to this handsome new collection Cartier decided to revive one of the dark horses of their collection – the Replica Santos 100 Carbon.

Until 2012, if the regular metal versions of the Santos weren’t your thing, you could opt for a version decked out in ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon). This year Cartier has reintroduced the replica Carbon Santos 100 in the tough-looking (and virtually scratch-proof) black ADLC coating. What’s different this time around? Well, now you get the in-house 1847 MC automatic movement, which adds value and shows that Cartier is still committed to integrate manufacture movements across their collections. read more


The Drive de Cartier Replica – by Chris Edwards

Warning: This replica watch review with a difference may contain traces of mancrush. So let’s address the chiselled jaw on the elephant in the room. On the business front, he co-founded a high-end tailoring business – Oscar Hunt.We envy the hero of this shoot, Mr Chris Edwards, more than just a little bit. Let us count the ways. He surfs and still dresses as sharply as anyone in the country (see these stunning photographs for perfectly fitted proof). read more


VIDEO: Meet the Australian Cartier Drive Man

Granted, it’s early in the working week, and ‘Would you like another coffee?’ is hard enough to deal with as a proposition, but the notion of personal drive is on our mind.Time for an existential question, folks: What drives you?  Bear with us while we explain.

Next, came the concept of the ‘Drive Man’ – someone who embodies all the attributes the collection stands for. This was a man, Cartier felt, who is elegant and confident, passionate and free-minded – and more than that, a guy who knows how to follow his inner drive. All of which makes him sound like the perfect man. But does that even exist? Cartier went on a mission to prove that indeed it does, selecting influential individuals from all over the world. The Australian Drive Man was none other than Chris Edwards, co-founder of Oscar Hunt Tailors. read more


Choose a Cartier Drive for you

Cartier released the Drive as a fully formed collection – with everything from high-complication to simple steel options. As such, it’s a replica watch with diverse appeal. We take a look at the squad as a whole and match some key pieces with the men who might wear them

The Drive de Cartier Second Time Zone Day/Night in pink gold

It’s an oft-repeated truism that the simple things in life are the best. Clearly the person who first uttered that statement didn’t have an appreciation for horology, because in replica watches, added complication can add some serious wrist appeal. And that’s exactly what’s going on here. This Drive, with its idiosyncratic mix of complications is a real charmer. Retrograde second timezone, big date and a monochromatic day/night indicator – all brought together with just a touch of whimsy. RRP $31,800 read more


Replica Cartier Caliber DE Diver watch arrangement W7100052

Thick strong rose gold case 18k, three-dimensional raised bezel, enthusiastic and intense 42 mm distance across dial, and the predominance of the extensive dial on the time size of Rome manly men XII filling the climate. In the meantime, delicate smooth bezel to the regular slant of 28 degrees, 120 fine scale circular segment design move to enrich the dial, the air ink is supplemented by fragile subtle elements of the following, stunning. On the dial, three position fan full logbook window retro climate. Watch the other side, loaded with cutting edge straightforward sapphire precious stone case back is delightfully finished to make clearing development – Replica Watches astonishing sublime classification procedure to gather time, leaving more than watch lovers in the wonder of whom captivated. 18K rose K gold crown set with a multi-cut multi-cut engineered spinel Cartier is one of the great signs. Elements of this table is secured with superluminova iridescent covering control marker jump time obviously showed and read the time. Its case thickness of just 11 mm, understood the size proportion of the equalization, while keeping up the every day wear solace. read more


IN-DEPTH: The Replica Cartier Drive de Cartier

The story in a second

The Drive de Cartier is the men’s Cartier we’ve been waiting for; stylish and refined with a dash of sports luxe.

SIHH 2016 was a restrained affair, most brands playing a game of wait-and-see with the global luxury replica watch market. One exception was Cartier. Its Drive de Cartier stood out – a dedicated men’s collection that took Cartier’s classic style and put it in a new cushion-shaped case that’s masculine without quite as much testosterone as the dive replica watch or the sports chronograph. No, the Drive is a replica watch with nothing to prove. It’s a replica watch confident in its identity. Think James Dean in East of Eden. read more


GONE IN 60 SECONDS: We take the replica Cartier Drive de Cartier in steel for a test drive

Cartier’s standout release for this year is the Drive de Cartier collection. Note that we’re saying ‘collection’, because, counter to tradition, Cartier has done a Beyoncé and released all the Drives in one fell swoop – none of this slow-drip release business. This means you don’t have to wait until 2018 for the steel version to hit the stores. This is a very strong replica watch for Cartier, and one a lot of you are going to be interested in. read more


Elegant And Wonderful Replica Cartier Santos 100 Mechanical Ladies Watches

The history of Cartier verifies the historical changes of the hundred years of modern jewelry. It has always maintained close ties with the royalty and celebrities of the countries in the process of its development. Today, it has become a costly dream of global fashionable personage.

Fake Cartier UK creates many exquisite and incomparable masterpiece with the extraordinary creativity and perfect process for man. Because of this, Cartier has obtained a reputation as the “king of jewelers, jewelers of the emperor”. read more


Elegant And Luxury Cartier Replica Watches For Gentleman

The general tone, rich and honorable. Thin pointer, with the goal that when read initially. 12 hours, 30 minutes counter and timing, which are situated toward three o’clock and nine o’clock. Blue dial with white Roman numerals. Logbook show window at six o’clock position, extremely striking. Crown set with a blue diamond. Silver drags reflecting metallic gloss. Seen from the side, marginally carries certain level of ebb and flow. Quality blue belt, agreeable to wear. Back through the Cartier Replica Watches base of the table, embed an uncommon image engraved Cartier. As a demonstrating stone carver, Cartier observe entirely take after their own reasoning: both for the impediments likewise confine rules, everything are each of the a wellspring of motivation. After cautious thought of the general development planned, at the end of the day testing mechanical ability and accomplishments in watchmaking. Totally overstated empty dial Roman numerals bended involved straightforward configuration permits the development operation initially. read more