TAG Heuer Women’s WAH1213.BA0861 Formula 1 White Dial Replica Watch Review

Product Features

  • Offers precise quartz movement
  • The replica watch is made from durable stainless steel
  • The case diameter measures at 36 mm
  • The bezel function is stationary with a calendar date function
  • Product is water resistant at a depth of 200 M or 660 feet
  • The sapphire crystal protects the timepiece for scratches.
  • Comes with a deployment clasp with a push button

Product Advantages

  • Beautifully designed, the product is perfect for females who want something functional yet tasteful. With a band color of silver and dial of white, the product stands out in any occasion.
  • The silver color makes it very easy to match with all types of clothes and accessories. Since the replica watch is neither too simple nor too flashy, it’s perfectly OK to wear whether the owner is going to a casual lunch our out for a fancy date with the beau.
  • Durable construction, the material used is stainless steel, ensuring that it will last for many years especially when the replica watch is properly maintained. The sapphire item used for the replica watch also prevents it from getting scratched.
  • The band comes with a deployment clasp combined with a push button. It offers security for the user, ensuring that the replica watch wouldn’t suddenly loosen up while they’re doing something important.
  • The band is specially created to fit perfectly with the female wrist. It hugs the skin closely without producing any of the uncomfortable feeling or awkward weight often associated with new accessories.

Product Disadvantages

The main problem for this product is the cost which is around $1,700. Although the price is definitely more than the usual cost of the product, there’s no question that the TAG Heuer Women’s WAH1213.BA0861 Formula 1 White Dial Replica Watch is worth the amount. Also note that the length of the warranty is not readily available online. Individuals who want to know the coverage of the product will need to contact the seller directly in order to find out the warranty.

Buyer Feedback

With many users commenting on how good-looking the item is as well as how functional it happens to be – it isn’t surprising that the item is currently one of the most ordered through online websites. Many have commented on its elegant simplicity and the preciseness of the replica watch. Currently, the product boasts of a perfect 5-star rating online, making it one of the top-rated timepieces for females today.

All in all, the TAG Heuer Women’s WAH1213.BA0861 Formula 1 White Dial Replica Watch is definitely one of the more appealing models out in the market today. Specially designed to carry feminine appeal, the product makes for an excellent gift to women friends, relatives or partners.